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    I Will Always Be There For You (Short Story)

    “I still know some members of the staff, they let me in.”

    “Really?” The brunette stares at her with disbelief

    “Yeah, just like that, at least some of them were my friends years ago…” The blonde looks at the beverage with a question expression. “Even if you drink this, you never drink it during work hours…what happened?”

    “It’s just…I’m being through a hard time.”

    There is an awkward silence between them, neither of them knows what to say next, fearing that they might hurt the other like old times, or else, something they might regret.

    Thinking back those days, it’s impossible for them to stop talking, endless topics, non stop talking, and opinion sharing. They were so close to each other as if they were meant to be…A couple, it was the best way to describe them even if they weren’t.

    Then suddenly, everything changed.

    They never talked again, never contacted each other, their name slowly disappeared in the contact info… don’t know when they had vanished from each other’s life.

    The blonde smiles sadly as if she could easily read the brunette’s mind.

    ”It was for the upcoming show, wasn’t it?”

    ”How do you…” The brunette sits up.

    ”It’s all over the social media, I saw it, so I came.”

    The brunette stares at the most beautiful hazel eyes, then she leans her head back onto the chair.

    ”We are fine, it was just the start, we will get through the tough time.”

    ”Yes, your team will, but will you?”

    ”Why? After all these years of being missing, why bother?”

    ”Excuse me?” The blonde forced a smile.

    ”You left, just like that, without even looking back or giving another chance, so, why bother?”

    ”I came because this time was different.”

    ”Oh yeah? Well then, please, do explain.”

    ”Because this means a lot to you.”

    Taking a huge aback, the brunette suddenly becomes speechless when the answer was being told.

    Seeing the brunette replies nothing, the blonde clears her throat.

    ”I know, this time, the things…all these works you’ve been doing, means so much to you, that’s why I came back, I want to contribute something in your work.”

    Anger suddenly rises up, the brunette is pissed when she heard what the blonde just said. All of a sudden, she loses her calmness, which is unusual.


    1. Hi CJ:

      Wonderful story, very beautiful, very touching especially these days.

      Yes, in the show, Tina is back, perhaps, as it seems to be, she left because she was “suffocated”, but she will always be there for her family, Bette and Angie. But hopefully, if Bette changes and gives her some space it may be a chance to come back.

      Which means: in life, don’t lose your hopes.

      Ooops, sorry for the spoiler.

      Thanks, my friend for this gift, I know you’re busy, but hope to see you here more frequently, hopefully with a new story.


    2. Thank you for the story!

      I still don’t understand why they need to divorce Tibette on the show. Because this reason they gave to us – “Tina need to know who she are” and “she needed her space” – i might believe in them if it was after s1 TLW, but not after s6.

      But you story about Laurel and Jennifer, like i understand. It’s unusuall and interesting. We never will know if something happen in RL between two of them, but i’ll say it doesn’t not matter. I’m just gratefull both of them for our Tibette.

    3. Thanks CJ for this lovely story. It is wonderful to see Tina coming back for Bette and not just for Angie alone. Thank goodness for writers like you where we are always guaranteed a happy ending for our beloved Tibette.

    4. It’s been a while since I’ve read a story written from the perspective of “Jennifer & Laurel” and why not?!!

      The intrigue and wonder of these two as the “real life” persons we were introduced to 14+ years ago has never subsided because they fearlessly played their characters with so much “believability” the lines btwn “is it real or just good acting” seemed to blur as we watched.

      Tibette was clearly a committed couple in spite of grave mistakes & shortcomings. It felt like they loved & were “in love” with one another and that vibe was caught on film. Or maybe it was brilliant editing. I don’t know.

      I’m just saying that for me, Tibette remains the most awesome couple on the big or small screen 😍😍

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