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    The Island – I want her back

    CHAPTER 21:


    “When did you first realize you were in love with your brother?”

    “What?!” Tina pops up from lying on the sofa and stares blankly at the blonde across from her.

    The older woman is sitting in a soft leather recliner with her legs crossed at the ankles and an old pair of bifocals perched on her nose. She looks at Tina intently.

    “Ms. Kennard, if we want to get to the bottom of this destructive behavior, we need to determine where your insecurities come from. Why you have such a hard time trusting people, letting someone into that cold steel heart of yours. We must find out why you’re such a ruthless, selfish, controlling bitch.”

    “Is bitch a new medical term?” Tina asks dryly. She lies back down and puts her arm over her eyes. Her heart is heavy and painful.

    “Well, it should be. If more women even knew what a bitch they were, the world would be a happier place.”

    “I agree.”

    “You agree that you’re a cold heartless bitch?”

    “Yes, that too. My name is Tina Kennard and I am completely and absolutely a monstrous and sadistic bitch.”

    “Good. Acceptance is the first step to recovery.”

    “I should mention, I do see a couple of flaws in your theory.”

    “And what’s that Ms. Kennard. Our session is going swimmingly.”

    “One, I don’t have a brother. And two, my glass is empty.” Tina waves her cocktail glass in the air.

    “Alcohol is probably not an advisable tool in therapy. But I do prefer margaritas to anti-depressants only because they make me think of Latin women and Latin women are so hot and spicy.” The blonde grins from ear to ear but suddenly frowns. “Um…By the way, tequila usually makes me take my clothes off, so, fair warning.”

    “Alice!” Tina laughs and sits up.

    “Hey! I’m just saying! Well, not anymore…except that one time last year. Oh, and Easter.” She laughs too. She reaches for the half empty pitcher of frosty drinks and refills both their glasses. She smiles endearingly. It’s the first laugh she’s heard from Tina since Bette left, over two month ago.

    “What time is Dana coming over?”

    “You mean my girlfriend, Dana?” Alice grins. Tina shakes her head smiling.

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    1. Give me a minute, let me try to recoup…oh…my…freaking…God …Little Peculiar is it really you???? omg!!!! I’m so excited to read this…….omg!! lol… the way isn’t this suppose to be an update of the island, I see chapter 21 on it…

    2. Hi LittlePeculiar,

      What a great surprise to see you here again! Welcome back!

      I love this story and read it at the other site.

      I think you posted this chapter on the wrong book, this is a update for ” Island” i believe, but you posted at a different story ” The house on Ellis Hill”.

      Again welcome back!

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