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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Four

    The next morning: The Plaza Hotel

    Tina steps out of the elevator with Iris behind her.

    “I’ll be back later” Iris says giving Tina a kiss on the cheek.

    Tina nodded not really caring where Iris was going although she knew her brother was in town..or so she was maybe that’s where she was going..But something seemed to be going on with Iris she couldn’t pinpoint and was determined to talk to her later She watches Iris leave out the entrance doors and disappear around the corner.

    “Tina!…Over here!…” she hears Robins voice and her body stiffens when her eyes land on the three women that included Bette

    “I’m so not ready for this..Put on your best smile Tina and act professional. Do not lose your cool in front of her…Eyes are everywhere and ears are listening” Tina says to herself through a stiff smile..She takes a deep breath and makes her way over to them

    “Hello again Ms Kennard” Alexis nods in her direction “We were just about to have some brunch to discuss the campaign. Please join us since you will be heading up the marketing plan if we decide to go with your agency”

    Tina glances at Bette who is definitely trying to avoid any eye contact then shifts her focus back to Alexis

    “Please call me Tina…And I guess I can join you but I need to speak with Robin for a moment”

    Alexis nods and Tina grabs Robin lightly by the elbow leading her a few steps away

    “I’m not ready for this Robin” Tina says sternly glancing at Bette

    Robin sighs “Tina. This could be the opportunity for Trask INC to go global with a multi million dollar marketing/advertising campaign with Bellissimo Premier.  We would be idiots if we didn’t hear her ideas and come up with a proposal”

    Tina bring her hand up to her forehead “God Robin I know…..I know….But Bette..I’m not ready to be around her personally much less for business….”

    “Tina?..What happened between you and Bette?” Robin asks knowing it wasn’t the time or place but trying to gauge reaction from Tina

    “I really don’t want to talk about it and my mind is all over the place right now”

    Robin sighs “I totally understand if you don’t want to join us right now…Listen I will handle all of this and fill you in later”

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    1. Oh my….my.. Gio… not a good situation at all. The one calling the shots…. the one directing the crew. Is he really the trader? It is amazing that Tina has this much trust in Bette that she would meet her alone in some dark building…. and it is amazing that she would accept Bette’s story without some evidence to back it up. But this is a real adventure… Thanks for the chapter… look forward to seeing more…

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