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    Is this love 27&28

    Is this love
    Chapter 27
    “Hey there “ Bette opened the front door and grinned at Tina who had arrived just after 7:30 for another evening together “I was getting worried about you “
    Tina shook her head “Work dragged – and of course I couldn’t stop laughing about what happened “
    Bette closed and locked the door behind her and helped Tina remove her jacket
    “That was classic stuff “
    “You are going to have to explain things to me because I was really making it up on the hoof. Thank God for your friend “
    “Helena is one in a million “ Bette was forced to agree “ Whether that is a good thing or not I am not sure. Come through and have a glass of wine. I only got in 20 minutes ago so I just threw one of my mother’s lasagna’s in the oven. We can have that with some salad – is that okay ?”
    “That fine – thanks Bette “
    “Are you cold ?”
    “Yeah – so much for it being spring “
    Bette turned the heating up at the wall dial and went across to pour two glasses of wine. She handed a glass to Tina and kissed her on the lips
    “Mm – nice – I have been looking forward to that kiss all day “
    “In that case “ Tina returned the kiss and for a few seconds they kissed tenderly
    “Come and sit down beside the fire and we can figure out what the hell happened at lunch time”
    They sat down and Bette put her wine glass on the table beside her and put an arm around her girlfriend who happily snuggled close to the brunette.
    “Okay – you go first “ Bette suggested
    “I got a royal summons from my mom – come shopping with me darling “
    Bette laughed – that sounded familiar
    “So what was she after ?”
    “Birthday present – she’s not that good at gifts for other people – that was my other mom’s special subject . She’s hell at Christmas “
    “What did Helena say to you ? What did you think when she hugged you ?”
    “She greeted me like a long lost friend- then she whispered who she was and that you were in the café. It was crazy “
    “It was “ Bette agreed kissing Tina’s hair and stroking her stomach as she held her close
    “You reacted really quickly “
    “The person who reacted the quickest was Helena – she was laughing so much at me and I said – please you have to help me – she rose to the occasion so well “
    “She started talking about some grant proposal – what the hell was all that about and where did she dig that idea up from “ Tina turned and looked at Bette
    “It was so spooky. I had just asked her about whether your community centre would qualify for a grant from the Peabody Foundation “
    “You have mentioned it before “
    “Nominally its her mother Peggy who says who does and doesn’t get the money but in reality Helena makes most of the recommendations “
    “And you think my community centre would qualify ?”
    “Well the more you have told me – the more I have been wondering if there was any way to help the centre. So I had just been asking Helena if it was possible “
    “And is it ?”
    “H doesn’t see why not – would more money help the centre ?”
    “Of course – we do good work you know Bette “
    “I don’t doubt that for a second – more money would mean you could help more people “
    Tina nodded “Its not something I have thought about “
    “You should be using your contacts “
    Tina pulled a face “ That’s the sort of thing that my mother says “
    Bette smiled “Look – she is right – I am not saying that you exploit your relationships but you have contacts and there is no reason you should not be getting people to help your centre. Take your mom for instance “
    “My mom would never give us money “
    “I am not saying that you would ask. What I am suggesting is she could loan you a couple of juniors to cut their teeth on some meat and potato cases”
    Tina smiled “That would help “ she shook her head “Hell would freeze over before she would help me though – she thinks that I am wasting my life by doing what I am doing. Ideally she would like the centre to close so I have to get what she calls “ a proper job “
    Bette realized that she was potentially stepping on thin ice. Tina’s whole relationship with her mom was complex – hence them having a clandestine affairs. On the one hand she wanted to do everything that she could to help Tina – but not at the expense of upsetting her girlfriend.
    “Okay – lets drop that – I will get the paperwork from Helena and we could look at it eh ?”
    Tina smiled “Yeah – anything would help – money is tight “
    “In return for Helena keeping us apart I have agreed that I will cook dinner for the three of us – is that okay – honest Ti – you will like her “
    “I liked her straight away – she has some front “
    “More front than Bloomingdale’s “ Bette commented “Helena can seem like a frightful snob – she is conceited and she’s a nightmare to waiters but she’s actually really wonderful – I love her a lot “
    “She actually did something that I wasn’t sure if it was possible to do – she overawed my mom”
    Bette chuckled “Well at some point we should introduce her to Peggy – its a shame that she cannot make it to the library function . We are not getting very far with establishing what happened at lunchtime “
    “I know “ Tina kissed Bette “Helena gave me the warning that you and her were in the café.”
