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    Day 8, Letter 8

    Last night I braved Milk with Alice and Shane. It was ghastly. Crowds, lines, people everywhere. I will never go again without you. Kit said I was meat tagged, it felt more like a meat slaughter. I tell you this for the purpose of making it clear that I am waiting for you, Tina. I have never been patient. The yoga helps. The wine doesn’t. Shane helps. Alice tries. Work helps. James puts up with me, bless him. You used to say that the Gallery without James is like art without a canvas. What about me without you?


    Kit hosted a Drag Queen Christmas night at The Planet and the whole crew was in attendance, singing along loudly and off key to “I Saw Mommy Kissing Mrs. Claus” from their table by the stage. Bette was wearing a deep red wrap around top that showed off her cleavage and waist with dark Levi’s and Tina decided that red was her most favorite color in the world. That Bette’s ass in those jeans was a crime.

    Tina’s emerald green dress clung to her curves and Bette could not take her eyes off the blonde, one hand always touching Tina’s back or arm or hand. Their happiness followed them around like a cloud of unrestrained joy, infectious to their friends.

    Bette got up to go to the bar and get another round, kissing Tina on the side of the head before she rose, holding on to Tina’s hand as long as possible before letting go.

    “God so fucking cute” Shane drawled, her arm around Carmen as she spoke, smiling at Tina.

    “I haven’t seen Bette look that loved up since…”

    “… don’t finish that thought, Al, if it doesn’t end with the words… since the last time she was with me…”

    “Alright, alright. She’s happy, TK and that is a damn good thing. What are you going to do about the pack of women who don’t know she’s off the market?”

    “What do you mean?” Tina finished her drink, glanced at Shane who shrugged.

    “Look…” Alice used her eyes to get Tina to look behind her at the bar. “She’s surrounded.”

    Tina shifted in her seat to get a better look, and it was true, Bette was surrounded. She had many admirers, some Tina knew, and some that were new to the scene. Bette was laughing at something one of the women was saying but kept a respectful distance away from them, her hands holding two drinks as she answered the woman.

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    1. “You used to say that the Gallery without James is like art without a canvas. What about me without you?”

      I love that Bette and Tina are finding a healthy mix between seeing their friends, socializing, and spending time together – just the two of them. In the past, Alices’ flippant and incendiary remark would have most likely led to trouble. Luckily, Tina has faith in Bette and has finally learned not to listen to or share private matters with Alice.

      Bette is finally able to relax. She no longer has to worry -what about me without you? She knows her Tina is back. Their lovemaking is amazing beyond words. You sure do know how to construct one hot and sensual and truly lovely sex scene. Great read to begin the day!! Thanks BK!

      • Thank you Billy. Alice has met her match with Tina, now that the boundaries are up maybe just maybe she will move on to other things. We can hope, right?
        Thanks for reading and commenting! More tomorrow

    2. BK,

      Agree with Billy about the question in the letter for Tina – “What about me without you?” So heartfelt & soulful.
      There really is no Bette as we know her without Tina. And they both know it. She is the same – both shells of themselves without the other.

      The club scene & Tina’s reaction to other women’s interest in Bette truly show her growth & the bond & trust they have now forged with each other . They are attached at the hip.

      The last scene was awesome & so sweet & tender.

      Thanks for sharing this special day for them.


    3. Hi BK,

      Wow, another fantastic chapter!

      Totally agree with the comments from Billy and Collins!

      There were several things i want to point out, if i would say everything i want to say then my comment will be longer than this chapter ;-)

      The first one:

      “Trouble in paradise” Alice sang, sipping her drink dramatically.

      “Bullshit, Al. I am not worried…” Tina said, turning her back on the scene at the bar. She trusted Bette. If she started down the road of questioning every little thing Bette did or didn’t do all the progress they made over the past five weeks would be all for nothing.
      She knew this in the depths of her heart, knew it like she knew Bette always read the last chapter of her crime novels first because she couldn’t bear the suspense. Knew it like she knew Bette enjoyed a small bowl of chocolate chip ice cream the night after a stressful show, standing in their kitchen barefoot and giddy from too much champagne.
      “I’m not worried…” she repeated to Alice who made a face like oh-really and Tina nodded, “really, Al. Not in the least…”

      I am very annoyed by Alice, always ready with (negative) comments in the hope of problems between Bette and Tina?
      I think she’s a lousy friend and won’t shed a tear if they dump her as a “friend”.

      Love how Tina reacted full of trust and is secure in her Bette, she knows Bette better then eveyone.

      The second one:

      For Tina, the comfort of Bette’s love, the fierceness of it, enveloped her like a second skin and nothing else mattered. She smiled to herself, remembering their lovemaking on the couch that morning, and knew Alice would never know every little detail again, and that was the way it should be.

      Beautiful said, so sweet and loving and so happy that Alice would never know every little detail again. Tina learned her lesson that most of the things she should share and talk with Bette about it and not with motor mouth Alice. Bette feels freer and can now be herself without any worries because she knows that most of the intimate details remain between her and Tina.

      I also loved the scene on the couch. God, that almost makes me speechless the way you described it, the way Bette shows her love! And how Tina is aware of that.

      Let’s agree on one thing that you don’t mention the word C. during such a moment !!!

      Good to hear you have almost two weeks free! Enjoy it!

    4. I’ll join the chorus in saying that I’m still smiling at Tina’s cool and confidend answer to Alice’s having a dig at Tina and Bette.
      “Bullshit, Al”. Alright! That’s the way to deal with Alice trying to rile Tina up and to create trouble between T + B for Alice’s amusement only. Alice feeds of the misery of her friends and it’s time that someone starts to steal her thunder. Well done, Tina!

      Great 8th day, BK. I love how secure T + B once again are in their love for each other.

      Happy holidays, enjoy your time off.

    5. GeeGollyBums BK!
      Just the short intro letter from Bette to Tina got me! So sweet!!!
      “I will never go again without you. . . . I tell you this for the purpose of making it clear that I am waiting for you, Tina.
      Yoga helps. The wine doesnt. Shane helps. Alice tries. What about me without you?

      Always so worried about what’s goin’ on with Bette . . . What are you going to do about the pack of women who don’t know she’s off the market?” Look . . . Alice used her eyes to get Tina to look. Tina shifted . . . To get a better look, and it was true. She had many admirers. But Tina trusted Bette. She knew this, knew it like she new Bette . . .
      I’m not worried. . . AND SHE WASN’T.

      Tina bent her forehead to touch Bette’s briefly. “I KNOW” she whispered, “I KNOW . . . “

      THE SWEETNESS Bette showed with this simple need . . . The need to be as close as possible, to be SKIN to SKIN, to breathe her lover in with each breath was humbling to Tina, endearing.

      Bette had softened . . . More introspective, vulnerable, open to expression of her feelings and thoughts. Fiercely Bette loved her, and it was HER RESPONSIBILITY to PROTECT Bette’s HEART.

      How sure we (think) we are at “protecting our own hearts” but are we really??? Isn’t that where the wheels come off our go cart and we viciously splat into retaining wall, our brakes having failed us. Wonder if this is what will be the “answer” to the “why of Candace”. We’ll see.

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