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    The Beginning 20

    They left their checkup appointment with Dr. Wilson quiet, thoughtful. It was one more step towards… more waiting. Tina was normally the patient one, the one who cautioned a slower approach. Wait and see she was always telling Bette. Wait and see. Well, shit. With the Cyro Bank in place it seemed likely that conception was just a matter of finding a guy willing to donate. Dr. Wilson was hopeful and encouraging but the appointment was more clinical than Tina cared for. Wait and see my ass she thought.

    In the elevator, Bette reached for Tina’s hand, smiling softly at her, squeezing her hand gently. “You ok?”

    “No. No. I am not ok. I am not even in the same vicinity as ok.”

    “What can I do? Need lunch? A massage? A new plant? Take the day off, maybe… we could… you know…”

    “Bette!” She chuckled as Bette leaned in to whisper in her ear exactly what Tina’s options were.

    Tina squirmed, enjoying Bette distracting her, shaking her head at Bette’s ability to turn any event into an opportunity for sex.

    They separated briefly as another couple entered the elevator. She was clearly pregnant, he clearly bored, checking his watch repeatedly. They did not speak. Bette winked at Tina behind the couple, her hand warm in Tina’s, her eyes dark and playful. She raised her eyebrows suggestively. When the doors opened, the couple got out and Bette waited until the doors closed again.

    “Talk to me, Tee. Dr. Wilson…”

    “We can’t pregnant if I’m not home, Bette. My upcoming traveling schedule is brutal. And I don’t agree with Dr. Wilson, I think we would be better doing the insemination at home. Just us. I don’t want to do it here.”

    “It’s our decision, Tee. She said it was our decision…”

    “With caveats. She basically said here was better. Better chances if we do it clinically, better odds of implantation. Better long term success. Less risk of complications…”

    Bette waited for a moment then pulled Tina gently towards her.

    “You want to do it at home. So, we will do it at home. Done. We will follow all the directions to the letter. I was born to follow directions, Baby. I like to follow directions. We will buy all the equipment. No matter how many times it takes, Honey. We will conceive our baby at home.”

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    1. This chapter is a masterpiece. It is impossible not to rejoice at your righting yet another HUGE wrong: Bette being one of the last to know Tina was pregnant. That Tina checked herself when Alice prodded her to do the test -all only a game to her- made me audibly cheer: “Have you lost your mind? Alice, hear me. She needs to be here. I cannot even contemplate doing this without her here. Her face would be so sad. I can’t do Sad Face Bette, it kills me.” Praise be!!!! And Tina suggesting Marcus!!! What a beautiful gift to Bette. This is just the way it should have been.

      And Bette is under stress at the museum. Franklin still a thorn in her side but she and Tina are so connected. Bette stealing Tina away from her busy schedule to have lunch and some special alone time. This Bette and Tina have their heads on straight and have certainly not made sex a chore to achieve a singular goal. They desire the hell out of one another: “You might as well keep your pants down when you are done, because you look really sexy right now…” Bette said, making Tina laugh and shake her pale ass as she sat and accepted the stick.” Love that their physical connection is so strong.

      Tina already calming Bette’s apprehension about being a good parent. Good girl, Tina!! And Bette is so attentive to Tina. BK, this so very very cool. I think we all knew the moment the word carpenter was first mentioned where we were headed. How much trouble COULD one carpenter be? You got any more rabbits in your magical literary hat? I sure do hope so. Because I keep forgetting that Tina leaves for a while. Ugh!!!! This is such a connected and loving couple. I cannot imagine Bette turning to Candace. But there are choppy waters ahead. We know it. I for one pray whatever happens is but a brief hiccup. Because I love this Bette and Tina. A lot. Excellent, excellent chapter. Well worth the wait!!!

      • It’s 0200hrs Central Standard Time in the U.S and I should have my butt in bed sleeping but when I saw Chapt 20 had been posted, it was only right to read and reflect.

        Being late in reflecting means Billy stole my words so I get to keep this short.

        Like Labrys7575 suggests, my vote is for Candace in this saga to be every bit the Weezy we know and love from the orig LW.

        Good Night yall

      • So good, Billy! Yes, to “..certainly not made sex a chore to achieve a singular goal”. It really feels so different to the show the way T + B handle the getting pregnant time in this story.

      • Thank you Billy. Bette not being present when Tina learns of the pregnancy is such a huge injustice, I think my jaw dropped when it played out on screen. Then Alice tells everyone, throwing salt on an open wound. No way that was happening in this story. Beyond cruel. I don’t know about rabbits in a magical, mythical literary hat BUT BUT I do know that this couple is strong and the bumps coming in the road ahead are just that – bumps. And faced by many couples. I so appreciate your support. THanks

        • Hey BK,

          I know I’m very late to the response thread here, but I agree with everything Billy wrote. If only this was the version we got to enjoy in OG!!!

