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    What The Heart Wants

    Bette opened her eyes to see Stephanie sleeping with her face just inches from hers. She smiled thinking how incredible this woman was and felt guilty that Tina was consuming her thoughts and had managed to latch on to all 4 chambers of her heart. Bette couldn’t shake it. 7 months later and Tina had permanently rooted herself.

    Stephanie deserved all of her and she couldn’t give her that right now. Not until she could get Tina completely out of her system, Bette sighed and leaned over capturing Stephanie’s lips and lightly placing a soft kiss upon them. Stephanie moaned and slowly opened her eyes wrapping her arms around Bette pulling her close. Bette felt a tear start to fall down her cheek that fell on Stephanie’s neck. Stephanie felt it and immediately turned Bette onto her back and looked at her.

    ”Babe? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Stephanie asked concerned

    Bette’s chin quivered as she fought the urge to completely lose it and managed to choke back those that were threatening to escape to join the others.

    ”Bette? Please tell me what’s wrong baby. You are scaring me” Stephanie said stroking Bette’s hair to comfort her

    ”Steph? We have been together for almost 4 months now and it’s been incredible. I love being with you and you are incredibly sexy, kind, generous, and of course the sex—Well the sex it speaks for itself” Bette said honestly then paused

    ”Bette, This has been the best 4 months of my life. You make me happier than I have ever been in my entire life. You are so beautiful, sexy, smart, and an incredible lover. I mean you are the woman I have dreamed of..But why am I getting the feeling you are going to come back and start your next sentence with a but?” Stephanie asked scared of where this conversation was heading,

    Bette reached up to cup Stephanie’s cheek and sighed.

    ”It’s because I am” Bette said as Stephanie’s closed her eyes and sighed and nodded for Bette to continue…” But before you and I got together I fell in love with someone hard and extremely fast and she didn’t feel the same. I have tried to get her out of my thoughts and my heart and I can’t let her go. I can’t give myself to you completely with her haunting me….And the fact that she is now in L.A only makes it that much more difficult and-” Bette stopped when Stephanie turned over and sat up on the side of the bed and now had her back to her.

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    1. Oh wow, you sure doubled my pleasure!!!

      Poor Stephanie but i am glad Bette was honest with her and broke it off.

      I love Alice in this story and that’s unique because i dislike Alice in general.

      Tina made up her mind and went to get what she wanted and that is one Bette Porter! Now make sure she isn’t going to break Bette’s heart again!

      Thank you for the second update today!

    2. Wow…. that was hot…hot…hot. Amazing what a little jealousy will do… But that was fast fast fast….

      Please don’t break Bette’s heart Tina… and Bette please don’t break Tina heart either….

      Thanks for the update…..

    3. WOW! Falling in love so quickly was like a speeding locomotive. Please don’t let Eric, Helena, Jodi, Henry or Candace into their lives. I like stories like this that don’t have long and drawn out slow burns. These two hit the ground running. Thank you

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