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    Tread Lightly

    Kennard Household….

    Same night….

    Bette and Tina’s kiss is still passionate and urgent as they stumble their way down the hallway. Bette pauses and gently presses Tina against a wall.

    ”Why are we stopping?” Tina asks between kisses.

    ”Because I just realized I’m not entirely sure which room is yours…” Bette says with a mischievous smile.

    Tina laughs softly and unwraps her legs from around Bette’s waist. She grabs Bette’s hand and confidently leads her down the hall….

    Bette’s gaze lingers on Tina’s figure from behind before she wraps her arms around her waist, pressing soft kisses along the delicate curve of her neck as they saunter down the hall.

    Tina reaches for her bedroom door and gasps in anticipation, her hand finding its way into Bette’s hair as she savors the sensation of Bette’s lips kissing their way up her neck as they slowly cross the threshold into the room.

    With a sense of urgency, Tina and Bette hurriedly undress, tossing their clothes carelessly to the floor. Finally, they collapsed onto the luxurious bed, their bodies almost melting into the soft mattress. As Bette’s weight presses down upon her, Tina lets out an involuntary gasp at the familiar feeling of their skin touching after years of separation. A surge of electricity runs through both of their bodies.

    Bette tenderly nuzzles her nose against Tina’s, inhaling her familiar scent; a rush of longing washes over her. Her hand slips under the cool sheets, searching for and finding its destination between Tina’s warm, eager thighs. With careful precision and practiced finesse, Bette skillfully slides her fingers into Tina’s wetness, eliciting a moan from deep within Tina’s throat.

    The moment Bette touches Tina’s wetness, her free hand grips the sheets, and she pauses for a beat, catching her breath as her body shivers. ”You still feel fucking fantastic, Tina,” she says in a breathless whisper as she starts to move in and out of Tina. “Shit…” She moans, burying her head in the crook of Tina’s neck as she grinds herself against Tina’s thighs. The sensation of being inside Tina again after all these years is overwhelming, sending waves of pleasure through Bette’s entire being.

    Tina throws her head back in ecstasy, letting out a deep, guttural moan as she eagerly spreads her legs wider, inviting Bette to plunge deeper inside of her, igniting new sensations that send shivers down her spine.

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    1. It’s a good thing that no one has any doubts. And that Bette is so insistent that Tina can never be a rebound for her. The only thing they don’t realize right now, is that they can never just be casual.
      Thank you for the chapter, everything is wonderful.

    2. 6 pages…. Oh no, I’ll be left wanting. There better be another chapter coming soon Browneyedgirl28. You can’t do this to meeeeeee. Hihihihi

      Gosh, Bette is so in love with Tina. Finally, she’s on her way “home”.

    3. So they are going to take things slowly and causally… humm… do they know what slowly or casually means? Now that they have been intimate again, and they have had a sampling of what they have missed over the past few years, well, I see things speeding up from here and commitment is on the way.

      Thanks for the chapter.

    4. Yeah Baby, Bette and Tina found their way back to each other intimately!! Hot Sexy time indeed, they definitely need to take it slow and keep it between themselves whatever they are doing! NO billboard Alice or any hint of it getting back to your soon to be divorce wife Bette Porter!!! TREAD LIGHTLY for sure. The Physical Attraction is still there, they’re REBUILDING their Friendship and have a lot talking to do about their past and present.

      The wake up and sneaking out before Angie got home reminded me show when we got the Honey, Honey scene!!!!

      Glad Bette reassured Tina that she was NOT REBOUND SEX and she could not be casual fling with her.

      Let the Dating begin and Bette get your DIVORCE!!!!

      THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE!!!! What a tease…SIX PAGES!!! BUT it was definitely worth it!!!! :)

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