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    Tina POV


    I smile a little as I hear the sound of something I learned to cherish a long time ago. I feel her moving, then asking “What?” in her sleepy voice. I lift my head and looking into her eyes my smile grows into a huge one.

    “Nothing, I just love how your heart sounds”


    Two years before


    What’s happening?” I said as I look at my child fighting to breathe. “Bette?!” I cried out to her and she quickly came closer.

    “Shit, she’s congested”


    “She had been out there for too long, it’s freezing outside” she said as she touched Angelica’s forehead “and she’s burning up!”

    I started panicking, “What are you doing?” I screaming as I watched her approaching the exit of the cave “Bette!! Where are you going?”

    No response.

    A couple of minutes later she came back holding a piece of garment full of snow “We need to keep her temperature down”


    * * *


    I saw as she caressed and took care of our child as if the time we lived apart hadn’t existed. The temperature had been kept a bay, but Angelica needed cures and we knew that. I could see it on her face: she was feeling helpless. Yet, she kept her eyes on her, her caring hands. Like a real mother would do and I was there, mesmerized. I couldn’t even understand how we managed to destroy something so simple. Our love. A love that found its continuation in our daughter. But we couldn’t see it when we had to and we failed.

    “Mommy!!” Angie cried, she was hurting. Her lungs must have felt like hell.

    “Baby, mommy is here. Your mommies are here” you would think those words came out from my mouth, but it was her. Bette. She uttered those words with the sweetest voice ever. They were coming from the deep of her heart. “Mommy is here” she kept saying. “I’m here”


    * * *


    “Kit!  Oh, thank God! We’re fine. We found repair in a cave, but Angelica is really sick. Listen, we need you to call for help. We don’t know exactly where we are…Kit? KIT?” the signal died again. She had been trying to make her phone work in the last hours but it was no help.

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    1. As I already said, I know it’s too short and maybe something is missing, as I could have done better, but I can’t feel it mine anymore. Maybe it’s because I haven’t worked on it for too long, that’s why I decided to put an end at it, at least to finish it,.

    2. Wanting to put an end to the story says a lot about the kind of woman you are. I admire people who don’t leave unfinished business behind. The story may be short but it is still well written and I hope some time along the track you’ll find it in your heart to write again for you’re really very good at it.

    3. I can’t believe my eyes! Just 2 days ago i reread this story and asked you when you would finish it and here you are!

      I agree with the others that it is way to short, but i am very happy that you finished it.
      I really hope that you will write more, maybe a new story or fill in the blanks from this one.

      You are a fantastic writer.

      Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

    4. I’m not recently made a comment on this page, but I thought if one of my favorite writer came back and finished the story that I loved, and she deserves :-P
      I’m like the others: I’m a little sad that it was short, but the bigger hit my friend! loved it!
      Thank you that you belong among the writers who will finish her stories, I really appreciate it, my friend.
      only one question: who gave birth to a boy? Bette? Tina?

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