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    Family Sunday

    Bette looked at Tina curiously.

    “I’m going to court you, Bette Porter.”

    Bette laughed her signature laugh which was music to Tina’s ears.

    “You’re going to court me?” Bette raised her eyebrows.

    Tina nodded yes.

    “Mmmhmm. I am. If you let me.”

    “And what does courting me look like?”

    “There will be lots of wooing.”

    Tina wiggled her eyebrows up and down. 

    “You’re going to court me annnnnd woo me.”

    “I am.”

    Tina felt a tingle between her legs.

    “Shit,” Tina suddenly said.

    Bette looked confused.

    “We can’t have sex,” Tina blurted out.

    “What? I didn’t…”

    “I’m under a strict no sex with you policy.”

    “A what?”

    “My therapist said having sex with you is too overwhelming for both of us. She said I needed to rebuild our friendship first.”

    Bette was…she didn’t know how to feel. She knew she wanted to take it slow with Tina but she also knew their connection was beyond them. 

    “She’s not wrong,” Bette finally said.

    “No, she’s not.”

    “Sex with you is overwhelming,” Bette said shyly.

    Tina nodded. Both of them remembered waking up thinking about sex with the other just this morning and how real and vibrant it felt.

    “But she didn’t mention anything about kissing,” Tina’s eyes twinkled.

    “Do we get to kiss on these dates?”

    Bette laughed and absentmindedly licked her lips.

    “I don’t know. Possibly.”

    Am I flirting with her again, Bette thought.

    She’s definitely flirting with me this time.

    Tina smiled. Bette knew that smile.

    “But not at first. Let’s take it slow.”

    Tina did not hide the disappointment in her eyes.

    “You kissed me just hours after meeting me for the first time,” Tina reminded Bette.

    “You wanted me to,” Bette smiled.

    That smile still made Tina’s heart flutter.

    “I was immediately attracted to you. I had never felt that before with anyone and especially not with a woman. But there was just something…about…you.”

    “Same. Is that why you left your earring?” Bette teased. 

    “How many times do I have to tell you it was an accident.”

    “An accident. Riiiiight.” 

    Bette licked her lips. Tina bit hers.

    “But I didn’t know I wanted you to kiss me until your lips were on mine. Then I never wanted you to stop.”

    “Until you left.”

    Bette cleared her throat. Tina looked hurt. Bette immediately regretted it.

    “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

    Tina thought the moment was ruined. She opened her mouth to say something but then she closed it immediately. Bette decided not to let her insecurities get the best of her.

    “I…knew I wanted to kiss you the moment I saw you,” Bette said.

    Tina nodded. Bette kicked herself. Tina looked down at their feet again. Still not touching.

    “If we’re going to really do this, let’s promise each other something…” Bette said.

    “IF?” Tina didn’t like the sound of that.

    “If we can’t make this promise, I don’t see a reason to move forward with trying.”

    “What’s the promise?” Tina asked.

    Bette stared at her. She was finally ready to see if they could start again.

    “…that we will be honest about our feelings…about everything.”

    Tina’s eyes got big. She pushed herself off her side of the doorframe and took a step towards Bette. They were a breath apart. Bette inhaled. 

    “I really want this. To reconnect. To rebuild. To openly be affectionate towards you. To regain your trust. To show you how much I adore you. To restore our connection. To break down all of the walls you put up when I left. To move back into our house. To love you forever. But…”

    “But what?” Bette interrupted.

    Tina heard the panic in Bette’s voice. Before she realized what she was doing, she grabbed Bette’s hand. They both felt the spark. She instantly let it go. Bette looked into Tina’s eyes. This time she grabbed Tina’s hand sensing they both needed the connection. Tina squeezed it and exhaled.

    “But there are some things you need to know first.”

    “What things?”

    “Things that will most likely break your heart…some more.”

    Bette didn’t like the sound of that. 

    “I don’t think I want to know.”

    “I don’t think I want to tell you.”

    Tina tilted her head to the side. Her eyes were sad. She squeezed Bette’s hand again and led her to the kitchen.


    1. Great chapter!

      Bette and AJ and together with Tina, he is so smart and adorable! Very clever from him to let them join him in the pool.

      Bette is ready to try to rebuild their relationship and Tina comes with that line, “Things that will most likely break your heart…some more.”. But they have to make a clean start and this is necessary to put everything out and then away to never come back.

      I’m sad the end is coming but also looking forward to the next chapter.

      • Thank you so much! I’ll be tackling a GenQ storyline when I’m done with this one. This my first attempt at fanfic and it has been such a privilege writing this story. When it’s all done, I’ll go back and read it from start to finish to see what I could’ve done better.

        Bette is ready to rebuild but she’s also nervous. She portrays alpha but we know she’s fragile. So I’m excited to see how Tina navigates her fragility and how Bette hopefully starts to forgive her. But I don’t know. We shall see.

        Next chapter is going to be a doozy for sure!

        AJ is my absolute favorite. I kinda wish I wrote him as an orphan or something. I love the way Bette and AJ interact.

        • You are a great writer, your writing style is really good, don’t think you have to change anything. I especially love how you write their inner thoughts. The story flows and keeps you wanting more.

          I adore AJ, maybe you can add him in your new story. Bette doing something for a orphan house, they meet and Bette and him bond immediately and Bette wants to adopt him, giving him the warm and loving home he deserves. I am adopted and it would be so great to read something like that. But whatever you’re new story will be about, i will certainly read it!

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