    “So why did you walk off – that was weird “
    Tina laughed “You know I used to be a leading light in the school’s drama club “
    “Yeah ?” Bette said raising an eyebrow
    “You never done any acting ?”
    “The thought of lots of people looking at me doesn’t sit well with me – I could direct though – that’s a lot of what putting an exhibition is – producing and directing “
    “Well I used to love it – I was also good at it – I could learn lines really well “
    “Helena once played Lady Mac Beth – I would like to have seen that – sorry “
    Tina smiled and kissed Bette again
    “We do go off on a tangent a lot – anyway – I was a good actress at school and when Helena walked off my mother asked me if I was seeing her “
    Bette burst out laughing “You and Helena – over my dead body “
    “Mine too “ Tina replied grinning – she moved closer to Bette so she could stroke Bette’s face.
    “So I took the opportunity to blow a fuse and accuse her of accusing me of sleeping with Helena to get this proposal that I knew nothing about “
    Bette took all of this in and shook her head “Your mom accused you of that ?”
    “Not in so many words – she asked me if Helena was gay and I said I wasn’t having an affair with Helena and my mom said it wasn’t the worst idea in the world”
    “Charming “
    “So I threw a mock tantrum and stormed off “
    Bette laughed “You are just something else “
    Tina smiled “I shall take that as a compliment “
    “Its meant as one “
    “Thanks “ Tina slipped her tongue into Bette’s mouth as she deepened the kiss that lingered for several minutes before they both ended it
    “You must have had some come back “ Bette said
    “Not really – she is sweating me out. She thinks I am in a mood so she will wait until I contact her”
    “And will you ?”
    “I will let the old bag enjoy her disappointment in me for a little longer “
    Bette shook her head “You don’t have the most straight-forward relationship with her do you?”
    “No – its typical of her that she would be shocked that I knew Helena – very impressed with the Peabody name “
    “You will like her I promise “
    “I look forward to meeting her properly – when were you thinking of inviting her ?”
    “The weekend ?”
    “Yeah – that would be nice – did anything happen after I left ?”
    “Well your mom headed for the café so I grabbed my jacket and deliberately walked into her. I couldn’t get away unseen so I fronted it out and I said hello, I must be going and headed off. I collected Helena and we laughed about it for the next hour. “
    Tina grinned “What a lunchtime “
    “I know – I think in future we should send each other texts so we know where the other person is”
    “We need GPS trackers for one another “Tina said laughing
    Bette nodded “Its not the worst idea “ she kissed Tina again and gave her a hug “Crazy “
    Tina looked at Bette
    “Do you really think that I could get money for the centre ?”
    “Helena didn’t rule it out – if the centre and the proposal that you write are within the criteria that the Foundation sets then I think you should be okay. I have been thinking about how I could help you out actually “
    “Bette ! “
    “Hear me out okay “
    Tina nodded
    “I have an old photocopier just gathering dust in the storeroom – would that be any use to you ?”
    Tina put her hand to her mouth “You are kidding ?”
    “No and you should be looking in store cupboards at your mom’s place and lifting boxes of pens and paper and stuff “
    “I have been known to do that “
    “So “ Bette said smiling “ What about a photocopier – not sure how we would get it across “
    Tina pulled Bette close and kissed her
    “God I don’t know what I am going to do with you -that sounds just fantastic “
    “I think there are a couple of spare toner cartridges – I will wait until James is wearing that pink shirt that I hate so much and I’ll make him go in the storeroom”
    “No – I will come down and do it myself “
    “No you won’t – you are my girlfriend – he is my assistant . He gets paid to do what I ask him to – it wont kill him to do something dirty. Now transporting it “
    “Shane can get a van “
    Bette grinned “Perfect – you know there is nothing wrong with this sort of networking “
    Tina smiled “I know – its just she makes it – and me feel so insignificant “
    “I think what you are doing is great.”
