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    Sequel Chapter 4 – What a Magical Day

    Previously From The Sequel Chapter 3 –  

    “I still mean what I said.” Bette whispered softly, her feelings catching in her throat. “What I said that night.”


    “My commitment to you and our family.”

    Tina takes a deep breath. A cleansing breath. She wanted to convince Bette once and for all she shared the same feelings and thought. 

    “I’ve never doubted you babe.” Tina reached for Bette’s chin and pulled it up so she can see into the brunette’s eyes. Finding devotion, love and truth in the dark chocolate pools. “You’ve never given me a reason to.”

    “Not even when I took up too much space?” Bette forced herself to ask. She needed to know where Tina stood on that. Could it still be a problem for them? For Tina?

    Tina turned so that she was fully facing Bette. She wanted, no needed to look her lover straight in the eye for this answer.

    “Our differences were never about not loving each other babe.” Tina said with sincerity. “After that first mistake we both made, it was never about finding someone else to love or spend our lives with. Even when we were with other people, we still loved each other. Were still in love with each other.”

    “You’re right.” Bette nodded. “We were just too stubborn to admit it.”

    “So true.” Tina ran her finger down Bette’s cheek to her chin. “I want to make a promise to you tonight.”

    “Wh… what?”

    “I promise that I share your values and commitment to us and our family too.” Tina kissed the brunette’s forehead. “I will never love another or want anyone else in my bed but you.”

    “T.” Tears trickled down Bette’s face as she looked across at the most beautiful sight she has ever seen. The woman of her dreams and desires.

    “I mean it too babe.” Tina moved in and her lips captured the brunette’s, tasting and giving affirmation to her words. “I will never ever love anyone but you. You are my first, my last and my forever.”

    Tina tenderly rolled Bette onto her back and leaned over her soon to be lover again. This time seeking permission and being granted, entering Bette’s mouth with her tongue. Savoring the warmth there. Never regretting her decision to come back to Bette. Needing the brunette like she needed air to breath.

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    1. Thank you for the chapter and i love flashback!

      But when Tina said “I promised you 2 other times in our life that I would take care of you if needed. When we had our commitment ceremony and when we got married. I didn’t do very well in keeping those promises long term.” – i they both did. Because if i remember correctly first time it wasn’t Tina fault at all.

      • Hi Z,

        Thanks for catching up with me & our fav couple.

        So for me, Tina blamed herself too for not communicating the way she should have after she lost their son & she shut Bette out to a degree – not being honest about her feelings & pushing Bette away from her. She thought they were both at fault for what happened & took responsibility for her part in their first breakup. Yes, Bette was the one that actually cheated, but Tina felt she didn’t consider how the miscarriage affected Bette either.

        That’s what I meant by the ‘twice’ comment.

        Thanks for following along.

        See you next chapter.


    2. Hi Collins,

      I am happy to hear you survived this horrendeous week and are ok!

      Lovely chapter but way to short!

      Tina is doing everything to take away Bette’s fears and made a final promise to her, one she will keep now. I am only sad that it needed to be said again. I blame the horrible writers of GQ. Yes, they both made mistakes and hurt each other a few times but they should have been able to work through it. Stupid GQ!

      I love how Angie support them and that they function so well as a family!

      This will be their last first date and i am confident Tina will blow away Bette!

      Thanks for this chapter!

      • Hey my friend,

        You are always so sweet with your comments & support – THANK YOU!!!

        Yes, what a week it was here in Texas – bizarre, unexpected & so punishing for folks. Although we were without heat & power for over a day, there were so many other citizens that suffered more & went without heat, power & then water for much longer. We just need to fix the energy problem because we could face a similar issue this summer with massive blackouts due to high energy demand. But enough about the Texas problem!!!

        I’m sure we’ll have more to complain about with GQ season 2!!!!

        It’s true that Tina is trying her best to prove to Bette how committed she is to their relationship & it lasting this time forever. I know you’ll enjoy the next chapter as they actually have their date & you’ll see just how much Tina delivers for Bette!

        Angie’s always in their corner – she wants them happy & together!!

        Til next time my friend – thanks.


    3. Gosh Collins, so sorry for the horrible man-made greedy-bas*=rd policies that brought so much suffering to residents of Houston and most of Texas.

      Do we ever learn???

      Anyway, somehow your creative cool vibes still floated down from the heavens and we are the better for it.

      • Hey D,

        I agree with your assessment on the money hungry B’s in the Texas leadership!!! Disgraceful behavior & let’s not talk about Cruz!!!!

        Glad you liked the lead up to their date – they alllllllmost got it going on – but not quite yet. Soon – very soon!!!

        Will post the date chapter very, very soon!!!

        You take care & stay safe.


    4. I saw on the news all the damage and terrible situations in Texas. It’s horrible how the Texas governor has failed to act and I watched MSNBC and heard how this has been going on for years and the state government has done nothing to solve the power problems. That’s just terrible.
      I hope all is fine with you and your family.

      So thank you for posting this update and it was lovely. Such anticipation and tenderness between them. Maybe, just maybe we’ll see some good interaction between them in GQ!!!!! Hope, hope, hope!!!!

      Looking forward to date night and what you have in store for us!!!

      Be safe and stay warm.

      • Hi Kira,

        Yes, we are truly in a massive mess in Texas. Incompetent leadership for about 2 decades & an unwillingness to address the real issues. But we are going to press the leaders to change & fix these problems for once & for all!!!

        Marvelous that you liked the update & are looking forward to their actual date.!! It will be very romantic.

        I have hopes for GQ as well, but think we will be frustrated & disappointed. Saying my prayers for Tibette endgame!!!!

        Keep the faith!!!

        Stay well & safe.


    5. Geez Collins, tough times in Texas for you. Its been unbelievable what I’ve seen on the news. Hope your state gets rid of those guys that run that energy commission.

      I thought Tina and Bette were finally going to get together, but you are teasing us again!!! I like it. They are so good together. Waiting for their big date and all that comes with it.
      Please don’t make us wait too long!


      • Tough times is right, but we made it through & we are fine now. Thankfully!!!

        I know it still seems like a loonnngggg time, but they have only been back together for about a month & Bette still has some issues to work through, but their time is coming very, very soon,
        Their date will help solidify their connection!!

        Date Night is next & its gonna be great!!!

        Thanks for staying the course & I appreciate your feedback.

        Take care yourself.


      • Hi Izzie,

        Yes, Texas has had a really tough week & lots of folks were hurt by the weather & the lack of prep on the part of leadership. Hopefully, we’ll make some much need changes!

        You are so welcome for the little bit of loving & the next chapter will be much longer & full of special moments!!!

        Will post soon.

        Thanks & stay safe!!

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