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    The Shipwreck

    A shipwreck could be easily associated to someone who had been living their life on the verge of exhaustion. When the ship you are leading is not responding anymore, and the crew you once thought was your ally is now nowhere to be seen. You try to spin the helm to the right, and what it can only do is to go to the opposite direction. And in the exact moment you think that nothing could be worse than this, there you see, in the distance, a storm coming. And you thank God when you finally find yourself on a firm land, a desolate one, somewhere to start anew; and maybe, just maybe that’s what storms are for. They push you right toward something you weren’t expecting at all, and you just lay there, witnessing the giant mess that is happening right before your eyes. The ship is gone, most of your crew is out of sight, only a couple of people are there. You just need to figure out which one of them are soon to be your worst enemy. Apart from that, this is where everything new starts.

    That’s what happened to me that day, figuratively and literally. Literally, because I was actually on a ship, my father was a researcher – not at the same levels as Darwin – but he was nonetheless good. He needed me to keep track of his discoveries, on my notebooks. I always worshipped him, he could make me forget I was by then a 30-years-old with all the stories he liked to tell me, I felt like a little girl. Figuratively, because I just needed to find a place in the world, and the storm happened that day was just like the one swirling inside myself.

    We left England to go search for new species – it was the year of the great discoveries. Born in America, my grandparents then moved to London in the early years of the ‘800, and there we were now, carrying on the job my grandfather started.

    “It’s going to be a great discovery, my dear Christina, I just feel it” my father told me that day.

    “It sure will, father” I believed him.

    But something went wrong, and we suddenly find ourselves clinging to our lives. The storm came as strong as she could and left us on an island we could not precisely recognize. Lots of men of the crew lost their lives; there were only me, my father, the captain and a bunch of his men left. The ship became only a pointless mass of wood.

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    1. Hi Bette0Porter,

      Welcome back after 5 years?! You kidding me, wow times fly away.

      I am so happy to see you back with a new story!!!

      You mentioned it was far away from TLW universe but you did use one name i despise from that universe and reading the first chapter i still hate the name Young.

      So looking forward how this story will continue!

    2. Hey BetteOPorter:

      WELCOME BACK, what a surprise, I’m excited, I could read new beautiful stories from you again.

      Very nice start in this chapter, and, as many readers, already waiting to see Captain Young out of the island and Tina’s life.

      I’m waiting when Bette will show up (the chapter was small, you are a teaser😅😅😅).

      Hoping to read the new chapter soon.

      Thanks for this new and promising story.


    3. Hi Bette0Porter,

      I’m very happy you took up writing again. I really missed your stories.

      Anyway I love this one very much. Wouldn’t it be great to see Bette in an animal skin……

      Btw please don’t apologize because English is not your mother tongue because as far as I’m concerned your English is very good and we all make mistakes, don’t we?

      Can’t wait to read some more, so please don’t keep us too long in suspense.


    4. I see you have came back to exscape the real world like the rest of us. Welcome back..nice first chapter and I love it when their in new environments and back drops.. ok so I’m late on starting this story but I like it so far.. on to the next one. Thank you.

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