    “But I could be doing oh so more with my life according to my mother “
    “Do you want to do anything else ?”
    “Yeah – but I just don’t really know what; I would never tell my mother that I work at the centre because “ she paused
    “Yeah ?” Bette said encouragingly
    Tina sighed “Its something my other mom would have liked what I am doing. After she died I did lose my way – I missed her so much Bette”
    Bette’s hand dropped down so she could hold Tina’s
    “I miss her and doing this does make me feel that she is watching down at me and approving “
    “Why can you not tell Emma that ?”
    “She would change it around so that somehow I was dishonoring her by honoring my other mom. I do know that my mom – Emma – loves me. I know that and we held each other together after mom died but since then she has become harder than I can remember her being. Maybe mom took some of Emma’s hard edges off or at least shielded me from the worst of her irritation. All I do is annoy her “
    “There must be some good aspects to your relationship with her”
    “I know I sound like an ungrateful and spoilt brat “
    “You don’t “
    “I veer towards it – yes – my mom and I can get on real well. A few weeks ago I had a bust up with Jane –it was the final straw. This was the point that I decided that enough really was enough. We had a stand up row in the street. She stormed off in her drama queen way and instead of running after her I just wandered around thinking and taking in what was going on around me. One of the things that I love doing is just buying a coffee and sitting on my won and watching people – seeing their interactions and picking up what clues”
    Bette smiled “ We could do that one afternoon”
    Tina smiled – she really appreciated how much effort Bette was clearly putting into their relationship. That told her more than words how Bette felt about her- Tina wondered if Bette knew that her feelings were more than reciprocated.
    “Anyway – I had just wandered around for hours – walking miles. Not sure how but I almost fell over my mom – she took one look at me and dragged me home. We spent the night talking and drinking wine – it was nice. It was really nice –but it happens so rarely that we manage to be on the same page “
    “She must miss Kate as much as you “
    “I know she does – sometimes I want to talk about her – to just re-hash silly stories about her”
    “It can be soothing “
    “Exactly . I don’t think mom is up to discussing her the way I want to”
    Bette felt sorry for both women – she squeezed Tina’s hand and was rewarded by a long kiss.
    “If your mom had still been alive would you have told her about us ?”
    Bette asked
    Tina traced Bette’s cheek bone with one finger before kissing her once delicately on the lips
    “When I was about 20 I went to one of the many functions that mom’s firm organize and I fell for one of the interns who was about 8 years older than me. Kate caught us together – she didn’t tell my mom because she knew that mom would have sacked the girl for having a fling with me”
    “Sounds over the top “
    “Oh when it comes to protecting me my mom knows no limits to her vengeance “
    “Was that a warning ?” Bette asked raising one eyebrow
    Tina laughed “NO – are you planning to hurt me ?”
    Bette swallowed – she had been looking for the opportunity to tell Tina just how far into her she really was. Bette looked into Tina’s eyes for a few seconds
    “I can not think of anything I am less likely to do at the moment . God Tina – I know you are mad with your mom and I know that you have a complicated relationship but at least her meddling and that of my parents brought us together like this. We do owe them a debt of gratitude and I really am looking forward to the day when I can thank your mom for interfering and getting us together in a roundabout way “
    Tina smiled “Yeah – I just don’t think that she will let me hear the end of it and she will use it as an excuse to revisit her old routines about me needing to get my act together if I am going to get and keep a high end lesbian “
    “And what is a high end lesbian ?”
