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    Unwelcome Effects

    So I’ve held out a week of inaction in order to give Tina time to cool off after our intense, but kinda failed date. Let alone too short.

    On Friday at lunchtime I had my assistant drive over to the cafe where Tina works and under the pretence of picking up coffee find out if today was Tina’s shift. When Anna returned to the office and told me what I wanted to hear, pleasant anticipation filled my spirit. I planned to come by the cafe after work and charm Tina into spending time with me.

    Now it’s half past six and I’m sitting in my car, waiting for a red light to change. It’s been a helluva traffic jam and I kept dreaming about this special kind of car, you know, one that could rise up several feet in the air, and everyone else would be sitting down there with their mouths open in both shock and admiration while watching me roll over above their heads like a real freaking queen of the world!

    In a little while I drive up to the cafe where Tina works and park. Looking up at the sky, I take note that it’s turning a little cloudy, the sun covered with light mist. Hope rain is not in the picture, because otherwise my planned walk with Tina at the park is going to bite the dust.

    I walk the short distance to the cafe and take a seat at one of the vaccant tables outside. Almost immediately a waitress comes up to serve me, but it’s not the waitress I want.

    She greets me and places menu on the table. I peer at her name badge and stop her from leaving. ”Excuse me, Shane? Um, I’d like to ask for another waitress to serve me, please.”

    She frowns just a bit. ”Is there a problem?”

    ”No, of course not. Nothing personal, I just know that waitress, so…”

    ”Tina, right?”

    ”Yep, that’s her.”

    She nods and recedes inside.

    I look through the menu and set my order. Before long, I see my little Miss Kennard flit toward me like a magic hummingbird, light and graceful and too perfect to be real. Funny little butterflies suddenly begin fluttering around in my stomach and, I’m telling ya, it’s the most pleasant feeling I’ve had all week…

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    1. Hi Valerie:

      This chapter is awesome and incredibly good, you are so funny describing Bette’s mannerisms, and she is so full of herself, the opposite of Tina; Bette so shallow and spoiled and Tina so deep and hardworking, and Bette is falling for her.
      Your story is getting more and more interesting. Thanks so much for this chapter and I will eagerly wait for your update.


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