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    Doctor of Hope – Prologue

    With the arrangement made for the trip home, Bette reached across her desk to pick up her handbag when a long white envelope caught her attention.

    A post it note was attached to the front of the envelope. A message from her assistant Diana etched on the note –


                   This arrived via special delivery post just before I left the office.

                   You may want to take a look. It could be important.

                   See you in the morning.


    “What the hell is this?” Bette’s rich voice filled the room. Her brows arched as she reached down and picked up the letter.

    Diana, her personal assistant, must have placed the letter there before she had left the office earlier in the evening.

    It was addressed to her and from the Stonington Institute.

    Bette reached for the letter opener on her mahogany wooden desk and dropped it into her handbag. She would open it in the car on the way home and examine its contents. As she moved, a sense of dread began to form in the back of the doctor’s mind.

    Little did she know that this very letter would set in motion events that would forever alter the lives of 2 families, their closest friends and colleagues.

    Their worlds would never be the same.

    They would all need all the hope they could muster . . .

                                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Present Day – Late Tuesday Afternoon – Kennard Home, USA

    Back in Philadelphia, Tina and Ashley slowly made their way into the ground floor bedroom in Tina’s home.

    Hope dwindling rapidly and running short on time for a therapy treatment for Ashley.

    Being older, Tina naturally felt responsible for her kid sister. Wanting to shield Ashley from any harm, sorrow or illness in life. But that wish was being severely tested. The frail woman’s body was growing weaker and fragile. The disease was slowing robbing her of strength, her health, courage and most of all – hope.

    Through the doorway and once in the bedroom, Tina carefully led Ashley towards the double bed and gently sat her on the edge of the mattress.

    “Oh god.” Ashley immediately whispered and grabbed for her sister’s arm, “Sis . . .  oh . . .”

    “Ash.” Tina turned towards her sister and saw the pale pallor on her face. Her eyes were glassy too.

    “I . . . I don’t feel so well.”

    “Ash.” The blonde saw the tremor in her sister’s limbs. “Ashley, what’s the matter?”

    “I . . . feel . . . light headed.” Ashley said, her voice sounded like an echo. It felt like her head was spinning. Her vision suddenly came blurry. It was difficult for her to focus.  A cold shiver shot through her body. She held onto Tina‘s hand tightly for support.

    “Can you lay down?” Tina asked, her own voice slightly raised in alarm. True concern on her facial features as she regarded her sister.

    “I . . .  I’m . . . really . . . dizzy.” Was all Ashley got out before she suddenly collapsed backward and fell onto the bed.

    She was out cold.

    No movement.


    ASHLEY.” Tina screamed. She was in shock. “ASHLEY.” Tina swiftly turned to her side and grabbing her shoulders she shook her sister, trying to wake her and calling her name.

    But she couldn’t wake her.

    There was no response.


    She leaned over and checked that Ashley was breathing.

    “Oh my god. Was she?” The question shot through Tina’s mind. Panic rising.

    “ASHLEY!!!”  . . . .

                                                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Hope you enjoyed this start to the story.

    Lots of questions to be answered I know & those answers are to come as we read along and the story unfolds further.

    Stay tuned for the next chapter.

    Thanks for reading.

    The Next Story Installment – Doctor of Hope – Chapter 1 – Staying Strong



    1. Wow – a new story!!
      Great job and yes you were very right – so many questions!!!

      It’s an interesting take on their lives and career choices. Don’t think this has been done before – so great job on nailing something really new with a great twist. I see Shane will be in the story too. Great – just love her character. Loved the background on them. Waiting for Bette’s background too.
      Who else do you have in mind to appear from the original show?

      I certainly feel so bad for Tina’s sister – horrible disease. She’s got a bad one. And no damn luck with these institutes or treatment centers. And Tina seems to have exhausted all avenues for a positive treatment or new cure. More drama coming our way. And now Ashley will probably be in the hospital. Will Dr Bette meet her there??

      The pictures were great as usual and glad you decided to include that style in this story as well.

      Will Bette help the sisters? What’s the real story behind Tina’s hesitation to contact her? I want the background on them – how did they meet and why in the hell aren’t they together now??? What happened??
      Lots to answer Collins.

      Looking forward to this new journey with you.

      Thanks Collins – you are off to a great start.

      • Hiya Kira,

        I appreciate your thoughts on this new story. Yes a very different twist on their careers, family situations & associations.