    “I think my mother spied one in Helena and she obviously spotted one in you “
    “Not sure if that’s an insult or not “ Bette said “The point is – they might not know it but our mom’s got us together and I am also not going to hurt you. I can promise you that – quite the opposite in fact “
    Tina smiled – she looked away for a couple of seconds but she couldn’t hide her thrill in hearing Bette’s gentle and loving words. She looked at the brunette
    “Yeah – my mother has some taste in lesbians – very beautiful and wonderful lesbians at that “
    “You have to remember that she only has my mother’s highly biased account to go on and my father is pretty biased too “
    Tina smiled “She doesn’t know how right they both are “
    Bette swallowed – this whole moment was turning out to be so special. It was taking them their own sweet time but they were edging ever closer to telling the other woman just how wonderful their relationship was. Bette didn’t remember feeling this way before – not so goofily out of control, not so insanely addicted to the sound of another woman’s voice or laughter and never – ever so desperate for any detail that would help her understand her lover better. Bette couldn’t say the words that her heart was telling her she was feeling – but it didn’t stressed her out because her instinct told her that they both had all the time in the world to find the right words to say and the right time to say them.
    Is this love
    Chapter 28
    Bette looked up at the apartment block – she had arrived early to spend the night with Tina in the blonde’s home. Up to now they had spent every night at Bette’s house – it was just a habit that they had both got into and they both seemed relaxed about the arrangement. But Tina wanted to cook for Bette and spend time hanging out together in her place. Bette looked at the name plate and saw the name KENNARD. She pressed the buzzer and a couple of minutes later she heard Tina’s voice
    “Hello ?”
    “Hey – its me “
    “Come up “
    Bette pushed the front door and entered a large hall way – the block was about 20 years old and was well maintained and spacious. Bette walked up the stairs to the second floor where Tina occupied flat 7. The door was ajar so Bette pushed it opened and looked around. The front door lead into a narrow passage which lead to a large sitting room. Bette took the room in with an appraising eye – lots of room – bookcases full of DVD’s and old videos. The centre piece of the room was a massive home entertainment system with speakers either side of a 42inch TV and a DVD player, video player and cable box all stacked together to the side of one of the speakers. Tina had told Bette several times that she loved her movies – well it looked like she enjoyed watching them in some style. As Bette was looking around Tina emerged
    “Hey there “ Tina greeted her with a big grin
    “Hey yourself “ Bette replied putting her over night bag down. Tina reached her and put her arms around her neck and held onto her
    “I cannot believe that you are here “
    “Why wouldn’t I be ?”
    Tina shrugged – this kind of made their relationship real. She couldn’t explain it but it was
    sinking in that she and Bette had the chance of really making this work. She was prepared to
    do whatever it took – which in this case had meant a solid week of spring cleaning. If her
    mother saw the apartment she would have many sarcastic things to say about the lack of dust
    and the cleanliness of all the visible surfaces. Tina liked tidiness – it was just it hadn’t been a
    priority recently. But one of the facts she had learnt very quickly about Bette was that she tidy
    – facetiously tidy – so Tina had vowed to improve her own standards just so she didn’t create
    waves with her new woman.
    Bette rested her hands on Tina’s waist and eased her hands up so she was cupping her breasts. Tina glanced noticeably at Bette’s hands and looked back raising one eyebrow
    “Yes ?”
    “Just exploring “ Bette replied trying to sound casual
    Tina chuckled “ So – welcome to my place “
    “Its nice – why do you go to the cinema when you have THAT system “
    Tina grinned “I wonder that when I am being annoyed by popcorn junkies and idiots talking through the whole movie “
    “So – you got much to watch on this piece of kit ?”
    Tina knew she was being challenged – she moved Bette round so she couldn’t fail but see the vast collection of movies she owned
    “That all ?” Bette said teasing
    “There is a DVD shop around the corner “
    “Did that come into the equation when you bought the place ?”
    Tina burst out laughing “No one has ever made the connection but yes – that came into it when I was house hunting “
    Bette looked at Tina and smiled to herself. When they had started sleeping together Bette had got the impression that the blonde was expecting their relationship to be a brief one. Bette still hadn’t worked out why that was but she was pleased that gradually Tina was getting more confidence in what was happening between them. Bette pressed her palms into the side of Tina’s breasts and lent in for a kiss.
