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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Four

    Bette sighs “I’ll explain later.  When I got to the park you were lying on the ground with a knife stuck in your side when I found you.  I thought the worst until I heard you groan and quickly pulled the knife out and applied pressure to the  wound while the other person who traced your call had been with me and called the ambulance. You had already lost a lot of blood. I saw you open your eyes and look at me as I held the knife in my hand and then you passed completely out. I stayed there applying pressure to the wound until the paramedics arrived. This was all my fault” Bette’s voice cracked as Tina could hear the regret and truthfulness in her voice and coming the realization she had been wrong all this time but it didn’t explain why Bette abandoned her. Luckily she didn’t have to wait long

    “….At the hospital I made the decision to leave you because I had put you in danger from betraying the man you are now associated with. I could not stay if it meant your life was in danger. You almost died and it was my fault. I knew it was dangerous for you to be involved with me.  But I couldn’t be without you. I couldn’t let you go and when you were almost taken from me I knew I had to leave. I couldn’t bear the thought of you not being in this world but it wasn’t safe for you to be involved with me. It broke my heart to leave you after saying goodbye to you in the hospital and” She stopped when she felt a hand press against her chest

    “Shhh…I believe you…I can hear the pain in your voice.  All this time I was led astray by my own mind and people I know who I now can’t trust”

    Tina felt her body rush with heat.  After all this time being this close to Bette ignited a fire in her that she had always had whenever it came to Bette..She had spent all this time hating her and wanting revenge on her that she was blind to the fact that it was the one who laid next to her in bed that betrayed her and manipulated her. Not her love.  She felt disgusted with herself. Iris had lied to her since day one.

    “Same” Bette said then she felt anger building inside her “I fucking trusted him with everything. I gave him everything I had and he fucking used me and hurt you“

    “Who are you talking about?”

    Bette grabbed Tina’s hand and pulled it away from her chest and held it gently in her own and changed the subject

    “He wants me dead doesn’t he. You are helping him”

    Bette felt Tina’s hand pull out of hers

    “Yes..I was..They manipulated everything..I’m in too deep now..I don’t know what to do”

    “Ironic we are in the same position”

    “What do you mean?”

    Bette sighs not wanting to say out allowed to make the betrayal even more real but she was never going to keep anything from Tina ever again..”The only person who could have sent that text to you is my boss….Gio”



    1. Oh my….my.. Gio… not a good situation at all. The one calling the shots…. the one directing the crew. Is he really the trader? It is amazing that Tina has this much trust in Bette that she would meet her alone in some dark building…. and it is amazing that she would accept Bette’s story without some evidence to back it up. But this is a real adventure… Thanks for the chapter… look forward to seeing more…

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