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    Ebbs and Flow of Life Chapter 27

    ”That’s ok, I still need to get myself settled. I am staying with a friend right now, but I need to find my own place… I had forgotten how expensive LA is for rentals.” Shelly sighed.

    ”Why don’t you come up to my office and we can talk more. I am expecting an important call and I was only planning to be down her for a few minutes.” Tina smiled as she stood up.

    Shelly smiled and followed Tina out the door of the cafeteria, but had to pick up her pace as Tina was walking quickly. The sound of the click clack of her heels echoed through the hallway with Tina’s purposeful walk towards her office.

    Tina walked by her assistant, ”hold all my calls except for Alan Ruxford, I am expecting his call and don’t let anyone past you.” Tina said as she walked into her office with Shelly a few steps behind her. She collapsed into her chair. Tina looked at her desk phone, ”good, no calls.” Tina smiled tucking her blonde stands behind her ear as she looked up at Shelly who had settled herself in a chair across from Tina. Tina reached in her desk and pulled out her business card. She flipped it over and wrote a number on the back, then pushed it across her desk towards Shelly. ”Here is my office and work cell number, just in case you don’t have it already and I wrote my personal on the back.”

    Shelly reached in her bag and pulled out a scrape piece of paper and scribbled her number on it and gave it to Tina. ”Here is mine, in case you don’t have my personal anymore.” Shelly had worked with Tina the entire time Tina was in Toronto. Working for Tina by far was better than any other executive she had ever worked under. Tina was fair, liberal with her knowledge and always took time to answer questions. Sure there was getting coffee, picking up dry cleaning, but there was also scheduling meetings with top players in the movie and tv industry and mitigating problems and smoothing ego issues. In Vancouver, Shelly had helped Tina put together production teams.  She had to know the personalities of the players in order to figure out who worked well together. Tina allowed for her to have her hand in every pot, except the actual writing, but that was fine with Shelly. Writing was definitely not one of her strengths and she new it. She liked knowing every part of the machine that made a movie and there were a lot of moving pieces for sure. She had never gone to film school, falling into a low level temporary secretary job right out of college. But look where she is now, about to start a job with an up in coming executive producer. Shelly didn’t know why Tina would even give a second thought to the gossip. Tina was talented, her name was being tossed around many studios and often came up as a fixer when there were problems on a production. Tina may not know it, but she was headed towards the big time and it was only a matter of time, Shelly thought. Working for Tina in her new position, would be the next step in Shelly’s career. An opportunity to network, to make connections that would eventually help her when she moved on from this job. Yeah, coming to Los Angeles may have been inconvenient and a little scary because she had never lived out of Canada, but she was hooking herself on to the skirt tail of a mover and shaker.  She was going to learn as much as she could from Tina Kennard and she was very excited about this new adventure in her life. 


    1. SuperK,
      I felt like the overall ambiance of this chapter is likened to how masterfully Shane created Dana’s bar & grille with the feeling of the family gatherings that the girls love so much.

      I like how Angie is still stepping out to meet new friends but is able to be civil and cordial with Jordi. I like Angie’s willingness to heed Jordi’s warning to not drink the punch that likely contained alcohol and thereby avoid anything go ‘sideways”.

      I chuckled when Angie had been observing her Moms and noted that neither seemed to be “put together: with every hair in place in the mornings at breakfast. Which of course translate that they are at the very least sleeping in the same bed and perhaps NOT just sleeping 😜.

      With Shelly telling Tina about the “rumors” flying around in Vancouver, I feel like Carrie may still have a sizeable dosage of hurt still in her soul, and may end up collaborating some sort of “embarrassment” for Tina at the Emmy’s.

      Hope Tina remembers to ask Ang about what she heard at the party. If Tina haas a check in her spirit about whats-his-face and that Angie should not be around him, then she needs to HEED that warning.

      • D

        Right from the beginning I planned on Shane having something other than a bar. I think it opens up for so much more stories and yes Sunday Brunch is on again and maybe coffee every morning before work.

        I went back and forth about the pool party, but I needed a place to have a jerk and it worked for the story and who better to have to process homophobia but Angie.