    “Mm “ Tina muttered in approval as the kiss slowly developed in passion and intent. Bette had no urge to end the kiss as her thumbs pressed deeper into the soft flesh of Tina’s breasts. As the kiss continued Bette’s left hand shifted so she could examine as much of Tina’s breast as she could through the material of her blouse and her bra. As Bette eased round her finger came into contact with Tina’s nipple which Bette was more than delighted to discover was prominent. Bette pulled away and looked at Tina – she was discovering that she could read a lot about the blonde by just quietly examining her face. Tina couldn’t hide what was on her mind – how could she when her clit was throbbing with need for immediate relief. She swallowed and smiled shyly at Bette
    “No woman has driven me crazy with need – not like you can with one look -with one touch you just drive me insane “
    Bette popped two buttons on Tina’s blouse so she could look better at the body of this red hot and truly special woman. She stared down at Tina’s cleavage for several seconds before looking back into Tina’s hazel eyes. Again the situation was there and again Bette couldn’t find the words – so she took the most obvious alternative
    “You want to show me your bedroom ?”
    Tina smiled – perfect suggestion as far as she was concerned.
    “Well it would be polite “ Tina said “come on “
    Tina’s bedroom was through down a little corridor
    “Bathroom is there “ Tina pointed “Air cupboard next to it – full of clean towels and sheets and stuff – this is my room “
    Tina opened the door on a room dominated by the bed – it was the biggest Bette had ever seen. She looked at Tina without comment and raised one eyebrow
    “That is a serious bed “
    “I take all bed activities seriously “
    “Clearly – no TV ?”
    “It broke – it used to be connected up to the system in the living room. “
    “You end up sleeping on the sofa a lot don’t you ?” Bette guessed
    Tina nodded “Yes”
    Bette looked at Tina why did that sound so sad to her ? Why did she want to tell Tina that as long as she was around she would always make sure that Tina found her bed at the end of the day ? Bette’s protective streak was a strong one and she had lost girlfriends who resented her interference – so she held back from saying anything to Tina just in case it landed her in trouble. But she would always make sure that Tina was tucked up safe in her extremely large bed – preferably snuggling up to her devoted girlfriend.
    Tina looked at Bette and began to unbutton the rest of her blouse- underneath was a black bra that left little to Bette’s imagination
    “You look so good “
    “Touch all you want “ Tina replied pulling Bette’s sweater upwards – Bette held her arms in the air so Tina could remove the sweater. Tina’s growl when she found that the brunette was not wearing a bra was audible
    “I just thought not wearing one would save valuable seconds “
    “What else are you not wearing ?”
    “That’s for you to find out “ Bette replied. Tina raised one eyebrow and immediately pushed her hand down the back of Bette’s trousers
    “You are wearing knickers “
    “Yes but it was a good way for you to feel my ass “
    “You could have just asked “ Tina replied
    “Tina “ Bette said “Please feel my ass again “
    Tina squeezed Bette’s ass and smiled “That is a killing weapon you know that “
    “Its been commented on “
    “Well it is – your ass is enough to convert most women to our team “
    “I have never tried “
    “You don’t have to try “ Tina replied “It just is what it is “
    The fun and games were becoming a regular part of their relationship. Tina wasn’t sure she needed much more highly charged teasing . What she needed – what she HAD to have was to feel Bette as deeply inside her as it was possible to be.
    “Tell me what you want “ Bette said her voice sounding deeper than usual
    “I want you to fuck me “
    “How hard do you want me to fuck you ?”
    “Bette – I am dripping for you – I get wet just thinking about you – seeing you drives me wild with need “
    Bette smiled and bent down to pull off her boots – she put them underneath a comfy chair that she was standing beside. After the boots had been removed she popped the button on her trousers and tugged the zip down. Taking Tina’s hand and making sure that she was looking deep into those wonderfully hazel eyes, she put her hand deep into her pants.
    “Oh fuck “ Tina gasped – Bette was wet
    “You “ Bette whispered “All of that is because I have been sitting thinking about you for the past couple of hours and every fresh image made me just that little bit more wet. You are so freaking beautiful and want you more and more “
    “Bette “ was all Tina managed to say before closing her eyes and pushing her fingers further on. Just the feeling of the delicious wet velvet lips almost made her come on the spot – she was determined to have her face buried deep between Bette’s thighs as soon as possible.
    Tina reluctantly removed her fingers and licked the wetness from them
    “Get naked “ she ordered Bette
    The brunette gave a short laugh but obeyed Tina’s demand but dropping her trousers and quickly stepping out of them and her black, lacy pants.
