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    The Island – Chapter 22

    CHAPTER 22:


    Tina stands and brushes the sand off her bottom before taking in her surroundings. She gasps at the beauty and the memories, as she recognizes the palm tree that kept Bette’s plane from drifting away and the spot on the beach where Bette first tilted her hat to keep the sun out of her eyes. Her stomach flips and warm shivers shoot from her heart to her core. The memory of that simple action is forever engrained, as it is the one that sealed the deal. It is the moment she fell head over heels in love with the most beautiful, wonderful and cocky pilot.

    She takes a step towards the water and dips her toes. The water is clear and cool and instantly refreshing. It’s sparkles like a million tiny diamonds against the sun, which is just beginning to fall into the horizon. She is completely alone but is not afraid. She feels peace on the island and confidant in her mission. She swings her bag over her shoulder. She’s glad she opted for the travel backpack instead of her regular designer suitcase. She smiles, Bette would have had a good laugh had she brought it. She turns and begins to walk the beach looking for signs of her pilot. Taking a deep breath, she sighs in gratitude. The island is simply paradise, a breathtaking piece of heaven on earth. She turns her head when she sees movement in the water. A giant turtle swims along the shore. Tina grins in wonder and watches the happy turtle swim away, a devoted school of bright colored fish following closely. She continues her search, kicking up the sand with her heals in perfect step with the dazzling performance of the vibrant birds singing in the distance.

    She spots a small campsite just inside a cluster of trees. She chuckles eagerly as she quickens her steps, her legs heavy from the hindering sand. She kicks off her sandals and runs the rest of the way. She arrives with bated breath and an ache in her side. Her heart is beating rapidly and filled with hope but it drops quickly with a heavy thump, as the camp is empty.

    Tina does a quick scan. The camp seems to be lived in. Bette must be away and is surely to return. She sets her bag down to take a closer look around.

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    1. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thanks for the another chapter!

      Am i earlier say i like your humour? If not – i’m say it right now.

      “You want to?”
      “Tina!” Bette scolds.

      It was just hilarious.

    2. Bibi28 says

      I love this story, so glad you came back and continue with it.

      I loved this:

      “You want to?”
      “Tina!” Bette scolds.

      It was hilarious.!

      Stories who has the right mix of love, drama and humor are my favourite and yours have it.

      Thank you for the update!

    3. Dainty says

      Enjoying the story very much. Bette knows she wants Tina as badly as Tina wants her. She also knows she is going to give in and listen to what Tina wants to say to her. Can’t blame her for being stubborn but she needs to make Tina grovel a bit, Tina was very wrong to jump to conclusions and listening to helen is always a problem. Hopefully she has learned her lesson with helena. Oh please let Bette tear her a new one when they go back to New York, if and when they do. Meanwhile lots of loving to make up for all the problems. Thanks for posting.

    4. kiwipit says

      Thanks for posting your story on this site as well. I love it!
      As I’m on vacation right now, I’ll hold off reading The Island again until I’m back home. Can’t wait to see what changes you made to it.
      Are you planning on posting some of your other stories as well?

    5. BnTinmyhead says

      Oh I’m so glad you came back to work on this one.. one of my favorites I just love Bette in this story..thank you..Tina is finally learning how to de-stress .. and I’m sure Bette has a few more tips to show her…lol..ok I’ll go wait for next chapter..

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