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    Dante’s View

    Before she walked out of her trailer, Tina sent Alice a list of everything to get and do. She told Alice to make sure she was at the house before Bette’s plane landed. Tina knew Bette was not in a good space and would probably attempt to cancel Family Sunday. But she also knew Bette needed to be surrounded by her chosen family more than ever right now. Tina was sure Bette spent the entire three hour flight replaying every conversation they had during her stay…especially the last one. Tina was also sure Bette had worked herself into a frenzy.

    Tina: Ok, Al! Here’s what I need you 2 do. Plz. 

    Alice read ‘our bed’ twice.

    Alice rolled her eyes.

    Alice: Damn, Tee. That’s a lot.

    Tina: It is a lot. Promise me you’ll get it all done. Bette really needs 2 feel the love. Promise?

    Alice: Yeah. Ok.

    Tina: Al, promise me. Plz

    Alice: I promise. Geez. 

    Tina: I’ll call you at 8 to make sure you’re up.

    Alice: Ugh

    Tina: Thanks, Al.

    Alice: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 

    Tina: One more thing

    Alice: ???

    Tina: Don’t tell Bette I set this up. 

    Alice: Why not?

    Tina: Cuz it’s not about me. She’ll figure it out when she sees the photo anyway.

    Alice: Ok.

    Tina: Thanks, Al. 

    Tina pulled the picture from under the pillow, stared at it for a few heartbeats, then placed it on the nightstand next to the stuffed rabbit and the Fawn print.

    She knew this was going to be a process; a very emotional process for both of them. She also knew it was necessary and Tina was prepared to give Bette the space she needed to figure out if she could trust her again.

    Tina exhaled slowly.


    Shane was leaning against Bette’s car when Bette exited Terminal 2. Bette looked at the brunette. Shane gave her a smirk and shrugged her shoulders.

    “Nice car,” Bette teased.

    “Thanks. Just a little something I picked up this morning.”

    Bette laughed her signature laugh. She was glad to see the young brunette. She needed to laugh and be around the ones she called family.

    “What are you doing here?” Bette asked.

    “Picking you up,” Shane said in her Shane way.

    “I gathered as much. But I was just going to grab a Lyft. How did you know when I was going to arrive?”

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