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    The End: The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 58

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 58

    They were all curled up in the bed. Bette was in her spot, Tina on her side of the bed and Dylan hugged closely to Tina in the middle. The morning had been devastating. Almost everyone had been in the room when Sidney was removed from life support and she breathed her last breath. The only thing good to come from the tragedy was that Sidney was an organ donor. Bette and Sidney’s parents had honored her wishes; her organs would help others live. That’s where the silver lining ended.

    Tina hadn’t been present when the ventilator was turned off. She had stayed behind with Dylan in the waiting area. Bette hadn’t wanted him to see his aunt pass away. It was too much for someone so young.

    They had all hugged and cried until their emotions were spent. The family drove a sad caravan back to Bette’s home, leaving Melvin and Patricia to take the first shift in staying with a slowly recovering Kit. After her surgery, she’d been placed in a medically induced coma. The neurosurgeon had indicated she might be in the coma for weeks, depending on how the swelling in her brain responded to treatment. She wasn’t out of the woods by any means and her prognosis was dependent on her day-to-day progress.

    Tina had immediately called for her security team, more afraid for Bette’s safety than ever before. Whenever her father realized Bette was still alive, she was certain he’d come after them with everything he had. She just hoped that Tasha was able to work her magic and get a warrant for his arrest. Knowing he was in jail would take a heavy weight from her heart.

    Sidney’s parents were resting in the guest room and Jack was sleeping on the couch. Max had come and gone, bringing with him enough food and coffee to feed a small army.

    Bette had been sleeping, dreamlessly, when a soft tap pulled her from slumber. She followed the sound with her dark eyes and saw Dana standing outside her bedroom, in the backyard. She smiled at her friend and looked back at Tina and Dylan. They were both in a deep sleep. Bette slipped from bed and grabbed a spare blanket, moving outside to talk with Dana.

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    1. Thank you for the story!

      It was so rollercoaster journey, but you did it great in the finale.

      I like how you split Bette:) and we have both Tibette in 2005 and 2019. Interesting – is there any possibility that this Tibette from 2019 could met those Tibette from 2005 but 14 years older?) And i also like the explanation why this happened with Bette.

      But maybe epilogue, even small? We still don’t know how they will handled with Darth Kennard.

      Or maybe we can wait new Tibette story from you?

    2. Thank you so much for this:-)

      Going to be a real selfish pain and ask if there is a possibility, exams etc. permitting, of an Epilogue to show how they make Tina’s Dad pay:-) Please!

      Loved it looking forward to more of your talented writing in the future

    3. Thank you for this story.
      You seem to have a very creative mind and I look forward to an epilogue before your exams.
      Good luck with those and I look forward to reading your comments on other stories.

    4. This is a lovely ending. Although most of the loose ends are tied up, there are a few still outstanding. We do not know if Kit will recover and if Dylan will become a permanent part of the household. We don’t know what will happen to Steven and to Tracy….. Of course all of this could be a new book. So while you are busy with school, start thinking about where this story goes from here and think about writing the next volume. We will wait patiently and willingly in order to get another edition. Thank you for all your effort and allowing us to be a part to your creation.

      I’m good with this as the ending….If you want to give us an epilogue, I would welcome it. But you do what you feel you want to do. I love your Bette and your Tina. I think you have shown great changes in their character and their view of the world. They are certainly better together than they are apart. You’re a great writer…..come back when you can….Thank you for all you have given us….

      • Martha…Thank YOU!!! You are a writer. You know how encouraging it is to hear back from readers. It’s so helpful to know that someone out there in cyberspace is actually reading what you wrote. Thank you so much for your comments and support along the way. There’s one more epilogue on this story to come. Thanks for everything!

    5. thank you for sharing your story. i have enjoyed it tremendously and have missed our lovely pair BnT. i do hope you continue with the story when you are able. can’t wait for it….

    6. Wow ok I feel like whiplash that was a sudden halt… you know you didnt have to end it yet we would have waited for you to finish up your exams.. we would still be here right where you left us.. you can still come back with an epilogue later because there is a lot of loose ends up in the air. You know us bitches we hate not having closer.. lol.. and at least one more round of play time for all they have been through.. lol.. but thank you for your story and best of luck with your studies but if you’re as good as you are at story telling you will do just fine… no worries..

    7. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story, MTS. What a ride!

      I love that you brought Dana back. I just miss her too. Interesting explantion for Bette time-dimension-traveling. Tina’s soul was crying out for its mate as it was dying because of too much sadness, lonelyness and without being nourished by its soulmate. The same goes for Bette’s soul of this dimension. It was crying out for its soul-twin because her life was about to end as well. I’d guess that “the other Bette” would have continued to use, maybe even more after Sidney died of an overdose. So Bette’s younger soul answered the cry for help.
      Or something like that ;-)

      It’s been an amazing idea to finish your other installation of the story this way. With the characters being grown up and being already shaped by life, you gave the story more depth with some rough edges – compared to college Bette and Tina.

      You had me on the edge of my seat throughout the story. Thank you for reuniting Tina and Bette once again. It was balm for my Tibette soul.

      I join in the other comments and hope for an epilogue after you finished your exams, recuperated as well. Maybe you’ll find the inspiration for some “a few months later” pages. A trial and a conviction, Kit’s recovery, Alice happy with Tasha and Bette and Tina moving in together.

      Good luck for the exams, stay safe


    8. MTS, I just saw that my reply of a few days ago either never made it or has disappeared. I’m so sorry. It was brilliant, insightful and roll on the floor funny, If only I could remember it! As I have said before, I am so impressed that reconceived your original story so impressively. I am so happy that you left the original B&T to live their happy lives in the original timeline and brought happiness to them in the current day. Your Steven Kennard was so evil and scary! Since he came from your mind, I am going to be very careful to never get you mad at me. And, when I got to the bottom of page 2 and Dana asked Bette if she wanted the reveal, I actually said “yes” at loud and bounced in my seat, startling the cat and sending the laptop towards the floor. Honest. Really. Good luck with your exams. Since you can write brilliant stuff like this, plain old exams will be a breeze. Sending good thoughts. Spu

      • Spu!! From our old world to this new world! Thanks for all the well wishes. And yes, Papa K was an asshole. People can change and their dark sides emerge. I promise to only use my dark forces for plots in fiction writing! :)

        Ps…I hope your laptop is okay. :)

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