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    The Laundry Bag

    Tina’s scent lingered in Bette’s nostrils. Then it journeyed through her lungs to her bloodstream which carried it straight to her heart. The fragrance of Tina circled Bette’s heart and gently squeezed. Bette finally exhaled without it hurting. The first time she’d truly breathed in nearly six months. The wall around her soul cracked a little more. Her cheek tingled from the phantom of Tina’s touch. Bette put her hand on her cheek and closed her eyes. She wiped her tears away just as Tina’s driver opened her door.

    Bette nodded and said thank you as he helped her out of the car. Steve smiled and playfully tipped the nonexistent hat he was wearing atop his head. He was rewarded with a serenade of Bette’s laughter. Bette’s phone lit up with a picture of Kit’s face. She nodded at him again. Steve disappeared inside of the car and drove off.

    “Hey, Kit.”

    “BABY GIRL!!!!” Kit sang.

    Bette laughed.

    “Baby Girl, I am so proud of you,” Kit beamed.

    Bette could feel Kit smiling through the phone.

    “Thanks, Kit. But whatever for?”

    “For this article in LA Magazine! It is so amazing. Bette, this is big time and the photos are beautiful. Congratulations!”

    “Thank you,” Bette laughed again.

    “I didn’t know it was already out.”

    Bette suddenly remembered the reporter asking her if she was dating someone and she also remembered not saying yes. Bette looked towards the apartment.

    Shit, she thought.

    “Alice got some advanced copies for us. It officially comes out next week, I think.”

    “Oh,” Bette said still looking in the direction of the apartment.

    “Baby Girl?”


    “Alice had a copy sent to Tina.”

    Bette’s eyes got really big. Panic washed over her face.

    “She WHAT!”

    “You can’t be mad at Alice. She didn’t know what you said in the interview. That’s on you.”

    Bette exhaled. She wondered if that was the reason why Tina was crying earlier. Bette ran her hand through her thick curls and sighed.

    “I know. I know. But damn it.”

    Bette sighed.

    “How has it been going up there?” Kit asked.

    “Uhh…I don’t know. I guess awkward…intense…familiar…nice…confusing…frustrating…so fucking frustrating.”

    “I can only imagine.”

    Bette looked up at the sky.

    “Have y’all talked?”

    “A little. Not really. Nothing significant.”

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    1. A sweet chapter. The flashback memories are delightfully stirred into this marvelous stew! And Bette’s description for Kiki of “sunshine” = Tina was from the soul sure ‘nuff!! Re-read page 13 y’all

      And page 25 is masterful.

      “They BOTH KNEW making love to each other would never be the same. They had CLIMBED INSIDE of each other and MADE LOVE with their SOULS.

      SOUL FUCKING each other from the DEEPEST parts of them”.

      Be still my racing heart!!!

      “Tina wiped Bette’s tears away. They walked to the bedroom hand in hand. And DID it ALL OVER AGAIN”.

      This memory has got to be one that will eventually help Bette to choose love over hurt toward Tina.

      • Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the flashbacks. I think they are instrumental to the story. The flashbacks help move the story forward in a way that I’m really proud of and excited about. This was such a beautiful chapter to write. They are on the verge of something but we just don’t know what yet.

        I hope that memory helps Bette choose love over hurt. We never know what is truly going on with her. Only Tina can touch that part of her and right now, Tina isn’t allowed in. Fingers crossed.

    2. There is nothing I can add to DT’s perfect post. I love the mixture of flashback and the present. Certainly helps create a lot of hope. I’m glad Bette is allowing herself to experience all of it. I have two favorite passages. One present and one past. . Both equally beautiful:

      “Tina tastes like warm sunshine,” Bette said plainly. “When I kiss her, it’s an amalgamation of sweet rain, warm sunshine and very ripe grapefruit…all exploding together and I can feel her in every cell in my body. It’s like…it’s like…a colliding of our souls. I am happiest…no, that’s not the right word. I am my truest, most self when I’m in her aura. I get this warm sensation when I’m near her. She is my air.”

      And the other: “They both knew making love to each other would never be the same. They had climbed inside of each other and made love with their souls. Soul fucking each other from the deepest parts of them. Tina wiped Bette’s tears away. They walked to the bedroom hand in hand. And they did it all over again. This time with Bette taking the lead.”

      Beautiful. You are a talented writer and I am loving your story.

      • Thanks!! Funny you picked out those 2 scenes, they were my favorites to write. I wasn’t going to put a sexy time scene in this chapter, but after editing and re-reading, I thought it needed it. I’m so glad I added it. It’s my best work yet.

    3. A great chapter to read and i simply agree with what DumplinT said in her comment! I really hope Bette will choose love over the hurt, it will take time but there are everytime more little cracks in her wall.

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