    2. Trying to unpack my thoughts. Really hate when a so called friend or co-worker spreads hurtful gossip. Not cool at all. I would not hire her Tina. Feel badly for Tina that anyone would gossip about her going back with Bette for money. That is not only petty but also untrue. Also ironic as money IS or has been as issue between them in the past. Maybe Tina shared this with Carrie? Didn’t Carrie make some nasty comments about Bette? Sounds like hostility spread by Carrie. At any rate, Tina is highly successful and a power house in her own right. I think Tina knows this about herself and I just hope she does not allow hurtful gossip to steer her off course. I suspect she will win the Emmy and that will put to rest any possible issues. Take that Carrie! Glad that Angie did not drink the punch and essentially dodged that bullet. She is still young and naive and a little gullible. Hence Bette worrying. That’s what parents do. Yet it also seems Angie recognizes homophobia when she sees and hears it and is very willing to stand up to bullies. I hope Bette and Tina’s week together goes well and Tina moves back in. Again – talk to your counselor if necessary- do not allow gossip to enter your brain. It is time to literally put it all to bed. Love that they now have Shane’s version of The Planet. Home away from home. The pieces are coming together.

      • B

        I think Shelly did a good thing. Tina is headed back to the location, I would think she would like to know what is going on before she gets there.

        Gossip happens everywhere, but who likes to be surprised with it.

        Our girls a one step closer.


    3. Hey SK,

      Great to see your update.

      Tibette continues to move closer together & now on the verge of living together again!!

      Ruxford is a sleazy SOB & hopefully Tina is done with him.

      So could it be that Carrie is causing these mean spirited comments about Tina in Toronto? So glad she came to her senses & dumped her.

      Very good scene with Bette & the 2 teens – Go Bette!!!

      Thanks so much!!!

      Take care.


      • Collins

        I think it came together pretty good. A week together will be a learning opportunity for both.

        It was fun writing the scene with Tina and Bette parenting Angie. A day in the life… normalcy.


    4. SUPE
      Lovely chapter. Two really intimate moments, so different in tone and action and yet each representative of the progression. The first, B coming home, excited to see T and start their week together only to find that T has fallen asleep, so she finishes her work and crawls in to spoon T for the night. So sweet and yet such an act of love. No resentment, no guilt. Just, hey there – you’re tired I will let you sleep. So simple yet so loving at the same time.
      And then the second one, the shower. Just as intimate but for obvious other reasons. Well written.
      They are coming together, piece by piece. Looking forward to the next chapter=

    5. This is a lovely chapter describing the budding relationship between Bette and Tina. They are getting to the normal life activities of being together as the once were. They are enjoying each other’s presence without having a conversation or an intimate moment. That is a good thing…

      What happened at the Starbuck’s between Ruxford and Tina? Alice had been delayed in traffic so there was more time than anticipated however there was no conversation? Or we just not privy to what they said to each other. It is obvious that he is a homophobic bastard. And it is obvious that he is scared that he may have blown his project up by trying to meet Tina at the airport. But exactly what happened at the airport?

      I felt a little lost after the last chapter when they were leaving the gallery party and had gone to the beach and then we find our girls a week or so later coming home from Toronto and New York. I’m going to have to go back to the previous chapter, as I did not realize that Bette nor Tina had a trip scheduled.

      It seems that Carrie is still bitter over the breakup if she is out putting rumors out about Bette and Tina. Tina needs to resolve this if she is going to be in Toronto for any amount of time for her job. She can do this without seeing Carrie…. she needs to talk to Bette about what to do. If she ignores it, it will come up again. Nothing worse than a woman’s scorn….

      Thanks for the chapter…. look forward to the next one…

      • Martha

        Tina’s trip is mentioned a few time in passing. It is a routine trip wrapping up the 3rd season of Golden Chalice. Bette’’s trip is just a business trip.

        Hope that helps.


    6. Hey K,
      I so loved this chapter. I agree with you that at least Shelly had Tina’s back. Better to know that people are talking smack than not know.
      Regarding Ruxford, ooooh, I hope that Tina has that conversation with Angie, now that Tina knows that that the prick met her, and I hope Angie tells her what he was really saying. Loved Bette’s cops renting skills. I can totally see her as the enforcer. And what a great moment for Jordi to redeem herself by saving Angie from that whack ass party. And I’m so excited with this arrangement for Bette and Tina to stay together for the whole week. Can’t wait to see them grow that final bit to bring them to that place of forever.


      • Risky

        The chapter itself is more of a transition setting up the final, but it was fun to write. It was the first time we see our girls really parenting together. Up until this point we see them doing it separately. I was smiling the whole time I wrote that whole scene. There were two parts I liked the best, first where Bette defers to Tina when Angie tries to split and then Bette at the door.

        Tina in the end “Brutal”. LOL


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