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    The Tibette Collection – How Many Kisses in a Day – Part 2

    Author’s Note –

    Hey Tibette fans.

    This little story wasn’t originally meant to be a 2 part short story, but I got some inspiration from Zhenya when she commented the following after reading the original posting –

    ‘I think some kisses can count more than others. For example – Shebar kiss – i think it can be count as thousands of usual kisses)’

    Thanks Z for the impetus for this 2nd part!!!

    So this will be just a really short update as Bette ponders just that possibility. How many kisses does a special moment equal?????

    Hope you enjoy this little diversion.

    Keep safe & vaccines are on the way!!!!!!!!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    NYC 2014 Later That Same Week

    It was late Friday afternoon and Bette was just finishing up her work day in her spacious brownstone home office. It had been a productive day as she had acquired 2 pieces of art for a wealthy client and the monetary reward for those acquisitions was just lovely. And she was extremely happy about that development… The funds would provide a splendid addition to their combined bank account. Tina would be surprised and happy for Bette. Well actually for both of them.

    The brunette was still enjoying Tina having taken the lead in their financial situation a few years ago. With her new position with Focus Features, the blonde had become the major bread winner in their marriage. Bette had come to love not having all the pressure of that role. Even though at this point in their relationship, Tina was earning more than Bette, they were actually getting along much better. Tina finally thought that she had achieved the self-worth that was sometimes missing in their relationship at different times in the past But not any longer. Bette supported Tina like never before.

    Her Tina.

    Tina Porter Kennard, now President of Development for Focus Features.

    Hmmm, Bette thought. Her blonde wife often in her thoughts this week.

    Tina had been busy with meetings and presentations this week as she was picking a new project to her boss and the blonde was convinced that she would get the final approval she needed to green light the proposed series for her studio.

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    1. Hi Collins,
      I so enjoyed this story! Leave it to Bette to find a way for her and Tina to hold the record. I love the way you re-told the special events in their lives. Thanks for The Tibette Collection!

    2. Never underestimate a woman on a mission! Especially one where she is certain to come out on top. How could Tina ever come to any other conclusion other than she & Bette are the kissing Queens extraordinaire!!

      HeHeHe! Great short story masterpiece Coll !!

      • Hey K,

        The story just wasn’t finished without this second part!!! Glad you found it amusing.

        The next Tibette Collection story will have lots of loving – a great fireplace & king size bed & horseback riding!!! Woohoo!!!!

        Be safe & Happy Holidays.

        Thanks so much.


    3. Hi Collins,

      This was great! So funny how Bette is still the competive woman and comes up with more ways to bring up their kissing numbers and how Tina reacts on it, sweet!

      Thank you for this chapter! In these dark days we need some fluffiness and laughter!

      • Hiya Bibi,

        Bette may be her version of a stay at home Mama, but she’s still got lots of spunk left in her.!!

        No task too much for this Porter!!! Especially when she has her loving partner by her side.

        Take care pal & Happy Holidays.


    4. Super part 2! Bette just couldn’t let it go – had to be the best.
      Liked the journey down memory lane with the some of their ‘special events’.
      And Tina willing goes along to make her Bette happy.
      Loved it.


      • Hey JW,

        When you’re the best – you have to prove it every day!

        I tried to pick some of the most popular & recognizable scenes from OG that Tibette had in a loving manner.

        So glad you liked the story.

        Be safe & Happy Holidays.


    5. This was lovely and so sweet. Bette wanting her and Tina to have the all time record. As if there was ever any doubt.
      Please keep them coming like this. I’ve found I really like your stories 0 no matter the length.

      • Hey K,

        I definitely have more short stories to tell & post. Working on a multi chapter one right now.

        Glad to hear you like the stories.

        There are soooo many good writers on the site now.

        Be safe & happy holidays.


    6. I have been remiss not to comment on this chapter. Such a different take on their mutual affection. Writing short stories can be just as challenging as writing 19 page chapters so kudos to you for posting these!

      • BK,

        Thanks for checking in. No worries on the timing – I know exactly what you mean!!!
        It certainly is a challenge to keep on top of all the new stories & then find time to write our own stories & chapters as well.

        I have enjoyed writing these shorties – sure it can be challenging to get everything in that 2 or 2 chapters, but the long term multiple stress isn’t there.

        Looking forward to your updates with your 2 other stories too!!!

        Happy Holidays!!!


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