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    Epilogue Chapter

    Author’s Note –

    Hello everyone. Thanks for the support all these long months and for being patient waiting for the continuation of this novel.

    I hope you will enjoy this epilogue chapter.

    I wanted in this second part of their story to provide some insight into the background of their lives, both in LA and Toronto & a few glimpses back to their time in NYC. Thought it was important to tell that side of their story that we didn’t get to witness in OG or GQ. So there will be some references along the way as the story unfolds.

    This chapter actually moves the story forward a week and is a set up for the remainder of their story to be chronicled in the Sequel Chapters to Forever Means Forever.

    The election, explanations about their divorce and most things GQ are in the rear view mirror. The challenge of their much wanted full reconciliation is the order of the day and all that comes with that goal.

    Lots of details and memorable moments for our Tibette in this chapter. Some memories brought back to enjoy and others to reenact again. An old favorite character comes back into their lives and assists Bette and Tina in the months and years to come.

    Hope you like this chapter and stay tuned for the Sequel Chapters to start appearing soon.

    Thanks so much.

    Let me know your thoughts & comments.

                                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Where we left off the last time in Forever Means Forever Chapter 26 . . .

    The Porter family sighed into a group hug and held onto each other for dear life.

    “I’ll see you gals next weekend.” Tina tried to cheer her 2 favorite women. Kissing Angie’s forehead and Bette’s cheek. “I’ll have lots planned to do and we’ll have a great time.”

    “I’ll miss you Mama.” Angie nodded and laid her head on her Mama’s shoulder for a minute too.

    “I know sweetie” Tina brushes her daughter’s hair. “I’ll miss you too. But you’ve got that big session this weekend and next we’ll see each other and then I’ll be back here in LA the following weekend.”

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    1. Wow, from your pen to my heart!

      I have things to do and places to go to today and having seen your post up and not being able to resist reading it, will be behind for the rest of the day!

      Love the way you are incorporating the flashbacks into the storyline and the characters Bette and Tina have here.

      As always thank you for posting you brighten up a dark world with your writing and storytelling talents
      Stay safe and well

      • Hey my friend,

        Soooo sorry to disrupt your day with this post – but thanks so much for taking eth time to read it & comment too.

        As I said in the author’s notes, I wanted to provide some background & special moments for them to help fill in the gaps that we have from the end of OG to GQ.

        I count myself lucky to be part of this great group of women who write & post their marvelous stories on this site & all the great fans that we have & actually are too!!

        You take care in jolly ole England & stay safe.

        Thanks so much.


    2. Hey Collins,

      WoW, well written, it was long but it still seems to short and those pictures you added were spot on with what you wrote at that moment.

      There is one thing that truly captured my attention and heart and that is this scene:

      “Kiss your beautiful tattoo for me babe.” Bette tells Tina as she visualizes the ‘tattoo’ she’s referring too.
      The ‘tattoo’ was actually Tina’s surgical scar from giving birth to Angie via a C section all those years ago. But Bette had always referred to it in a loving manner as she thought of it as the love exit from Tina for their daughter. She would never ever let Tina think otherwise.
      To Bette, it was to be honored that Tina had made that sacrifice for them. So after Tina and Angie had returned home from the hospital when Angie was born, Bette cherished the scar. She lovingly nursed its redness and roughness away with oils, ointments and vitamins. Bette would kiss the scar as she applied the treatments and started calling it Tina’s little love ‘tattoo’. Every day she respected it and tenderly cared for its recovery. Over time, its redness lessened and the scar smoothed and receded. It was just a fine line that held such significance in their lives. Bette would treasure it forever as well as the wonderful woman it belonged to.
      Tina thought it was wonderful and was eternally grateful for Bette’s tenderness and care. Making the scar a thing of beauty in Bette’s eyes. She loved her for that gesture even more.”

      Tina always saw the scar as ugly, as did her leaky breasts, and no longer felt feminine, let alone believe Bette would find her so attractive.

