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    Tina kept slowly inching up Bette’s back with her hands. She marveled at Bette’s breast being held captive behind a green bra. Tina kissed each mound. Then she licked between the crevice of her breasts up to the vein protruding from her neck.

    “Mmmmmmmmm,” Bette moaned.

    Bette kissed the top of Tina’s head. She showed great restraint while Tina slowly explored her body. Bette wanted to throw Tina on the bed, settle between her legs and taste her until she came over and over and over and over and over again. But she also loved it when Tina took control. Bette never knew what the hazel-eyed beauty was going to do. Tina was the only person she ever allowed to dominate her. Sometimes it was overwhelming for Bette because Tina knew how to tap into her vulnerabilities.

    Tina’s hands slowly kneaded their way up to Bette’s bra. Bette relished in the pressure…hopeful of what was to come. Tina unfastened the emerald green bra and rubbed the lines created by being harnessed in all day.

    “Oh my fucking God,” Bette whispered.

    Tina flattened the palms of her hands against Bette’s back and rubbed up and down several times. Bette dropped her head back. Tina bit the spot above her clavicle on the right side. Bette moaned again. This time louder. Tina glided her palms up her back and over her shoulders, grabbing on to the straps and easing them down Bette’s arms. The green bra cascaded to the ground as Tina allowed her hands to cover both of Bette’s breasts.

    Bette still had her head tilted back and Tina saw Bette bite her lip in anticipation. She didn’t make her wait. Tina put as much of Bette’s left breast into her mouth as possible.

    “Ohhhhhh God….”

    Bette loved the feel of Tina’s warm mouth on her and Tina’s hot tongue in her.

    As if on cue, Tina rolled her tongue over Bette’s left nipple and squeezed Bette’s right breast.


    She slurped the nipple between her teeth and gently bit and pulled it while squeezing and releasing Bette’s other breast.

    Bette was losing her mind. Tina continued sucking, biting and squeezing. Bette couldn’t wait any longer. She grabbed a handful of Tina’s hair and pulled her head back.


    1. I love this story. I am sooooo glad Tina spoke to Alice about the article before she said anything to Bette. And I am really glad Bette is staying with Tina and extended the visit. I can’t imagine anyone swimming 500 laps. My tired old brain tried to compute that much swimming. Obviously Bette needed it. She is so afraid to let Tina inside her heart to heal the hurt but she is making some baby steps. And Tina is not pushing, too much, which is helping. I have a feeling Tina won’t need an apartment in LA but that’s my wishful thinking. Three specific observations: Bette’s recollection of another time Tina had asked her not to go was just so hot and Tina calling Bette baby melts my heart every time. Lastly, Bette calling Tina… well…Tina is driving her crazy. She walked into the pool surprising Bette. “What the hell, Tina!” STOP CALLING ME TINA, she screamed inside.” It’s the barometer we are all keeping track of. Waiting for that first Tee. Waiting for that dam to bust. My favorite line is actually one from Alice: “Have you met, Bette? She’s so sprung over you.” No truer words. Excellent chapter.

      • Thank you so much! I’m glad Tina spoke to Alice too. It could’ve been a nightmare if she yelled at her in the pool which she almost did. LOL! 500 laps might be a tad excessive but I wanted to get the point across that Bette needed to swim long and hard. There is a crack in that wall around Bette’s heart. Tina has just got to keep doing exactly what she’s been doing and not push too hard. I think she is succeeding so far. She still has her insecurities and she still wants Bette to forgive her already. But she also knows the intricacies of Bette’s heart and it’s going to take a wall to chip away at her walls.

        Bette calling Tina Tina is driving Tina insane. I hope she can hold it together. LOL

    2. TB4EE,
      U got a prob? NO Mamm, I say nothing wrong with loving and telling a story that has much life. U’re gr8 at Tibette banter. You had me doing the deep dive into this chapter on page one.

      Neither of them speaking, yet saying so much. . . . eyes locked in on Bette’s,HOLDING her breath, W A I T I N G. H O P I N G.

      “BABY, wait. Please don’t go”.
      “You literally just told me to get out”.
      “Now,I’m telling you to stay. ASKING you to STAY”.

      . . . . What do I need to do to get you to trust me with all of you?”

      Be patient”.
      I’ve been patient,Tina snapped.
      You’ve been . . . Patient-ish
      Tina looked up at the smirk on Bette’s face and they BOTH started laughing.

      • Thank you! My hope is that we get to see them work out things in their heads, truly talk and listen to their hearts. I think we deserve to see them really work through their issues. Not sure how long it will take for them to get back together or even if they will…but it’s TiBette, ya know? They love each other so much. They feel so much. Bette hasn’t ever dealt with her triggers or traumas. It’s about time she does that.

    3. Such a joy to read this story!

      Agree with everything Billy said in her comments!

      Slowly very slowly Bette is softening toward Tina and there is a tiny crack in the big wall around her soul and heart.

      500 hundreds laps, my god, my body hurts and protest reading that!

      Loved both the conversations between Tina & Alice and between Bette & Shane! Funny and especially Alice in her advice too Tina.

      I hope to read more soon!

      • Thank you so much. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. It’s been fun to write. And very emotional. I get so involved in the characters. Sometimes I have to take a step back and remind myself it’s a story. LOL! Bette is starting to soften. Fingers crossed neither one of them messes it up.

        • TB4EE,
          You have answered a lot of the ???? That have been rumbling around in Tibette’s heads using Alice and Shane.

          Page 20, Alice:
          1. We’ll, in all fairness, Tina, she wasn’t seeing U when she did the interview.
          2. Tee…U are in Vancouver. She was in LA . . . Y’all had not seen each other for 3 months. Bette was
          Being an asshole but She WASN’T WRONG
          3. UGH! So U think she said that to hurt me?
          No, not at all. I think she SAID it BECAUSE SHE WAS HURTING. Boy was Alice right!!!!

          4. . . . . Exactly. So I repeat, . . . And start THINKING about Bette. It’s NOT about U right now

          Page23, Shane::

          1. Bette rolled her eyes. “What the fuck am I doing, Shane?”
          Sounds like the LOVE is WINNING but u’re too STUBBORN to L E T it. (. Wow!)
          “I don’t know how to heal this hurt”. You L E T Tina help You. She’s the cause of it

          “And she’s the ONLY ONE who can step inside your heart and guide you out of this funk”

          Talk about speaking the truth “in love” and giving clear wisdom!!! GO Shaney

          “Thanks for nothing, Shane”, Bette laughed.

    4. This is such a slow unraveling of their relationship. Bette started to trust again, Tina wanting it to move faster (like Billy said… every time Tina is said instead of Tee) but knowing she needs to let it run it’s course. These kind of stories are so hard to write because of course we all want them together but it is so delicious when all the walls come down and it happens. This is really well written, I hope you post again soon!

      • Thank you so much! It’s been torture to write…torture in a good way. LOL! I’ve had to rewrite a few scenes because I was pushing them together too quickly. I have to keep reminding myself that they aren’t there yet. And I have to keep reminding myself that it’s possible they won’t find their way back to each other. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. More coming soon.

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