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    Sequel Chapter 2

    Author’s Note

    As we all step into 2021, in some ways, 2020 seems far away but so very much more than the old adage of ‘It’s so last Year’. So much has changed since Jan 6 – an unbelievable moment in history in the USA for sure, but for the rest of the world as well.

    An absolute historic day today in the USA with us taking action to preserve democracy not only for America, but for the world as well.

    So as we trudge further into 2021, be tolerant of others & be kind to each other. Continue to stay safe & be ready for a vaccine to save all lives.

    Thanks as always for following along. I enjoy hearing back from you all. Stay safe & warm & toasty these cold days!!

    Please enjoy.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Sequel Chapter 2 – Fun and Games Toronto Style  


    “So I scanned the gallery.” Tina continued. “And I saw you talking to some guy in a business suit and you had your back to me.”

    “I don’t know how that could have happened.” Bette frowned, knowing she didn’t take her eyes off the blonde all evening.

    “Well you were for a minute. Just long enough.” Tina joked. “So I saw my chance and took it.”

    “Chance?” Bette tilted her head. “What chance?”

    “You knew what I did for a living and where I worked, so I thought you would have it easy to find my phone number and call me.”

    “You knew I would call you?”

    “Yeah. I had a pretty good idea you would.” Tina’s smile widened just a little more as if possible. “God babe, we were pretty obvious all night, staring at each other like no one else was there. Following each other with our eyes. I didn’t quite understand what I was feeling, but I knew I had to see you again. So I took my shot.”

    “I’m glad you did.” Bette grinned.

    “Me too.” Tina kissed the back of Bette’s hand. “So after we said goodnight to a few people, Eric went to get my wrap and while he’s gone I strategically staged the earring by one of the sculpture displays. You know, propped it up so someone would find it.”

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    1. Collins

      Hey friend. I was so excited to see your post. Nicely done giving in depth perspective of Tina’s work and how Bette viewed it. Didn’t seem either took to much space.

      Loved the obstacle course. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


      • Hi K,

        Thanks for the comment – glad you liked the chapter. Same as you, I like to dig deep into the character & get to the how’s & why’s of their actions & behavior. More background to come in later chapters too!

        The obstacle course just popped into my head when I was plotting out the chapter & thought it would be a great fit with Tina being in the entertainment business. Glad it came out okay & made sense.

        Waiting for your next story!!!!!

        Hope all is well & stay safe.

        Thanks a bunch.


    2. Hi Collins,

      So happy to see this new chapter!

      I agree with SuperK, i quote her:

      “Nicely done giving in depth perspective of Tina’s work and how Bette viewed it. Didn’t seem either took to much space”.

      I am still struggling to understand why they divorced, Tina mentioned that Bette sucked up all the space in the show. In your story i don’t recognize that at all. Bette was and still is in awe of Tina her success in the Movie world and was very supportive of her career. She is proud of Tina. But i agree with Bette that in order to not make the same mistakes she must tackle her abondement issues with her therapist and i am very proud of Bette that she does recognize this and is willing to work on it.

      The banter between Bette and Angie before and during the batlle is so fun to read! They have a amazing bond with each other and i love to read about it! Sad thing you left us with a cliff hanger! Where the heck is Bette and is she injured?

      Hurry up with the next chapter! Please, please!

      Stay save and healthy my friend!

      • Hey Lady,

        Hurry up huh???? You crack me up!!!!

        Okay, okay, I will!!!!

        Happy you liked the chapter & all the connections. It was great fun to write – especially the challenge scene with Bette & Angie. They are so easy to write as their relationship is so true & touching.

        You are right, Bette needs to talk to her therapist & get some insight into this abandonment issue she’s been experiencing for years.

        You take care & be healthy.

        Thanks for the support.


      • Hey Fetzstef,

        Thanks for taking the time to reach out. I appreciate the gesture.

        Happy you liked it. It was a kinda fun & lighthearted chapter.

        Much, much more to come so stayed tuned in & enjoy.

        Thanks so much.

        Be safe!!


    3. Thanks for this update. I was missing your story!!
      I want to tell you that I really love how you dig deep into both of their psyche and explain their thoughts and feelings. It’s so refreshing to read why and how they think about things and the reasons why they acted in the way that they have over the years. I have no doubt that you will continue to bring them closer together and eventually get them married again!!! Please, please, PLEASE!!

      Love the chatting and the fun they have with each other. No matter what they have endured as a couple, they have always put family first and Angie at the heart of that foundation.

      And what could have happened to Bette???
      Waiting for the answer.
      Thanks and can’t wait to find out.


      • Hey Kira,

        Happy New Year & thanks for checking in.

        Well, I am back & have a few chapters in the vault & they are ready to go so I will be able to post more frequently now. So no fear – the story will continue.

        As I’ve mentioned before, I have been so disappointed by the extreme lack of backstory on Tibette in OG & then the disaster that was GQ, I knew I wanted to fill in so many of the missing pieces for Bette & Tina as this story moves forward.

        You won’t have to wait too long to find out what happened to Bette! The next chapter will post soon.

        I enjoy your comments & remain safe & healthy.


      • Hey Great Lady,

        Glad you liked the update!!

        Thanks for overlooking the ending & the big unknown!!!!!

        I promise a quick posting to solve this cliffhanger!!!!

        You keep safe across the pond & keep zoomin’ with family & friends.

        Thanks so much my friend.


    4. Collins

      On my way into work but wanted to drop you a comment before I go – thanks so much for the update.
      I am a sports nut and love any story with a sport scene in it, so thanks for the challenge. It was cool with Angie egging Bette on to get her adrenalin going. But – what happened?????

      I liked Bette’s thoughts on Tina too – great insight.
      Don’t wait too long for the next chapter. Waiting for it now!

      • Hey JW,

        Hope your weekend wasn’t spent working the entire time.!!

        I’m a sports fan too – football & baseball!! With all these game type shows right now, I thought it might be a bit of fun to write a little scene. Glad you liked it.

        We’ll have to see what happened to Bette & if Tina takes care of her???

        Thanks for your thoughts.

        Take care


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