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    Forged in Fire: Chapter 2

    Forged in Fire: Chapter 2

    “Are we going to talk about it?” asked Tina.

    Bette sighed and looked over at her girlfriend. They were in bed, sitting up, unwinding from the day. Tina had been on her tablet, flipping through email. The news was softly playing on the television on the wall. They had come after Dylan’s game. He’d had a hot shower and had grabbed a book, settling in between the two of them and reading for 10 minutes before he’d fallen asleep, his head on Tina’s lap.

    “We don’t need to talk about it, T.”

    “We never talk about it, Bette. We’ve never even started to discuss it. What do you want? I called you my wife today. It just slipped out. But it’s how I think of you. How I think of our life.”

    Bette sighed again and pursed her lips before replying. “You were married, Tina. I was married. Our spouses just died. I really don’t think we need to discuss it. You slipped. It’s fine. No need to rehash.”

    The brunette looked down at her sleeping nephew.

    “But what we do need to talk about, is this.”

    “What?” asked Tina.

    “Baby, he needs to be able to fall asleep on his own. In his own bed. This is a major reason why today happened the way it did. We don’t get enough time together,” said Bette.

    Tina frowned at her. “Do you regret the way today happened?”

    Bette felt her face flush and she smiled. “Are you kidding me? Absolutely not. I’m just saying that we all need balance. Dylan, too.”

    “He’s been through a lot, Bette. If he needs to sleep here to feel safe, why is that a problem?” asked Tina.

    “Baby, it’s not a problem,” Bette replied softly.

    She decided that let this battle go. It wasn’t worth pushing Tina. She’d already discussed the situation with her therapist and understood that Tina most likely was wracked with guilt. She was overcompensating with Dylan. Coddling him. Spoiling him. Anything to ease the tragedy they’d all endured.

    “But, he is out like a light. I’m going to get him settled in his bed. Okay?”

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    1. Sister knows best….yes, Bette, if you and Tina are going to make a sound relationship, you both have to talk about everything – hopes, goals, fears, and uncertainties. Tina must understand that none of this is her fault. And avoiding Bette by increase work commitments will not strengthen their relationship.

      And Dylan is ten years old. He needs to see his mom during this healing process. She will never be the person she was before the accident. Is it really best for him to see his mother as healthy and whole and then 2 or 3 months and see her in a wheel chair? I would rather have the child see them working in therapy so they can see the journey the parent has been on. with emphasis that things are getting better. Dylan has lost weight?. This is an indication that he is stressed and worried. Consult with a doctor as to how to reduce stress on this child.

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      So, i’m very interesting how Tibette will cope with Tina work journey to New York. And Tina sold her house already? Ok, now she lives with Bette to spend time with Dylan but what she’s planning to do after Kit would better and he go home with his mother?
      And again – for me sound strange that son don’t want see his mother in hospital

    3. Thanks for posting! Drama in the making. I wonder what will happen if… no.. when Bette loses her cool or patience with Tina’s avoiding techniques. Will Tina withdraw herself or will she finally breakdown and face her fears, the guilty feeling? I just hope that this won’t damage their relationship beyond repair.

      I hope that Kit will change her mind about Dylan not visting her. I would guess that her son is stronger than she gives him credit for. Is Tina doing the right thing by keeping Dylan in this bubble of protection?

      Kit is so right. Tina needs to hear what Bette is feeling and fearing. There are going to be some crucial moments in the next chapters.
      Looking forward to it.

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