    “God how the fuck did I get to be the luckiest lesbian in all of New York City ?”
    Bette grinned
    “Like something you would want to taste or touch “
    “Just about every freaking inch – lie down “
    Bette smiled and glanced again at the huge bed – it was almost the size of a double and a single bed welded together – must be expensive to buy sheets that fitted. That said – it looked a bed she could get very used to sharing with Tina. Bette jumped onto the bed and rested on her back
    “Oh – this is really comfortable “ Bette said watching as Tina quickly started to remove her clothes. There was nothing delicate or seductive about Tina removing her clothes as quick as possible – all she was concentrating on was getting down to having sex with Bette – nothing else mattered – just to be between Bette’s thighs and stay there loving her woman.
    Tina finally dropped her bra on the pile of clothes on the floor and climbed onto the bed. Bette was lying with her hands behind her back looking up
    “God- it really shouldn’t be allowed to have a body that is as gorgeous as that “ Tina said as she straddled Bette and lent forward for a kiss. Bette hands quickly came round and embraced Tina as their kiss became more passionate. Tina eased one leg between Bette’s thighs and pressed her thigh against Bette’s centre – causing the darker woman to groan with pleasure – Bette began to move her hips back and forward against the friction caused by Tina’s leg.
    “Oh no “Tina said ending the kiss “That’s not allowed “
    “What ? “
    “If you come its by my tongue or my fingers “
    “Spoilsport “Bette replied
    “You desperate ?” Tina asked smiling with pleasure
    “Tina – since I met you I have had to start going out at lunchtime and buying new pants because I get the pair I put on in the morning is wet because I am thinking about you the whole time “
    “Really ?”
    “Oh yeah “ Bette said “So why don’t you stop talking and just fuck me “
    “As you asked nicely “ Tina said kissing Bette harder and moving her body so she could slip her fingers between Bette’s thighs and easily find her entrance. Bette braved herself for the wonderful moment when Tina entered her. She didn’t have to wait long – Tina slipped two fingers inside Bette who cried out. Twisting her hand Tina pressed her thumb against Bette’s clit and began a steady and firm pace in and out of her lover. Bette reached her hands behind her and grasped the metal decorations of the headboard of the bed so she could hold on while Tina fucked her.
    “Again – harder Ti – oh again – harder – harder – yes – yes – oh god yeesssssss “
    Bette came hard as Tina kept moving inside her
    “Ohh – that was sooo goood “
    Tina looked at Bette and tenderly kissed her partner – Bette smiled.
    For several minutes neither women moved or spoke. Tina was only gradually beginning to allow her head to entertain the notion that this relationship was a runner – that this was starting to look like a serious relationship. Bette was sweeter and kinder than anything she could have expected and she was crazy about her. There were few more fantastic sensations than the one she was now enjoying – unless it was the one that she was about to enjoy. Tina reached her hand out slowly and tugged open the drawer of her bedside cabinet – she removed two white silk scarves and tied one around Bette’s wrist. The brunette opened her eyes
    “What are you doing ?”
    “I am about to tie your hands to the bed so I can fuck you “
    “You don’t need to tie my hands for that “
    Tina looked at Bette
    “Trust me Bette “
    Bette paused – she knew that one of her problems was that she didn’t trust – but she was also determined to be different in this relationship. Bette smiled
    “I trust you babe “ Bette replied softly
    “ I won’t harm you “ Tina reassured
    “I know that “
    Tina continued to carefully tie Bette’s wrists – that done she looked at her
    “I just want to take care of you “ Tina said quietly before kissing Bette’s neck – the brunette muttered something but she had surrendered control to Tina and she was willing to enjoy whatever Tina had planned. For several minutes Tina just concentrated on kissing Bette – easing her mouth lower and feasting on what delicacies came in contact with her mouth. She lingered on Bette’s breasts only moving lower when Bette’s nipples were huge and at the height of their sensitivity. Tina’s final location was the one that she regarded as the most holy and revered of all. As her chin brushed Bette’s pubic hairs she was rewarded by a long moan of satisfaction – that was all the encouragement she needed – if she needed encouragement at all. Tina buried her head between Bette’s thighs and started to lick and kiss Bette’s clit
    “Oohh “ Bette moaned as Tina settled down to making long, slow love to her beautiful partner. Bette wasn’t used to having her hands restricted in the way that they were but she wanted to show -rather than tell Tina that she trusted her and that this was not any fumble and rush liaison.