      Bette saw it as something special and adored it. Tended to it with all the love she felt for Tina.

      It still pains me that Tina didn’t appreciate it back then what she does now. She couldn’t or didn’t want to see Bette’s love for her then. To the point that she rejected Bette on all fronts but built it up with men who were allowed to touch her. That’s why I think this memory is so beautiful to see that Tina now sees and appreciates it.

      The phone sex was really sexy and a intimate moment between them. Bette isn’t ready to go for the real thing yet, but this is definitely a good start. It’s great that Tina understands and allows Bette all the time to be completely ready to actually make love. Deep in her heart Bette is still insecure and before she can take this last step this uncertainty must be gone and she must trust Tina 100%. And Bette works on that by going to therapy every week and working on her issues.

      You’ve written a really good chapter and I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Hey Pal,

        Glad you liked the pictures. Can use some non OG ones now!!!

        I will admit I had a few special scenes that I really liked how they turned out – one being the scene with Tina’s ‘tattoo’ & then the scene with Angie & her parents in the flashback.

        That one was close to my heart as it depicted Tina’s efforts & love for their daughter & making both Bette & Angie deepen the bond between them.

        And the scene with Tibette about the tattoo – another depth for Bette to demonstrate to Tina just how much she loves her & what she risked to have Angie – her own life & that of Angie also. We all know Bette would do anything for Tina – no matter how many times they fall apart & pick themselves back up & put themselves together. Sure, she has her faults & flaws, but she loves her blonde to the depths of the universe.

        I think that Tina was suffering from post partum depression after she had Angie that no one wanted to see or address. She was depressed about Bette not having a job. Not making excuses, but IC never explored that side of Tina’s character & it was easier for IC to just have Tina go back to men. Another way for IC to try to break Tibette like she wanted to all along.

        So maybe that is a reason why she didn’t feel comfortable with her body – she didn’t look the same & she thought Bette would think less of her for how her body had changed with having the baby.

        Okay, so the phone sex – another way for them to reconnect without the pressure for Bette to actually make love to Tina in person. She’s still dealing with her trust issues & its a process. Just beginning there.

        Tina will help her along the way & be her rock for a change.

        Many more chapters to follow.

        Thanks a bunch.


    3. Wow, Collins – what a chapter!! So much to take in & absorb. Marvelous – thanks so much!!
      I agree with Bibi’s comments and her favorite part.
      I liked the scene with the three pf them and Angie asking questions on what she got from her Mama B. It’s clear that Angie loves her Mama B and wants to make her happy too. It was a sweet scene. Sure wish we could have seen some of that in OG. Sure would have liked that instead of Angie thinking that mice running around in Kit’s cafe were ‘puppies’ !!!!! How cruel & rude of IC!!!!!!

      But anyway, you were so right about all the details you gave us. They were great. Think the idea for the foundation for Kit will be good for Bette. It might help her come to terms with her sister’s death.
      Glad that Bette and Angie are going to Toronto to see Tina. That will certainly help with the separation.
      Loved, loved, loved the last scene with them both in bed and the phone sex. It was hot and yet so very tender. As Bibi said, the reveal about Tina’s scar and Bette’s care in healing it and never forgetting it was just so telling of Bette’s deep, deep love for Tina. Sure Bette has her faults and flaws and can be difficult in every degree, but she does love Tina to the moon and back and will do ANYTHING to make her happy.
      I am so hoping that we get to see some of that in GQ once Tina realizes that she still loves Bette too!

      Thanks for the hope and it was a great chapter. Looking forward to their time in Toronto.
      Please post soon.


      • Hi K,

        It warms my heart to know you liked the continuation of the story. I wanted to put them on a different path to mend their hearts & forgive each other & themselves.

        So the course is set & the true healing begins. The future starts & they will walk the path together.

        Angie will do her part for them also & be their biggest cheerleader!!!

