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    Episode S303

    ‘We’re a little low on milk,’ she said. Then she closed the door and added: ‘Ben.’

    Tina nodded. A growth spurt meant their son was an eating and drinking machine these days. And then they both heard a sound that made them turn their heads in the direction of the hallway. A key in the door.

    Solly trotted into the hallway, followed by Bette and Tina, who found Shane crouched down stroking the dog.

    ‘Hey,’ said Shane, flicking her hair out of her eyes. ‘How was your evening?’

    ‘Good,’ said Bette. She was aware of Tina moving closer to her, so she raised her right arm and Tina put her left arm around her waist. ‘How was yours?’

    ‘Good.’ Shane stood up. ‘Jo’s going out of town tomorrow, so . . .’

    ‘You just came home?’ Tina said.


    A slow smile spread over Shane’s face as she looked at her dearest friends standing there, in their beautiful hallway, their arms around each other, two of their three children asleep upstairs, and their dog padding around with his tail wagging happily.

    She took a deep breath.

    ‘I haven’t had sex with her yet,’ she said. Her friends’ eyes widened at this admission. ‘I . . .’ Shane put her hands on her hips. ‘We talk a lot. I feel like I’ve known her a long time.’

    Bette smiled. Tina went and hugged her. Then she pulled back and held Shane’s face tenderly between her two hands.

    ‘We’re glad,’ she said softly.

    Shane smiled. ‘Me too.’


    In their bedroom, with Solly settled outside the door, Bette and Tina went through their usual night-time routine – teeth, skincare, etc. – and then Bette got into bed and waited while Tina went round the room checking everything was where she wanted it, and the window closed, and then she came to her side of the bed, where Bette had already turned the bedclothes down, sat down and exhaled.


    Bette smiled inwardly at her wife’s habits, then slid down the bed and opened her arms to welcome her. Tina slipped her right knee between Bette’s legs and wrapped her right arm around her waist, then raised her head and they kissed. Soft and friendly.

    ‘I wonder where they’re going with Fake Angie,’ Tina said.


    ‘The ho phase? Seriously?’

    Bette raised an eyebrow. ‘You’ve seen this show, right?’

    Tina smiled, but then grew more serious. ‘She needs her parents.’


    They looked at one another for a long moment, and then Bette pulled Tina close for a cuddle. She kissed her hair.

    ‘What’s the plan for tomorrow?’ she asked.

    ‘The garden,’ said Tina, breathing in the scent of Bette’s neck. ‘Going to Tomkins Square with Sasha to have a look at plants, then maybe a little Christmas shopping. What about you?’

    ‘Hockey training.’

    ‘That’s Ben, not you?’

    Bette laughed and moved to roll Tina over, onto her back. She looked down at her, her curls lit from the side by the amber-hued bedside lamp. Tina reached up and ran her fingers through them, twisting the dark hair, watching it catch the light.

    ‘You know if you want to go visit Alice in LA, you can go?’ Bette said softly.

    Tina’s hazel eyes travelled over her wife’s beautiful face. The high forehead, the long nose, the sculpted jawline.

    ‘I don’t want to leave you,’ she said.

    Bette knit her brow. ‘Why? I’m okay . . .’

    ‘Oh, I know you are,’ said Tina. ‘It’s for me, though. I don’t want to leave you.’

    Her voice was husky with emotion as she reached her hand further back and pulled Bette down into a kiss. A little more passionate than last time. Bette edged up, placing her body more squarely on top of Tina’s. Tina’s hands moved down, caressing Bette’s back, feeling her muscles move as their tongues mingled.

    Presently, they broke the kiss and stared at each other.

    ‘Sleep?’ Bette said, and kissed Tina’s nose.

    Tina smiled. ‘Yeah.’

    Bette smiled too. Her crow’s feet deepening, and making Tina fleetingly regret agreeing to sleep. But no. It had been a long week. And a long show . . .

    Dear God, thought Tina, as she reached for the lamp to switch it off and plunge them into violet-grey nothingness. I wonder when we’re coming back?


    1. Thanks for the update and the analysis. Good call on the earring symbolism. But I am not so sure the writers of Gen Q are that savvy to put that in on purpose. More like the randomness of the universe made that happen. But it is meaningful. If they had meant it, Nat would have found the earring on the floor or the coffee table and returned it to her. That would have signaled something definite between Gigi and Nat….

      In the end, Gigi is really not with Nat even though Dani assumes that she is. And chunking oranges at the car seems so damn juvenile. But okay….

      This is the first episode with no Bette or Tina…. who will become the lead character or characters in this show? There is no clue from Episode 3. Well, if this is an example of what is to come, then I am not impressed. Oh well, I am but a single viewer…

      Oh yes… loved Tina’s comment when Tess arrives for the unscheduled demolition. “Mom’s back…”. Tess is not my favorite character – she seems to be very manipulative. We do not know how it came to be that Patty came to live with Tess and Shane in LA, but something tells me that it was not Shane’s idea. Shane will work with it, but the more demands and request that Tess makes of her, the more quickly Shane will abandon the ship. Now that Shane has cheated and Sophie knows, it won’t be long before Tess finds out as well.