        I hope you will all like the few characters I will bring back from OG – we’ve got Shane so far & many more to come – so enjoy their appearance. They will play a big part of the story & help both Bette & Tina deal with their drama along the way.

        Yes, Tina’s sister is in a bad way & getting desperate for some type of positive treatment & hope for the future.

        I can’t seem to get away from using the pictures – I just like them in the stories!!!!!

        Yes, there are lots of questions & it will all become clearer as each chapter unfolds.

        Remember that it’s a true Tibette story – so there’s always hope for them.

        Thanks so much for giving it a try & coming on the journey with me.

        Take care.

        • Collins –

          Interested in what OG characters you will include in this story. I know you’re not an Alice fan from your other story, so I’m guessing she won’t be included in this story. And that’s fine with me, I never liked the character either. Always thought she was two faced and selfish.

          I did see that Helena is scheduled to be in GQ and I hope you will have her back in this story too. Specially since she portrayed an English character and your story is set in England. Hint – hint!!!

          Yes, I am all in for the journey!!!

          • I hear your hint!!!

            It might come true!!!

            I think you’ll like the characters I have chosen to bring back in this story. They’ll be woven into the story as we move forward & fleshed out.

            Thanks for asking!

      • Hey Cathy,

        Thanks for checking in on this addition to the Tibette story U Verse.

        Its a fast start & so much more to explain & drama to happen.

        We’ll get more of Bette in the next chapter & find out her connection to Ashley.

        Stay tune for a lot more to come.

    2. Great to see new story from you – thank you!

      Very interesting beginning and waiting to find out about Tina and Bette previous story – that’s why Tina hesitated to trying to apply her sister there?
      And from whom that envelope?

      • Hey Z,

        You are so welcome for this new story of this marvelous couple.

        I had this idea for a story for a long time & I started putting an outline together for the novel around the end of last year. It’s taken many twists & turns before I finalized the true I wanted to go with the characters & action.

        You’ll get a scene of them early on in their relationship next chapter & much more as we get further into the story & more chapters get posted.

        You’ll find out about the envelope next chapter too.

        Take care.

    3. Interesting story….. I peg that Tina and Bette are now north of fifty years old. Bette has two adult children, has been to medical school and has run a large pharmaceutical research facility which is the family buisness. Considering it is in England, that would cause me to believe that she is English born and raised. Of course we do not know if she has a significant other just yet. I do get the impression that Bette and Tina’s romance must have occurred a long time ago since Bette’s children seem to have no connection to Tina. That would mean some 20 to 25 years ago is when they were involved with each other. That is a long time to carry a torch for someone. But it looks like Bette did connect with someone in the meantime since she has two children. So what about Tina?

      I find it strange that Tina knowing that her sister has this life threating disease, would wait to approach any source of possible help just because she had a romantic falling out decades ago. Almost anyone would have cleared all the obstacles and gone to every resource possible. Surely, her sister’s life is worth any emotional discomfort caused by having to deal with a former lover regardless of the reason for that discomfort. This delay could very well be the difference in whether her sister lives or dies or in her quality of life for her remaining time.

      A cliffhanger is a nice touch and adds to the drama. Ashley’s deteriorating condition does not bode well for her future. Maybe Dr. Bette can help her out.

      As to what’s in the envelope? Its probably a referral from the Stinson Laboratories of the Ashley Kennard case. Since they could not help her, they did what they could and referred her case to someone who possibly could. Fortunately for Ashley, it may mean an earlier involvement for Porter Laboratories rather than waiting for Tina to make the call. It is probably good news for Ashley since time is of the essence.

      Story has great potential Post soon. Thanks for the new story…

      • Hi Martha,

        Glad you gave this story a try. Hope you will come along for the entire ride.

        Bette & Tina are not quite that old in this story. Tina is 37 & Bette is 40.

        Bette heads the pharmaceutical company that her family owns. And yes she is British. The 2 adult children scenario will be explained in a later chapter. You are correct in thinking that they are not the children of Bette & Tina.

        Tibette has been apart for 15 years when the story opens & they have known each other 2 years beyond that.

        You’ll find out about the hesitancy for them to reconnect in an upcoming chapter – can’t tell you everything just yet!!!

        And you are right in thinking that Dr. Bette will play a big part in Ashley’s situation.

        Time is indeed ticking for Ashley & some type of treatment or miracle drug. We will see how it all plays out.

        Be patient – good things to come.

        Thanks for giving the story a chance & following.

