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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    ”What’s going on?”

    Shane and Helena turned their heads to the sound of Tina’s quiet, but shaky voice.

    ”Fuck…” Shane breathed out, closing her eyes.

    ”Sweetheart, everything will be fine. There’s no need to worry, okay?” Helena tried to convince.

    ”What happened? Where is she?!” Tina fired off, growing agitated.

    Helena walked up to her gingerly. ”There was a car accident and–”

    Tina gasped in utter disbelief, covering her mouth. Tears flowed as instantly as they formed in her eyes and for a moment she couldn’t move or speak.

    Helena took hold of the blonde’s trembling shoulders. ”We don’t know much yet, sweetie…”

    ”What happened?” Kit appeared on the balcony, the anxiety on her face mirroring Tina’s.

    ”Kit, don’t worry, everything–”

    ”Stop telling us not to worry goddammit!” Tina cried out, becoming hysterical. She pushed Helena’s hands off of her. ”Where is she?! Tell me!”

    ”We don’t know yet. Maybe she’s in a hospital already and receiving medical–”

    ”What hospital?! I’m going to this fucking hospital right now,” the distraught blonde claimed with determination before she literally flew out the balcony door.

    ”What the hell happened?!” Kit demanded.

    ”Bette’s been in a car accident,” Shane said and quickly followed Helena inside to catch up with Tina, leaving Kit deal with the information on her own.

    ”You are not going anywhere!” Helena called out after the blonde’s retreating back. ”Tina!”

    ”I’m going! Just tell me what hospital!” the frantic girl grabbed her jacket and car key and was in the process of putting her shoes on when Helena and Shane surrounded her.

    ”You have to calm down, because we are not going anywhere. Bette is not in LA,” Helena reasoned, barricading Tina’s way to the door.

    ”THEN WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE!?” Tina yelled, her eyes wild and frightened.

    ”She’s… She’s in Mexico, but–”

    ”Then I’m going to Mexico,” Tina asserted, making desperate attempts to get to the door while being held back. ”Let go of me!” she screamed, fighting against Shane and Helena.

    Alice, Dana, Lara and Karen huddled up and gaped at the scene with open mouths, completely in shock and not knowing what to do. Kit ran out of the balcony at the sounds of Tina’s agonized cries and right away joined Shane and Helena’s efforts to calm her down.

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    1. Hi, Valerie!!!

      This is amazing, you are back with your wonderful story, OMG, Bette survived, I thought she was gone, thanks for not killing her. Poor Tina, I hope Bette really could be back soon to her, and I hope Bette will recover and use this attack as an excuse to leave the crime. Your story is wonderful, please post the update soon, I will be eagerly waiting.


    2. I loved this update.
      God, I’m still very worried about Bette’s health, she’s hurt and
      She will suffer even more from having to flee the hospital so that the bad guys do not
      Finish what they started.
      And Tina has to be very strong with Bette’s return. Because I believe that this will make Bette leave this life, and Tina will have to make her choice.
      Waiting for a new chapter
      All universe

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