      So far, I do not see the story arc for any of the characters except maybe for Angie. I don’t think Angie will become promiscuous, but I think she is definitely head for trouble with Samuel Hendrix. And Tina’s comment that Angie needs her parent? Well, when kids go off to college and don’t live under the same roof, parents have very little insight or influence on what a child does. They usually find out about problems when they become a crisis and not before. You hope you have given them the values, the tools and the incentive to make the best decision for their life. But the child is in control of their own actions. And they are bound to make choices their parents will not approve of. It happens to everyone. Tina’s statement is idealistically something a parent would say. But in reality, the adult child will come to the parents when they determine they need them and not before. Particularly a young and inexperienced adult child who has just been set free to experience the world. JMO.

      Thanks for this chapter… look forward to more.

      • Hey Martha! Sorry for the delay in replying. Been a crazy busy week…. I wish all I had to do was write ff!

        Having seen ep4 now, i do think there is something intentional going on with the earring, but also agree that it’s not entirely thought through? (shock!)

        Agree too with what you say about Fake Angie and how Tina thinks she needs her parents. In real life, ignorance is so often bliss when it comes to adult children!

        Anyway, thank you again. Really appreciate your analysis. Have a good week.

      • I’m w/U SassyG.
        Normally I can stay awake to watch a new epi, but didnt cross my mind until wanting to re-play Tibette scenes from episodes 1&2!!!

        Reading Largo’ s “GenQ episodes” r worth the anticipation! Largo’s accounts of Solly ABSOLUTELY have me doubled over sideways!!! Go back and see what I mean. HeHeHe!!!

        • Thanks, Dumplin! I’m glad you liked Solly in this chapter. I was thinking I needed to get him under Bette’s skin a bit more and wondering ‘what’s the one thing she absolutely cannot deal with???’

          Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend. Have a good week!

      • hahaha, thanks SG! I’m glad I could somewhat improve the experience for you. It’s no fun, is it? I feel we’ve just been chucked a bone and told to shut up. Well, we won’t, so they got that wrong, lol

        Have a good week!

    2. Hey Largo,

      A wonderful update, laughed a lot and very thankful you recaps this mess called GQ.

      The storylines are ridiculous and it’s truly a shame we won’t get to see Bette & Tina in the next few episodes.

      But we have you and other writers to give us our dosis of Tibette!

      • Hey Bibi, my friend! This show really is tough going without our girls, isn’t it? And, no disrespect to Laurel, but JB’s absence is just deadly. With her and Sepi gone, it’s like a charisma black hole.

        Oh well. At least we have ff to be going on with. Thank you so much for keeping up with this series and giving me your thoughts. Always so appreciated. Have a good week!

    3. Hey my pal,

      Waves from the deep south here in the USA. :-)

      Thanks so much for the recap. Now I KNOW for sure that I won’t watch the damn thing!!

      I was more interested in the Real Tibette’s story update & reaction to the episode than the actual episode itself – how sad is that? What an absolute shame promoted by MLR & Showtime.

      I felt so sad for TK as she is so invested into her & Bette’s Fake selves & was looking forward – just like us – to seeing what happens next for the fab couple.

      Martha hit on so many meaningful moments, I agree.

      Shane – you have created a woman who is striving to improve her life & a budding relationship. Taking ownership of her past & trying to change in a positive way. So unfortunate that MLR hadn’t thought of that – mature relationships! Ugh!!!

      Loved your scene with the moms & Sasha – typical kid. And then the growth that Tibette has experienced & taken in recognizing mistakes, fixing the misstep right then & there by a heartfelt apology.

      Solly as always, a joy to read & his strange relationship with his other mother (Bette) is endearing. They tolerate each other for the stake of the true master of the home – the lovely Ms. Tina Kennard Porter.

      Thank you for this joy in light of the failure of MLR & ST to provide meaningful & compelling SLs & watchable entertainment.

      Looking forward to your next installment!!

      • Hello my dear friend! How are you?

        It’s funny what you say about Tina being sad that the Fakes aren’t in the show, because that’s interesting to me too – that the Real Tibette don’t know what we in the real world know. It confuses me sometimes, so I have to keep it straight in my head, who knows what, lol

        But yeah, Tina is really the voice of the fandom inside this story.

        Thank you too for noticing how Bette and Solly are both under Tina’s spell! That’s brilliant that you got that. Also noticing how Tina demonstrates that they’ve done the work to communicate properly. God, I wish we could have seen this on the show…. :-( Maybe eps 9&10, with the ‘true parenting challenges’ will show us something???

        Anyway, thank you so much for keeping up with this series. Your support always means so much to me. Have a good week!

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