        Appreciate your questions & thoughts.

        See you on the next post.

      • Hi Sharon,

        Thanks for giving this new story a try! I appreciate your readership.

        Lots of answers in the next chapter & so much more to explain.

        But all in good time.

        See you on the next post.


    4. An excellent start to a very different story which seems to have the potential to be superb.

      Of course I am not enamoured by the cliffhanger and would have liked a few more pages but what’s new :-)

      Great start, thanks for posting, love the English setting, more soon please.

      • Hey SG,

        Thanks for your enthusiasm for this new story.

        FYI – there will be many cliffhangers to come – sooooooo – be prepared.
        Will say the chapters will be about this size as the story unfolds & we find out more about Bette, Tina, Ashley, Shane & many others.
        Chapters this size are easier to post & I can post them more frequently too.

        Thanks for your support with this story & all your suggestions!!!

        Enjoy the time in England!!!

        Will post soon.

    5. Hi Collins,

      Such an intriguing premise, a very interesting start. This sounds like it can be an epic story. Looking forward to reading more. (as I always enjoy your stories)

      I hope Ashley survives her illness. I lost my younger sister, the scenes between her and Tina were powerful to me.

      • Hey Westy,

        Excited that you liked the start to the story & I do hope it is well liked & brings some enjoyment to the readers.
        Glad too that you enjoy the stories I write & how I portray the characters. It means a lot. Thanks

        I am so sorry to learn of your sister’s passing. I lost an older brother three years ago & it doesn’t get any easier. Just try to keep the good memories close to your heart & recall all the good times. Peace my friend.

        There will be more scenes with Ashley & Tina – will keep you in mind as I tweet them.

        Take care

          • Thank you for your regards.

            Believe it or not, I never really had a argument with this brother. But then he was 18 years older than I was. But yet he taught me alot about life. He gave me his first base glove from when he was a kid & taught me how to catch & throw a ball. We both loved baseball & football. He took me to my first pro football game! That was a BIG wow for a 10 year old!!

            Sweet memories.

            Take care of yourself.

      • Hey SK,

        Thanks for checking out this first chapter – just the beginning of much more to come.

        Looking forward to your next post on the stolen art story.

        Thanks for following along.


    6. This is a very interesting start to a new Bette and Tina. They have a past together and this letter seems to be the bridge that will put them back in contact with each other. They still obviously love each other, but Tina is so wrapped up in taking care of her sister that there is not much room left for anything else. I hope Bette and her team can help Ashley and give Tina’s heart some hope and healing at the same time. I eagerly await your next chapter. Please post soon.

      • Hey Storm,

        Thanks pal for checking out this new entry.
        Yes, you are right – they have a past – lots of happiness & then they separate & you’ll find out the reason why in a later chapter.

        Dr. Bette will offer some options for treatment as we move the story along – please come along for the ride!!

        Thanks a bunch.

    7. Agree that this is a fantastic start to a new story which presents itself to be a great one.

      Wow – poor Tina and her sister – Bette has got to offer assistance and help with her medical team. Yikes.

      I know you will give this story a passionate and deep feeling account like you do with all your other writings.

      Yes, its obvious they still love each other, but it will be very interesting to find out why they aren’t together at the moment.

      Cool that you will take us to other countries – love world travel!

      Count me in on the journey for this story. Love your writing style.

      Thanks Collins.

      • Hi Leigh,

        Thank you for taking the time to read this start to a new novel. I can assure you it will around for a long time to come. Lots to tell & adventures to have.

        It’s a bit of a complex story & takes many avenues over the years, but all pointing to a resolution.

        I am a historian by profession – history teacher & its been a lifelong love. So we’ll shuffled back and forth between the states & England. Hope you enjoy.

        See ya next chapter!!!

        Thanks again,

    8. Hi Collins,

      You finally decided to post this story!

      It’s a great start and captured my attention. Knowing you we are in for a long road with a lot of turns and twists.

      I am sorry for the late and brief comment, but i am busy with taking care of a friend.

      Look forward to the next chapter! Take care my friend!

      • Hey Bibi,

        So sorry to hear about an issue with your friend. Take care of them & god speed their recovery.

        Yes, finally took the plunge & got this babe posted. Thank YOU for all your insight & suggestions along the way on this new story. They are so greatly appreciated!!!!!

        There will be lots of adventures & treasures to come.

        Take care of yourself as well!!!

        Best regards my friend.

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