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    Sequel Chapter 1 – Adventures in Toronto

    Sequel Chapter 1 – Adventures in Toronto

    Author’s Note –

    Bette and Angie are on their way to visit Tina in Toronto and moving on with the rest of their lives. Hope you enjoy this part of the journey with our great couple. The road won’t be 100% smooth – nothing in life rarely is and the same goes for fan fiction also.

    We’ll explore a little bit of life for Tina & Angie when they both lived in Toronto & now that Tina is preparing to travel back to LA for the next 6 months. Some sadness from their past is explored and the healing process too.

    Thanks for following

    Hoping from deep down that 2021 is better for everyone!!

    Best wishes to all!!!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Where we left off in the Epilogue Chapter – 

    Both women breathing hard and fast as their bodies slowly recover from their explosive release. A thin sheen of perspiration forming on both their bodies. 

    Both of them floating on happiness and joy.

    “Wow.” Tina’s the first to recover this time. “Dear god, we have to talk like this every night B.”

    Bette chuckles as she withdraws her hand from herself and rolls onto her back, laying her right arm over her eyes.

    “I don’t know if I have the stamina for that.” Bette jokes.

    “You need to get back to the gym ASAP and work on that stamina babe.” Tina teases her. Bette’s just a few years older than her and has never ever been at a loss for physical strength. Bette was one of the fittest people the blonde knew. “I’ve got to feed you only healthy energy food from now on.”

    “Funny Kennard.”

    “That was so good babe.”  Tina yawned as she pulled the covers closer. “Um, sorry.”

    “Oh, no it’s okay babe.” Bette grins. “You’re a few hours ahead of me. Cover up my love and go to sleep.”

    “K, B.” Tina turns the fireplace off with the remote. The room becoming instantly dark. “I’m gonna sleep now. Good tonight. Thanks for my sleeping pill.”

     “You’re welcome my love.” Bette heartedly laughed. She had administered Tina’s ‘sleeping pill – i.e. sex’ many times over the years. “Night T.”

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    1. Thanks so much for the update. I remember in season 1 when Tina explained about how she met Bette and what happened at the gallery. There’s been this back and forth all these years as to did she or didn’t she actually leave the earring on purpose. You did a very good job of explaining it and it was sweet. Bette seemed to love the idea and yes, it did indeed work!!!
      Lots of good moments in this chapter and looking forward to how they navigate through the beginning of the rest of their lives.
      Thanks and Happy New Year!!!


      • Hey K,

        The earring event has always kinda hung out there with the did she or didn’t she question.
        Glad you liked this version.

        More memories to come in the coming year!!

        Happy New Year & wishing you the best for 2021.



      • Hi Izzie,

        Happy New Year too!!!

        Hoping, hoping this year will be sooooo much better than 2020!!

        So glad you enjoyed the earring part of the story. I believe that’s how it happened also. Tina the tease & adventurer set the stage for them. So romantic.

        Stay safe & see you next time!

        Thanks so much.


    2. Hi Collins,

      Happy New Year A toast for a better 2021 for you and your wife and everyone else!

      What a incredible first chapter of this sequel! I am so happy you are not finished with this story and the reconcillation of our couple!

      Deep talk between Bette and Helena on the plain, Helena changed from a horrible woman in a trusted friend to both Bette and Tina. They have come a long way but are now so comfortabel and good friends. Helena gave Bette great insight to how she and Dylan build up their relationship again, that they took their time and started to rebuild their trust in each other by dating, talking to each other and not jump in bed together before they knew for certain their relationship was solid. That Tina was not going to pressure Bette and would wait for Bette to be completely ready to take that last step. And Tina did reassure Bette of that again when they were ready to go to bed.

      Angie, i love her, she is a smart kid and so curious. When they talked about Tina’s craving for food when she was the first time pregnant i had to cringe, that was right nasty, i quote:

      “T, eating raw shrimp at the kitchen counter is not a craving or normal.” Bette informed the blonde as Angie chuckled. She made a face herself just thinking about Tina eating those concoctions. ”Especially with spicy banana peppers and kosher dill pickles.” and the crunch peanut butter sandwiches with sardines, eew….

      My baby sister is pregnant and she has a craving for sweet foods at the moment and especially whipped cream cakes, i hope for her she will not get a craving for nasty food like Tina.

      Loved the talk about the difference between being in love and loving someone. I think Bette and especially Tina did explain that very well to Angie. Angie is young and is curious and i am glad she feels she can ask her mothers everything. They are a amazing family.

      Hmm, Jessica, why on earth would she show up at Tina’s appartement? Was she curious about Bette?, Is she having a crush on Tina? Bette wasn’t impressed with her and staked her claim.

      And finally the mystery of the earring has been revealed! Have always thought that Tina had left these on purpose and am glad that it was. A good idea from Tina to give the earrings to Angie. They hold a very special value to Bette and Tina and to give them to Angie so she might find her special love too is just romantic.

      I loved this first chapter! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

      • Hey Bibi,

        You spoke on all the good parts!!!!

        As you know, friendships can last a lifetime & can be some of the best relationships we have as adults. Glad that B&T can count Helena & Dylan as friends

        Angie’s still finding her way in life & learning lesson on love, relationships & friendships. Her honesty & trust with her parents is refreshing & meaningful to the heart.

        Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family. Nieces & nephews are terrific & your will get to enjoy him or her to the fullest. Hopefully your sister’s cravings won’t be as crazy as Tina’s!!!!

        I’ve always thought that this was the true story of the night they met & the earring mystery. I’ll have to remember to have Tina present the earrings to Angie somewhere in a future chapter.

        Thanks so much for reading & your insight.

        All the best for a great new year!!


    3. Thanks for this end of the year gift! Great chapter.
      So nice to see Bette being friends with Helena & Dylan – everyone needs good friends who support them.
      I love the dynamic of the three Porters – the love & respect they have for each other shines through in your writing. Tina & Bette have done such a terrific job at raising Angie.
      Definitely loved the playfulness between them all about the ‘earring’ incident & that Angie knows most of the story of how her parents meet. And then Tina & Bette’s bander with each other was just so sweet & Tina finally confessing to the deed & leaving the earrings on purpose. Cool.
      Thanks for continuing the story – I love it!
      Looking forward to what else will happen in Toronto.

      • Hey JW,

        You’re welcome to the treat!!! Wanted to get the sequel started before the year ended & continue on with the story.

        The next few chapters will be set in Toronto.

        Glad you enjoyed the telling of the secret mystery & their honesty with each other.

        Happy New Year & wishing you the best.



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