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    Forged in Fire: Chapter 1

    Forged in Fire: Chapter 1

    Bette couldn’t look away from Tina’s toned legs. Her girlfriend was wearing 4-inch pumps and a black, mid-thigh length dress that billowed when she walked. Her hair was tied up in a loose bun, a few curly tendrils falling down, framing her face. She’d wanted to evoke power and authority, choosing a dark red lipstick and painting her short nails in a matching shade of polish. She wore a headset as she paced across the floor of her office, her eyes set in determination, her manicured brows knitted as she focused on the director’s words.

    Bette had decided to take a break from work. The day had been filled with operational details concerning the premiere of Carmen De La Pica Morales’ show at The Porter Gallery. It had been moved from a spring to a summery debut. In the middle of a planning session with James and her assistant, Maxwell, she’d realized that James was more than capable of handling things. After all, he was now a partner at the gallery with his own level of autonomy and operational control. It was time to start loosening her tether on him. Time to let James begin to fly on his own.

    She’d parked her car, a new Firenze Red, 2021 Jaguar F-Type Coupe, on the lot of Chaikentown Productions and walked into the production offices. Tina’s secretary had given her a big smile and ushered her to her girlfriend’s office. And that is where Bette stood, in the doorway, patiently watching her bold and brilliant lover, the dark brown eyes swimming with pride.

    “Marcus, I don’t care what Abraham promised you. He’s lying through his fucking teeth! You know me. You know me well enough to know that I never play games. I have always been 100% transparent with you – – -,” said Tina, pausing as the director began speaking.

    Bette moved quietly in her sneakers, closing the office door behind her. She was dressed down in loose-fitting tan capris and a long-sleeved shirt; her dark curly hair loose and hanging down. She held a cup of takeout coffee from The Planet in one hand, and a small takeaway bag in the other, waiting for the right moment to surprise the love of her life.

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    1. I agree with you “I just adore TiBette. And I still have not watched Generation Q. I will get to it. I just cannot understand how they could have been divorced after Tina pushed up on Bette back in season 5.”!!!!

      So, I’m reading all new posts that play off the original series (like your great pieces, thanks).

    2. Thank you for continue your great story!

      It was hot!!!

      So, Darth Kennard got his payment for his arrogance. It’s good, What’s bad that Tina seems not fully recovered from this. Maybe she needs therapist too?

      P.S. I wish i didn’t see Gen. Q. too:(

    3. OMG! I just saw this I was finishing getting caught up with Ally’s story. And it pop back to active page and what do I see! I was like what! what! I said to myself she just couldn’t stay away. Then I read you author notes lol you crack me up girl. Now I have to read some not sure how far I get lol. Oh and the comment about writing helps you with your stress yeah I know which kind of writing your talking about seeing the nc-17 and this . “This chapter is spicier than what you may have seen from me in the past. ” humm really if that so I’m in trouble.. lol I’m going to go read some not sure how far I shall get.. keeping 911 on speed dial just in case bc spicy usually does something to me. Lol

    4. So glad you continue to write this story, it’s an amazing one.

      I didn’t watch Generation Q either, too hard for my tibetter’s heart and I’m really grateful that writers continue to entertain us with fantastic Tibette stories so, thank you …

    5. MTS, you’re back!
      My, that was hot…more than hot. Even if I read your non-warning warning, I thought it would be save to read at work. What’s a NC-17, right? I was only on page 3 when a colleague sneaked up to me asking “what you’re reading?” You should have seen me blushing!

      You surprised me – or more like Tina and Bette surprised me with their need, their passion. What an opening for a story! I’m really exited that you already continue writing. I’m getting comfy in my seat and hold on fast to enjoy your new rollercoaster ride.

      And “ wife..”? Cute! Let’s see how long it’ll take before one of them pops the question. Love it already.

      Thanks for this unexpected start of the week.

    6. Ok I finish. Lol.. I feel like this writing is different some how cant put my finger on it just yet but something’s different. For the chapter it was hot very hot. Wife comment was cute I think it just made Bette hotter if possible. Now its time to go home and practice the honeymoon. Thank you for the spicey day you gave me. Lol waiting on the next installment if you can cool yourself long enough to get it wrote… ;)~

    7. You gals know how to make a girl feel good about herself. Thanks for your continued reading of this story. As always, I really do enjoy writing it. And our girls have had a rough go of it. Lots of drama, trauma, death and destruction. They needed a little lovin’ to reconnect.

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