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    # FanFic Challenge # Ep7

    #FanficChallenge #Ep7 – With or without you

    “You are fucking nuts Kennard – why would you want to tell Angie with Carey and Bette unless you are trying to break her heart more than you did when you walked out on her “Alice was visibly cross. Tina winced – she had hoped that lunch with Alice and Shane would heal some of the wounds that she had caused when she had left LA for Canada and she wanted to tell them that she was getting married.
    Tina looked to Shane for support “Why do you need Carey there ?”
    “Because she is going to be my wife and that means she is going to be a momma to Angie “
    “I repeat again Kennard – are you fucking nuts? Why would she call your latest woman MOMMA “?
    Tina frowned “I am trying to do the right thing for my future wife and she wants a good relationship with my daughter “
    “Your daughter is more than capable of making her own mind up “
    “I just feel that by telling her as a threesome it will be easier for everyone “
    “THREESOMES are rarely easier for everyone “said Alice with some feeling
    “Not that sort of threesome as you know Alice – I want what is best for everyone “
    Alice drained what was her third scotch and fixed Tina with a cold look
    “And how is this oh so cosy arrangement best for Bette? “
    “Because we are co-parenting “
    “How did Bette take the news? “Shane asked knowing the answer already as she had sat up all night with Bette who had taken it as badly as Shane had expected
    “She said she was happy for me “
    “Which is the sort of socially acceptable claptrap that you would expect her to say – she is the mayor in waiting – she isn’t going to say anything other than that she was delighted for you “Alice said harshly
    “Bette said she wanted me to be happy “
    “Which in Bette’s book until the day she dies will be with her “
    “No – she knows it’s over “
    Shane sighed “You two have been over a lot of times “
    “It is over – we are divorced – she has accepted that “
    Which was the opposite to what Bette had said to Shane over a bottle of scotch the night before. Bette would never be over Tina and Shane knew that Tina knew that – she just wasn’t prepared to admit that
    “So, what did Bette say to this insane idea that you three tell Angie that you are getting married?”
    “She asked for a few days to think about it “Tina replied softly. Deep down she knew how hurt Bette had been – she had seen everything that Bette had done to hide the hurt but Bette didn’t have a poker face all of the time and she certainly didn’t have a poker face over their relationship. Tina knew she had hurt Bette when she had told her as deeply as she had broken her the day she had told her that she wanted a divorce because she had met someone else. Tina knew Bette better than anyone else – it was just that at that moment she wished she couldn’t see the pain that Bette was in because she knew she was the reason for it.
    “You cannot tell Angie with Carey and Bette present “Alice said finally as if that concluded the matter
    “So, what arrangement do you suggest as you are such the expert on non-traditional relationships”
    Tina snapped back
    “You got into this mess Tina – -you get out of it “
    “Thanks for your support Alice”
    “I had to pick her up after you left – Shane was cutting hair in Paris and Bette was dealing with a sister who was taking heroin – Helena and I held Bette together and spent hours with her. I know that the last thing she needs right now is more pain “

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    1. This was fantastic Ally! Alice is always so irritating, Shane the voice of reason, Tina the lost one. Bette always in pain about something. Loved the back and forth between Bette and Angie.

      This is what is so great about fan fiction…you can write from so many different points of view, You can follow the shows story lines or go off on your own. In other words, you can write whatever you want!! :-)


    2. Great story allyemmerson!

      Love this bond between Angie and Bette! She is a really good kid! Bette is a amazing mother!

      Sometimes i think Tina has lost her mind instead of finding herself. She knew how hurt Bette is and still she does what she wants. Has she fucking lost her mind that Angie should call her new woman momma C!!!!

      I love Tina but sometimes i don’t understand or like her.

    3. In my mind, this does reflect some of the character flaws in both Bette and Tina. Bette can be all consuming taking up a lot of space. She can be egocentric and narcissistic to the extent of not seeing things and changes in Tina. Bette lack self confidence in her parenting abilities and relationship skills. But Bette loves Tina more than life itself and if asked Bette would do almost anything Tina asked.

      On the other hand, Tina has always been one to bottle up her emotions and anger inside. She has always been weak in confronting and communicating to Bette the problems or issues which are not to her liking. Traditionally, instead of calling Bette on her misbehaviors and those things which irritates her, she withdraws or flees the scene rather than confronting the situation and asking for change. She pulls inward instead of engaging Bette into conversation and discussion. This builds anger within her until at some point it explodes and she looks elsewhere for a better relationship or relief from her own built up anger.

      The most poignant line is this story is when Shane tells Tina” “I know why you left and I do get that Bette can just take up a lot of a room – but she has been like that for over 20 years Tina. And I remember you once telling me that people treat us the way that we let them. Bette was in control because you let her be in control…”

      I have always believed that both a capable of change their own behaviors. But before they can do that, they have to see in their own mind’s eye the harm that it is causing the relationship. They have to trust the other to be able to hear what the problem is and be willing to negotiate a solution. Then it takes two people to work through the resolution. No one is always right and no one is always wrong. These are the thing I saw developing in Season 6 which gave me great hope for the Bette and Tina relationship. These are things which according to the writers of Gen Q, they lost those changes somewhere in the ten intervening years.

      Personally in this story, I think Tina is not seeing the whole picture very well. I also think that she would have had a better plan on talking to Angie than she had. She would be more cognizant of Bette’s feeling and not assumed Bette was going to give her the support she thought she should have. She either did not believe Alice and Shane that Bette was still in pain or she choose to ignore it. By the response Bette gave her greeting her at the door, she should have sensed that this was not going to be a good day. But she plowed ahead anyway. And with Bette finally just asking her to leave after being summarily left in the living room by Angie, she could not have a good feeling about this.

      I think this chapter needs a continuation…..Tina needs to do some soul searching about what happened in telling Angie about the upcoming marriage and what Shane and Alice said to her about Bette.

      Personally, I think Bette is asking for trouble if she gets back together with Felicity, after all her husband attacked her and Angie. How could Angie (or Bette) respond this way after the attack and problems it caused for her mother? What am I missing here?

      This is excellent writing. Its a good storyline. But do a follow up chapter and see where this goes.

    4. Sweet. I think you hit the nail on the head with Bette sort of resigned to the fact that something about them just doesn’t work? Not many other ways to explain the BS they put each other through. I really hate what the show has done to them.

    5. Thank you for this story. I felt Bette’s pain both onscreen and in your story so vividly. I hope she finds happiness and peace because she’s suffered enough.

      I love how you portrayed Alice and Shane talking to Tina. Very in character.

      I kind of support Tina’s wish to go find herself even if it meant leaving Bette, but I refuse to accept the fact that she didn’t show up at Kit’s funeral. It’s not the Tina we know and love.

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