    It was a good that she did know that she could trust Tina and it was also nice to just let her body surrender all control to such a lesbian expert. Tina slowly brought Bette higher and higher with the pressure and pace of her tongue. Bette was moving her hips in tune to Tina as her orgasm geared up to explode. Tina was holding Bette’s hips ask she buried her head deeper and increased how fast she used her tongue on Bette’s clit. As Bette got closer Tina slipped one finger inside Bette who cried out louder as Tina started to move in and out.
    Bette’s orgasm hit her hard – slamming into her causing her to scream out. Her whole body was convulsing as wave upon wave of the climax kept washing over her. Finally her body jerked one last time and she let out a long sigh of release
    “Oh my fucking stars “ Bette somehow managed to say
    Tina lifted her head – it was a wonderful sight to see Bette so flushed and happy. Tina watched Bette happily – it was a great thing to watch Bette slowly starting to recover.
    After a few minutes Bette opened her eyes and looked at Tina
    “You want to release me ?”
    “Of course “
    Tina moved up and pulled the scarves so the loose knots came undone – she removed them from Bette’s wrists and dropped them onto the pillow next to her. Bette smiled and moved her hands
    “Gee “
    “Yes ?”
    “You are one hell of a good lover “
    “So are you “ Tina replied leaning in and kissing Bette on the lips. Bette could taste herself on Tina’s lips which made the kiss even harder to end. When the kiss finally ended Bette put one arm around Tina and moved so their heads were close. The vulnerability that Bette had been able to display had encouraged her to try again to tell Tina her feelings.
    “Tina “
    “Yeah “
    “Its going well between us “
    Tina nodded
    “I hope you are as happy as I am “
    “I am – thank you for understanding about my mom “
    “I just want to feel comfortable “
    “I do”
    Bette tried to decided what else to say but Tina spoke again
    “Give me time eh Bette – I would love the whole world to know that we are a couple but I just am not ready yet “
    Bette nodded
    “Take as long as you need – nothing is going to come between us “
    “Not even our moms”


    1. Thank you for posting!
      Our favourite couple is slowly getting closer to say the l word. It’s nice how careful and loving they are with each other while at the same time still having many doubts about themselves. I’d like to put a hand on their shoulders and whisper reassuringly “You are doing just fine, trust your instincts and tell your girlfriend that you are for keeps, tell her you love her.”

      Hopefully Tina will gain more self-confidence. She could make a differnce at the center and be very proud of what she is doing.

      Still curious for the evening with Helena.

      Looking forward to the next parts.

    2. Sexy! Yowza. Love this story and totally get where Tina is coming from in wanting to take some time before telling her mom about her relationship. Her mom sounds awful. Please keep writing, I look forward to each new installment.

    3. I do love this story…I love the casual way the two seem to be able to hang out and yet just cannot keep their hands off of each other. I feel better about the two when they start to plan their lives out a little further than tonight and the next few days. Of course, they need to be able to announce that they are a couple to parents before they can do that.

      I’m not sure what Tina is going to accomplish by carrying on this scheme for very much longer. At some point Tina must confront her mother and they must come to an understanding as to what they want and expect out of an adult mother/daughter relationship. Emma must come to the realization that Tina is her own woman who can make her own life decisions and will suffer the consequences of such. But if Tina does not set the boundaries and enforce them, the Emma will continue to encroach on her space for the rest of her life. Once this happens, I believe that Tina and Emma will start to heal from the loss of Kate and will have a much more normal relationship.

      I love this story…. I just hope Bette has the patience to allow Tina the time to gain the confidence to go forward with their relationship. And for both of them – why is it so hard to admit that you are in love? Take the risk – put it out there!!!

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