        Yes, we all still remember some of those crazy & pitiful scenes from OG. So tragic that IC had to be involved in GQ & hire Marja. I have little hope for GQ season 2. And now with the news that Rosie O’Donnell will be Carrie – oh lord!!!!!!!!!!

        But I regress – so you know by now that I have little use for most of the other GQ characters, so bringing James back as a much liked character by many fans was a good plan. He’s loyal, a Tibette supporter & a fun guy to have around. He’ll give the foundation strong leadership & be a source of strength & reliability to Bette.’

        Glad you liked their “Old Habit’ in the last scene. Another way to be together even miles apart!!! Maybe we’ll have another one or 2 before the Big Event actually happens when they reconnect in person – one on one.

        Up next will be a few chapters about their time in Toronto & some fun.

        Thanks so much & be safe out there.


        • Thanks for the insight and hope for the future.

          Love James in the original show and he was always a huge supporter of Bette’s even if she was his boss. Interested to learn about his story and how his life played out these past 10 years also.

          Keep well yourself.

          • I wanted to explore his character more & bring him back into the family. He too was an underdeveloped character that could have taken on a bigger role & been flushed out.

            But like so many things IC, she didn’t bother to do that. It was just 1 crazy scheme or story line after another that got stranger & stranger each season.

            Thanks again for your support.

      • Hi Deanna,

        Thanks for following into this next part of the story.

        We’ll see Tibette grow closer & Angie grow up a bit more & probably off to college at some point.

        The future for them is bright!!!

        Thanks & take care of yourself.


    4. WOW so hot !

      It’s good to have writers who are faithful to Tibette.
      I just found out who is going to play Carrie and I’m all upset, I don’t understand what they were thinking … I was already not motivated to watch but now I give up …

      I think I’ll stay here, on this site and appreciate the beautiful stories rather than their sad and silly tv show !

      • Hey Izzie,

        Glad you liked their idea of ‘connecting’!!!! We might get a repeat in a later chapter!!!

        Rest assured that I will NEVER write anything that won’t have a true Tibette ending!!! They are too special as a couple not to.

        JB & LH gave us such wonderful characters that are so rich & complex that anything is possible.

        Yes, we are all bewildered by the choice of Rosie to portray Carrie. Really weird choice. What IS in Tina’s mind??????????

        Please stay here & get immersed in all the great stories that are posted here.

        Best regards & stay well.


          • We try our best.

            I have a great relationship with several other writers on the site & we all up everything we have into the stories.

            I think since GQ premiered last year, there has been a renewed effort to not only try to explain the mess of GQ, but to offer deeper & happy ending stories for Tibette.

            I truly appreciate your support & comments.

            Best regards


    5. Collins – woohoo!!! Awesome chapter & so interesting.

      With everything that has gone on in the Tibette world since yesterday, thank you so much for this terrific chapter and giving us hope for love ever after. There was so much in this chapter – little insights into their past & refreshing moments in how their lives are going to move on.

      Loved the last part too – so sexy & a great into how they are always there for the other.

      Looking forward to the sequel.

      We need great stories like this to mend our Tibette hearts.

      • Hey JW,

        Yes, we have all seemed to be thrown off our game by the announcement of Rosie as Tina’s love interest!
        I still can’t get my head around it.

        Thank you for following me into this next phase of the story & all that lies ahead.

        Many more good things to come along as their future unfolds.

        You take care & stay safe.


    6. Collins
      With all the excitement following the announcement yesterday I realized I forgot to comment on your newest chapter. Everyone has already said everything that needs to be said but this was a lovely chapter. We need stories like this more than ever, please keep writing. Stay safe!

      • Hey BK,

        Yes, lots of interest in all things Tibette & L Word the last few days. I think you may have left out SHOCK too!!!

        Still can’t get my head around the selection of Rosie, but there is little we can do. We can HOPE that somewhere there will be that ‘silver lining’ for Tibette in all of this.

        Thanks for your kind words & also following along. At least this version of the mess of GQ will have a much better future.

        Looking forward to your latest updates on your stories too.

        Thanks so much.


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