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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Three

    The next afternoon:The Plaza Hotel-New York City

    “Well lovebirds. This is where we depart for now” Robin says grabbing her purse off the check in counter.”I’m going to freshen up and hit the bar later”

    “I am surprised you wanted to come this early” Tina responds handing the hotel clerk her credit card

    Robin shrugs

    “Why not?..The office would have been boring without you there and besides I may have some pleasure to mix with a little business” Robin wiggles her eyebrows

    Iris chuckles as Tina shakes her head

    “Sure you are” Tina says sarcastically

    Robin acts insulted

    “Well I’ll never kiss and tell anyway. Plus I may or may not have a new client for us” Robyn says as she turns to walk toward the elevators “I’ll catch up with you two tomorrow”

    Tina and Iris watch her retreating form

    “New client huh?…How much you want to bet her ass stays in her hotel room?” Tina asks as they both start heading the opposite direction from Robin

    “Why do you think that?” Iris asks curiously “She loves to party and she is the biggest flirt there is”

    Tina smirks

    “Smoke and mirrors..Trust me..She puts on a show in public but in private she is an introvert” Tina concludes putting the keycard in the door to their room and entering with Iris following behind her

    “Since when have you become a psychologist?” Iris asks setting her purse down on the bed and plopping down beside it

    “Since I put all my trust into someone and they weren’t who I thought they were” Tina says coldly

    Iris sighs

    “But I am just more careful now about who I let in my life. Robin has been nothing but a good friend to me but I keep my guard up”

    “Yeah….. I know” Iris replies sadly and looks down at the carpet

    Tina sits down besides her and takes a hold of her hand

    “You saved my life all those years ago and have never left my side..It took me a long time to trust again but you have never given me a reason not to.  And above all else you have been so loyal to me in spite of me not wanting anything more beyond what we have”

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    1. So Tina has a backdoor communication channel with Bette…. And yet is blown out of the water by seeing her in the restaurant with their potential new really big client. This is intrigue at its best. And Tina believes that Bette really was the one who stabbed her. Yet things are happening around her which simply do not add up… sees Bette in LA at some random bar and then at this restaurant in New York City? Random chance happenings are not that frequent. Tina is going to smell a rat soon. Tina is a pawn and she knows it. And she is going to have to decide if she truly wants to see Bette dead or alive…. fascinating story… .love to see more…

      thanks for the update…

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