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    Dante’s View

    Before she walked out of her trailer, Tina sent Alice a list of everything to get and do. She told Alice to make sure she was at the house before Bette’s plane landed. Tina knew Bette was not in a good space and would probably attempt to cancel Family Sunday. But she also knew Bette needed to be surrounded by her chosen family more than ever right now. Tina was sure Bette spent the entire three hour flight replaying every conversation they had during her stay…especially the last one. Tina was also sure Bette had worked herself into a frenzy.

    Tina: Ok, Al! Here’s what I need you 2 do. Plz. 

    Make sure everyone is there today. 

    Pick up the photo I sent to CVS by the house. They are supposed 2 already have it framed & boxed. Could you wrap it up & put a big bow on it? Give it 2 her after everyone leaves.

    I already sent Dana a text about getting flowers. Please make sure they are in all the vases. And put the 7 yellow roses in the vase next 2 our bed. 

    Alice read ‘our bed’ twice.

    A box of assorted chocolates should be delivered around 10. Cut them in half. Just do it, Al. 

    Alice rolled her eyes.

    She’ll probably need 2 swim. Make today a pool party.

    Put on Playlist #4

    Get a couple of jars of those segmented grapefruit slices. One for Family Sunday. The other just for her. I’ll send you a pic of her favorite brand

    Alice: Damn, Tee. That’s a lot.

    Tina: It is a lot. Promise me you’ll get it all done. Bette really needs 2 feel the love. Promise?

    Alice: Yeah. Ok.

    Tina: Al, promise me. Plz

    Alice: I promise. Geez. 

    Tina: I’ll call you at 8 to make sure you’re up.

    Alice: Ugh

    Tina: Thanks, Al.

    Alice: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 

    Tina: One more thing

    Alice: ???

    Tina: Don’t tell Bette I set this up. 

    Alice: Why not?

    Tina: Cuz it’s not about me. She’ll figure it out when she sees the photo anyway.

    Alice: Ok.

    Tina: Thanks, Al. 

    Tina pulled the picture from under the pillow, stared at it for a few heartbeats, then placed it on the nightstand next to the stuffed rabbit and the Fawn print.

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    1. Oh Max Gosh…
      Sitting home Alone (in Germany- sry for May
      Englisch) with covid Cought me – and i could Not belive May eyes… what a beautiful capter!!!
      Imagine Tears in My eyes, i just Love this Story an Hope for some more Soon

    2. Glad to see you back!

      Love is bigger than the hurt but the fear of Tina leaving Bette again that’s simply not something you can get past soon. Tina has to show Bette in deeds that she is committed and will not walk away again but she needs to be careful not to overwhelme Bette to much by over doing it. The hike was a great idea but everything else she has planned can be to much to handle on the same day for Bette.

      For Bette, the memories are bringing her sadness, she loves Tina so much but Tina hurt her almost beyond repair by running away. Tina had a moment of clarity when she spoke her therapist, it’s all about Bette’s happiness and maybe Bette’s happiness is without Tina in her life. I as true Tibette fan hope desperately that they will reconcile but Tina, please please give Bette the time she needs and don’t try to shower Bette with to much things you think will let Bette feel your love, a small step instead of doing it all in once, her intentions are pure but can set Bette of.

      I truly love this story

      • Yes, Tina needs to find a balance. She also needs to work on her own inner struggle. She knows she messed up and she’s truly sorry. In the past that would’ve been enough because Bette would’ve forgiven her and taken her back instantly. But this time is different for both of them. And neither of them know how to navigate this new terrain.

    3. Why are love and fear so interconnected? Hopefully Tina can stay the course and let love do its job. You are forgiven for being absent with this excellent post. Keep Shane and the every long suffering Alice on course. #TibetteIsEndGame

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