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    The Tibette Collection – How Many Kisses in a Day???? – Part 1

    Author’s Note – We all need a little comfort in these uneasy times.

    Hope you enjoy this next selection in the Tibette Collection series.

    Just a little weekend fun.

    Hopefully I got my math right & it all adds up!!!

    Please enjoy & thanks for reading.


    NYC 2014

    One sunny late morning in their brownstone in NYC after recovering from a rather arduous love making session, Bette and Tina were relaxing in their living room. Angie had spent Saturday night at a friend’s house and it was just the couple. Both women reading different sections of the Sunday New York Times newspaper as they sipped her morning mugs of coffee.

    “Hey T, listen to this.” Bette called over to her wife.

    “What hon?” Tina’s voice carried over the page of the newspaper she was reading.

    “How many kisses have you given to the woman you love in your life?” Bette reads the headline and continues. “Man claims he has planted 1 million kisses on his wife in his life. He wants to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for most prolific kisser.”

    “1 million?” Tina asks, her interest peaked. “Uh, how old is this guy?”

    “Article claims he’s 59 years old.”

    “So he’s older than us.”

    “Yeah.” Bette ponders the answer.

    Tina waited, she knew exactly what Bette was thinking and going to say next. She knew the wheels were turning in that beautiful head of her wife.


    “Yes hon.”

    “Babe how many do you think we’ve shared?”

    “Oh, maybe a thousand or so.” Tina grins behind her newspaper, teasing her wife.

    “Tina.” Bette drops her open newspaper onto her lap and looks at her wife over the rim of her reading glasses.  Bewilderment on her face. “Honestly, that’s you answer?’

    “Well…” Tina lowers her section of the paper and looks over at her wife with an amused expression on her face. “How many do you think we’ve shared?”



    “Yes, without a doubt.” Bette folds her section of the paper and lays it on the floor beside her. “Probably several million.”

    “Impressive.” Tina nods, titling her head and taking in Bette’s answer. “What are you basing your estimate on?”

    “Well…” Bette walks over to the kitchen island and picks up a notepad, pencil and calculator and brings it over with her as she sits next to Tina on their couch. “I can probably calculate the number in a few minutes.”

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      • Hey Billy,

        This story actually stemmed from a scene I was going to include in another short story. This was marked to be just a paragraph in that story & then I thought – ‘this could be more than just a couple of sentences’.
        So I flushed it out more & tried to give it a light, funny side.

        Thanks for reaching out.

        Enjoy the weekend.


      • Hey Jane,

        I looked it up – a number less than zero is called – NEGATIVE INTEGERS!!!!!!!!!

        Like zero, zilch, zippo, none – 00000000000000000000000 to the edh degree!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I KNOW i won’t be EVER writing that story!!!!!!

        Thanks for reaching out & glad you enjoyed the story.


    1. Ah, sweet chapter. Thanks Collins for making our day seem a little bit brighter. We can all breathe a little easier knowing writers like you will give us hope!!

      Love how they tease each other – just great.


      • Hey Kira,

        Happy to know I helped make your day a little better.

        We have some really great writers posting right now & all the stories are so rich with telling great Tibette stories.

        They do interact so well together.

        Thanks & look forward to see you on the next post.


      • Hey SG,

        The doctors are very busy right now, but I will gladly fill in when I can to bring some joy & fun to the site.

        Glad you enjoyed it – those kisses just keep adding up!!!!

        Take care of yourself over your way.

        Thanks so much.


      • Hi Cathy,

        Thanks for reaching out. There are so many little bits of info about this fabulous couple to compose stories about.

        Glad you enjoyed it & be ready for more to come.

        Happy Holidays.


      • HIya Sharon,

        Thanks for commenting. We all need little pick me ups to brighten our days & get a brief reprieve from all the stress & gloom somedays.

        Working on a 2 part short story now.

        Thanks again & take care.


      • Hey D,

        As I mentioned, the idea for this was just a little explanation inside another short story & it just took off & developed a life of its own.

        Bette is never one to back away from any challenge!!!

        Glad to enjoyed it!!!


    2. This was awesome. Just what we needed this week!!!!

      I like the logical Bette, the way she thinks. And Tina just loves to tease her & get her going.

      But Bette always has to be the best, no matter what the challenge.

      Thanks for this, really liked it.

      • Hey JW,

        Just a little pick me up to brighten the day & ease the disappointment of the GQ news.

        Bette can never allow herself to be bested in anything, especially the love department!!!
        And Tina comes through in the end with the final solution to get the total numbers they need!!

        Thanks for your support.


      • Hey Z,

        You make an excellent point about others counting for more than others!!!

        So true.

        And these 2 certainly had memorable kisses in OG!!!!!!

        Thanks for reading.

        Have a great week.


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