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    Day One

    Please know I do not expect or want a response to this letter. I know you said no contact, and I respect that. BUT…. but I received your postcard with your address today and we both know I have never been good at following the rules. Not where you are concerned anyway. I want you to know that I am glad you are somewhere safe. Your address puts you very close to where your parents and Lucy live and from map quest there is a nice running trail near there that circles the duckpond. It’s about seven miles if you do the outer loop. I sound like I am stalking you but it brings me comfort to know you are with people who love you and you can heal. I want that for you, Tina. To heal. I want that for us.

    The music in the kitchen was a low, swanky jazz and Tina had three cutting boards going, peppers and onions and garlic and split peas all chopped and diced and minced. There were cups of spices and a pot ready to boil. There was a small bowl of peeled and cooked shrimp, ready to add at the last minute.

    She was making one of Bette’s favorite meals, pad Thai. It was also one of the most complicated. The timing for cooking had to be perfect or it would be a soggy mess and each vegetable required a different cooking speed. Tina was barefoot and wore a light blue casual dress with thin straps and a plunging neckline, no bra. She put her hair up and out of the way, although a couple strands stuck to her neck with the heat of the stove.

    It had been two weeks since Thanksgiving and after days of heartfelt talking, lots of tears and bearing of their souls… they moved on to what Tina affectionally called ‘The Wooing Stage.” She made no secret of her intentions, public and private demonstrations of her desire to reconcile with Bette a frequent occurrence. They decided she would stay in the house, in the guest room, although that became only where she kept her suitcases.

    After the night of Thanksgiving, neither wanted to spend a night in separate beds, although they were not physical yet. They slept side by side, sometimes spooning, often their bodies would find each other in the night, but for the most part each respected the other’s space.

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    1. Very sweet. What a great beginning. It is interesting your discussion about friendship. So many relationships begin to fall alert when the when this simple aspect of a couple is ignored. Friendship is the foundation of any relationship and must be constantly nourished.

    2. Hi BK,

      Lovely start!! Way to short but i am happy to know you will post everyday.

      It’s good that they are going to build their friendship first and that Tina has dicussed this with her therapist, it confused me that Tina shared the most with Alice on the OG and not with Bette, they were best friends and it is sad they grew apart as best friends. Good that Tina admits she took Bette’s friendship for granted, now they are rebuilding that and what better way than to spend some time on the couch and i quote “watching TV and making assumptions that made each other laugh and it was this… this that both really missed. The friendship. The camaraderie. The laughter and pure enjoyment at just being together. They were good together. They shared the same humor and could often predict what the other would say or do.”.

      They missed those friday nights and it is so important in a relationship to be able to have some together time, connecting by doing silly things, relaxing with a couple of glasses wine, talk, laugh etc.

      Thank you!

    3. “There is nothing innocent about your kisses, Tee. They travel down to my heart, lighting a path in my blood…” Wowzer!! Way to knock Tina’s socks off!

      You are the absolute master at stories that intersect and weave past and present. This is just so good and original. I think we can all relate to the idea of Tina getting the special notes from Bette. And Bette needing to reach out to Tina in the most benign and respectful way possible: as a friend. As a best friend. Respecting Tina’s wishes but keeping the communication open in whatever honest and safe way she feels she can. Just a reminder that I love you more than life itself. And these seemingly little thinking of you messages will no doubt help them on their journey back towards each other. Heart felt handwritten tiny building blocks to aid in the process of making them healthier and stronger than ever. Whole. I love that they are working on their friendship and find this entire storyline idea incredibly romantic. Well done. To paraphrase from Cool Hand Luke: They are getting their minds right! Just excellent. Awaiting number two.

    4. I’m not sure that I can add anything than what has already been said. Nice to see that they are taking things slow and trying to rekindle their friendship first. But it is obvious that things are beginning to heat up. It won’t be long before the attraction to one another physically will overtake their mental and emotional readiness of their relationship.

      Thanks for the update….. look forward to more..

    5. Thank you for Bette’s letter and a glimpse on how they work on finding the way to one another again.
      Starting each chapter with one of Bette’s letters is a wonderful idea to compose your story.
      I love that we will read Bette’s thoughts, kind of reading her diary. Her letter feels like a very intense and intimate conversation between sender and addressee.

      Letters are such a great way of communication and are often much more elaborated and detailled and to the point than words spoken in a telephon conversation. In her letter she shares what’s on her mind but she also thinks about Tina’s possible replies – much like the classic return “I know what you’re about to say…..” – and answers those unspoken questions. What a great way to show how much she is thinking of Tina! Hopefully reflecting on how they got into the mess they’re in and her thoughts on where she wants them to be but clearly not expecting, not wanting Tina to reply.

      I love the effort both put in wooing each other and rebuilding their friendship. Tina seems more herself, more confident and self-assured, less “hysteric, needy little wifey” but more attentive, loving partner who loves to spoil her woman with flowers and a special dinner.

      My favourite quote? “Can I kiss you, Bette? Just a small one, no tongue, medium heat, sizzle factor low…”
      Such a wonderful thing to say. Funny, flirty, sweet and definitively taking the next small step in rebuilding a wonderful relationship.

      BK, your story sweetened my Saturday. Much needed after the news from the GenQ front and the fact that we’ll probably going back to lockdown until mid January.

      Thanks for sharing the next pages of your fourth story (!!!!), Kudos to you. Have a great weekend, be safe,

    6. Hey BK,

      Brilliant idea – new chapter every day leading up to Xmas – Wow!!!!

      Really liked this part when Tina said – “can I kiss you, Bette? Just a small one, no tongue, medium heat, sizzle factor low…” As if any kiss for them would EVER be low sizzle!!!

      This is another awesome part – “Kissing you is the biggest thrill, Bette… it’s like everything around me fades away and all I can think about is how soft you are, how I could lose myself in you. So good.”

      And then this – “There are a lot of better reasons to be a lesbian than that, I think…” she said softly, kissing Bette’s wrist before letting go of her hand to pour more wine.

      And of course this – it reminds me of the elevator scene in OG when they were talking on the floor & explained how much they have in common – “They were good together. They shared the same humor and could often predict what the other would say or do.”

      Then at the end when Tina promises Bette – ‘I shall be exceedingly careful with your heart…’ Gee, BK, could you tell the writers of GQ that for season 2??? Probably need to tell Marja too!!!!!

      Great idea & this chapter was super sweet.

      Thank you for the treat and look forward to every day til Xmas!!!!


    7. This will be a continuation of your sweet ability to touch, capture souls with stuff that sustains and makes the heart thankful.

      WhooHoo this is gonna be tight!!!

      On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love said to me . . .

    8. On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me a pink rose and a pad Thai

      Small in length, enormous in content. Thank you for the post looking forward to tomorrow

      I also love the Comments, thanks everyone

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