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    Happy Birthday, Alice!

    Two weeks later……

    Porter Household….

    Bette is getting dressed for work in her bedroom when Angie skips in and hops on the bed.

    Bette smiles at her daughter through the mirror as she grabs her cufflinks from the vanity.

    “Mama?” Angie calls.

    “Yes, sweetie?” Bette casually responds.

    “Why aren’t Mickey and Ms. Michelle here all the time like they used to be?”

    Bette pauses her movements and temporarily closes her eyes, kicking herself when she realizes she hasn’t talked to Angie about what’s happening. She then turns around and gently smiles at her daughter as she walks over and kneels on the side of the bed.

    “Well, sweetie, Ms. Michelle and I aren’t together anymore….”

    “You mean not married anymore?”

    “Yes, we’re divorcing…. which means that we’re breaking the union we once had, our relationship won’t be the same as it once was….so from now on Mickey will be with me sometimes and other times he’ll be with Ms. Michelle….”

    “Just like I’m with you sometimes, and sometimes I’m with Mommy?”

    Bette smiles proudly. “That’s right….”

    Angie drops her head and thinks for a beat before she looks back up at Bette with an innocent, curious expression. “Are ya sad?”

    Bette holds back tears as she gently smiles at her daughter’s question. “I was…. but I’m okay now….”

    Angie smiles. “K….”

    “How are you feeling about what I told you?”

    Angie shrugs. “I’m okay…… sometimes I miss Mickey…”

    “I know, me too, but the next time you come over. He’ll be here…okay?”

    Angie smiles brightly and nods. “K….”

    Bette leans over and kisses the top of Angie’s head. “Go get your backpack so we can go honey…” Bette says as she stands up.

    Angie hops down from the bed, stands back, and watches her mother continuing to get dressed.

    “Mama, when can I get some cup-links?”

    Bette chuckles as she slides in her second cufflink. “It’s cufflinks, baby, with an f….and I’ll try to find you some….”

    Angie smiles. “Yay….”

    Bette lifts her brows and nods toward the door. “Go get your things….”

    Angie pouts as she walks out of the room.

    Bette watches her daughter leave with a proud smile on her face….


    The Planet….

    Later, Tina eats her breakfast and listens to Shane and Dana lightly argue.

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    1. OMG…Bette came BACK!!! I can’t hardly wait to see what happens next!!!! YES, Bette and Tina KISSED and got heated in the kitchen, acknowledged something is going on between them and they want to talk about it!!!!

      Bette came back a knocking and Tina put on the Marvin Gaye, LET’S GET IT ON!!! OUR Girls are Jumping in Arms and Kicking Doors Closed, I want them back together so badly!!!

      I think Shane suspected something was up with Bette’s car still there and I can imagine Tina was still a lil flush and heated. Glad she found those keys and high tailed out of there!!! (hahaha)

      Awwww…all the Gang FEELS WHOLE with Tina Back!!! That was really sweet group hug.

      Great update, thank you!!!! Bette and Tina Storytime and REUNITED…WE HOPE!!!!

    2. I really like this story, it’s my third reread, and I’m really enjoying it again.
      You’re an incredible writer and its sad your long portfolio was “lost”…
      Thanks for posting!

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