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    “We have time… we have forever.”

    Tears spill slowly from Bette’s eyes as she smiles widely at her Beloved.

    “I’m just so happy T! I feel relief, and joy, and love – I feel so much love T – love you, and for us! I–”

    Bette stops talking but her smiles grows even brighter.


    Bette shifts Tina off her lap on onto the bed before getting up.”


    “Wait! Just wait right there.”

    Tina starts chuckling as Bette frantically searches through her bag, clothes flying everywhere.

    “Bette! What are you looking for?”

    “Just… THIS!”

    Tina can’t see what Bette has because when she turns around her hands are clasped tightly together. Tears are welled in the big soulful orbs. She moves closer to Tina.

    “I… I was so scared about today… what the outcome would be. I didn’t plan to do this… maybe this isn’t romantic enough…”

    “Plan what Bette?” Tina whispers.

    Tina is sitting on the edge of the bed; Bette gets on her knees in front of her.

    “I love you so much Tina. I’ve been carrying this around for months, but I wanted this chapter to be closed before we opened a new one.”

    Bette opens her hands to reveal an exquisitely beautiful engagement ring. Tears immediately spring to Tina’s eyes as she gasps.

    “Oh Bette…”

    She looks at Bette, struggling to form words.

    “I’m… I’m… naked…”

    Bette chuckles.

    “That’s okay, I prefer you that way.”

    Tina’s chin trembles, her heart overwhelmed with love.


    Bette jumps up and strips naked in a matter of seconds, causing Tina to laugh, before resuming the space in front of the blonde on her knees.

    “This is it T, you’re it for me. You’ve seen me in my darkest time, and you’ve loved me through it. You’ve seen all my scars and know all my fears, and you’ve stuck by me always. I love you Tina Kennard – I’ve loved you since the moment I met you. I love all that you are. You are my home. This body, your soul: I made my home in you. When you hold me; it’s the only real place where I find security, or joy. Your embrace is my sanctuary. Tina Kennard, will you marry me?”

    Both women are crying, their tears falling unhindered. Tina leans forward and cups Bette’s face gently in her hands.

    “You are, and forever will be, the one and only woman who has captured my heart, soul, and spirit. I love you Elizabeth Porter, of course I will marry you!”

    Bette squeals in joy as she places the ring on Tina’s finger before jumping up and pushing her back so she’s laying on top of her.

    “T, you have made me the happiest woman on earth my Beloved!”

    The women kiss deeply, tongues dueling, before Tina pulls back.

    “I’d like to give you something Bette.”

    “You’ve already given me everything I need in your love, what else could you possibly give me.”

    “Bette, after we’re married, I want to lay in our home, in our bed, in your arms, and make love. Then, I want you to inseminate me. I want our love to conceive the child I’m going to give you. I want to give you a baby Bette; I want to give you the gift of motherhood.”

    Bette is now overwhelmed with emotions and love as she holds Tina tightly to her body, the women entwined in a full body hug.

    “I will be the best wife and Mother Tina. I love you. Thank you.”

    “I love you my Beloved. Thank you for this life, this love, this everything.”

    ~ THE END ~

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    1. I must say that this story ending was well worth the wait!!! Thank you for giving both Candace and Alice what they well deserve. I should have guessed that Shane and Tina with the help of Kate would have a plan. They have both been through a long hard road – much therapy and much hurt and harm from others. Alice in this story truly needs therapy – but something tells me that would not help her much. How could she possibly think that Bette would forgive her? Bette has made a good decision – just let her go and just stay away.

      Looks like life for Bette and Tina is going to be a good one. Thank you for this lovely story….

      Hope that you can get some time to regroup and recharge your soul. This year has not been a good one for most of us. You work in a difficult profession and much needed one. I know that you are giving it all you can and I am sorry for your losses. You are in my thoughts and I wish you well and peace and hope that maybe 2021 will be better for everyone. Thankyou for all that you do.

    2. Thank you very much. I totally echo Martha’s sentiments. And add my own wishes and prayers for 2021. The work you do is so very important. Please take care of yourself. Your story is a great one. I do admit – a bit of a different take on our Tibette. Candace made my blood boil. And so did Alice. Which just shows that your story is just that good and your ending is so worth the wait. I have no doubt that there are fans who jumped for joy twice – first when Bette punched Candace and second – when that royal witch Alice got the same. Blessed be!!! And of course there were smiles as Shane and Kate and James and Kit all had Bette’s back. Of course they did! One aside – poor Shane – she just did not see this coming – Shane must be a little shell shocked. But she stepped up big time. Alice needs to go crawl into the nearest sewer with the other rats and stay out of everyone’s life forever – including Shane’s. She is lucky not to have been charged as an accomplice!

      But the major be all and end all in these chapters is Tina’s fierce resolve, will power, and eternal love for her Beloved. And vice versa. Total devotion. Be gone Candace. You hold no power here. They are going to be okay. Much more than okay. Sending a heartfelt wish that you are as well. That we all are. Once again, thank you. Now it is time to start all over and read this story in its entirety. Stay safe!

      • Thank you for your encouragement! I couldn’t have written this story and not have given both Bette and Tina an opportunity to express a little… Texas justice! :-) Thanks for reading and sticking with me til the end!

    3. Hi Elizabeth,

      I totally echo Martha’s sentiments too! I wish you all the best for this year and hope that 2021 is a much better year for you and eveyone else.

      So happy that Candace got what she deseverd, and Alice, i don’t have words for her, she is a spiteful, hateful and just a complete nutcase, therapy will not help her, she is just too self absorberd that nothing will help her. Applaud for Bette for literally slapping the bitch out of her house!

      Bette finally stood up to Candace and showed her the strenght she has develop by Tina’s love and care.

      Both Tina and Bette had a truly disturbing experience in their lives but both healed or learned to deal with it, they helped each other through good and bad times, showing their support and love for each other.

      A truly brilliant story Elizabeth, thank you for sharing it with us.

      Stay save and healthy!

    4. I haven’t commented on the other chapters but I have to say this was intense read. Good though. Thank you for the punishment of Candace and Alice.

      Side note… I’m sorry for your patient’s deaths. I worked in a PICU and we had 7 deaths in one week. Sometimes 2 a day. It’s tough. We were offered debriefing because of it. It was helpful.

      • I’m sorry for the losses you have been experiencing. My job does mandatory debriefing for the whole treatment team when a client dies, but it’s very clinical and feels inadequate at this time. Of course, their debriefing system was never set up to handle so many losses at once.

        Thank you for reading and commenting! :-)

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