          This is exactly how I believe they WOULD have acted with each other if IC had her head on straight(no pun intended) – but she just had to tear them apart.

          Like lots of others, I Hope, Hope, Hope that C will mean nothing!!!

          Thanks so much for this breath of freshness & sweet chapter.


    2. I think Billy says it all. Bette is very attentive to Tina. At the same time, Tina really wants to be pregnant with Bette’s child… not just pregnant but Bette’s child! I love Tina for telling Bette she’s going to be a good mother because she knows how to love. Bette is committed to Tina heart and soul….she will be just as committed to their child.

      I love this couple when things are going right…. I feel their pain when things aren’t. This is a very good beginning for their family….

      Thank you for this story…. write more when you can..

    3. Billy is absolutely right this Chapter is a Masterpiece in the way it corrects all the wrongs of the original show plus it does it through beautiful characters of Bette and Tina and a storyline which is so sympathetic to what the relationship would be.
      Thank you for this post and indeed this story. This Bette won’t cheat and this Tina will give her no reason to.
      Please post again soon, stay safe and well

    4. I so agree with the comments above! Not sure what i can add.

      Ah yes, i love this Bette and Tina, so in love, strong and really happy, and now going to be mothers!

      Well done Tina, taking the test with Bette instead with Alice, i couldn’t handle a sad looking Bette either. And please, please, not Alice as a Earth Mother!

      And let’s forget about a certain Carpenter called C. I can’t imagine that Bette would ever look twice at her, she is so commited and in love with Tina, but i know you planned already some drama, please skip that and let’s enjoy this story of a blissfull happy and in love Tibette?!!!

    5. Thanks for giving us this piece of rectification or redemption of s1. I’m very happy how you handle Alice in this scene. At first I was immediately angry that Alice would even be there at this moment. Like so often my reflex of a lot of Alice antics is to say out loud “get a life, Alice!”. Why does she always has to meddle in everybody’s affairs?

      But BK you solved that brilliantly! Going through the test together was the only possible way for Tina and Bette. Especially after everything that happened before: Tina suggesting an African-American donor (big thanks for that BK!) and the mutual decision to go for an insemination at home. Our favourite couple is so at peace with themselves, they will have the strength to master every obstacle coming their way together.

      I see Tina wanting to quit her job because of all the travelling. But I hope they will talk about it and maybe decide that she’ll reduce her hours later in her pregnancy. Then of course the stress at the gallery for Bette. I could see Candace as a helpig hand, help Bette to make the next show a big success, helping Candace to get more widely know but not successful as a predator to seduce Bette. If the show would be a huge success it would get Franklin off of Bette’s back. Maybe Peggy gets to see the show and starts investing in the BP Gallery.

      BK, it feels like the story is coming to a close. It’s called “beginning” after all. I just hope it’ll continue for some more chapters. I thnk I start re-reading again, I just love your version of how they met and fell in love.

      Have a great sunday, stay safe

      • KP
        WHY does Alice meddle so much? We don’t see her do a whole lot of that with the other friends – she even helps Jenny hide the affair with Tim. Someone else mentioned that Alice did not get over Bette leaving her, I think this is true. Fits with her pattern of obsessive clinging – look how she responded when she and Dana broke up, although I thought they made a cute couple.
        I never intended for this story to go far. It will end when Angie makes an appearance. By then all the annoying, implausible barriers to their happiness will be put to rest and we can dream that they live happily ever after. I have a new story brewing in my mind but with the river beckoning and Bette sailing into clear danger on the high seas, I will wait and write those first. This couple is so grand in any setting…. Thanks KP, stay safe and enjoy your Sunday

        • It was me and I thought this about how Alice was portrayed in the original series. The episode when Bette is having everyone over after Tina has left and Dana is so sick. Bette plays the aria and asks Alice if she remembers it… lots of Alice hostility. And when Bette comes to her apartment reaming her about crossing the line advising Tina to get a lawyer, Alice says you can be cruel, I know. And the pink ride where she says Bette cheated on her when she actually broke up with her. I’ve always thought there was a mixture of jealousy and hostility for leaving her for Tina.

    6. A carpenter ?!?!? …….. don’t start, erase her name ….
      When I was about to say that I love your version better, you drop that name, Fix this ! (please).

      BTW I loved charmer Bette, the way Holly reacted made me smile !

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