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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Doyle Bogan, the man who was supposed to transport Bette and her partners through the Mexico-US border, arrived to pick them up at their secret location soon after Marcus summoned him. He got out of his van and handed Marcus the bag with Bette’s clothes.

    Leaving Mark and Tasha with Doyle, Marcus went inside to help Bette. The nurse boy was giving her another shot of pain medication so that the journey back to LA wouldn’t be much torturous for her.

    ”How long is this going to last?” Marcus asked the boy, putting the bag with clothes on the bed at Bette’s feet.

    The boy stared at him, looking kind of startled.

    ”The painkiller effect? Will it last till morning?”

    ”Lo siento no hablo ingles,” the boy uttered rapidly, then collected his things and hurried out of the room.

    Marcus watched the closed door in confusion. ”’Da hell?”

    ”You scared the shit outta him,” Bette croaked, a small simper curved at the corner of her mouth.

    ”The boy must be dealing with types like us daily, is he still not used to it?” Marcus said in a rhetorical question before turning to Bette. ”Doyle brought your clothes. Those you were in are ruined. So we’re gonna get you dressed now,” the man pointed out and helped the injured woman into a sitting position after unhooking all the wires from her.

    ”No. Get Tasha in here,” Bette objected.

    Marcus nodded with understanding and left.

    Supporting herself by clinging to the bed rail so she wouldn’t topple over, Bette blinked several times, slow first, then faster, trying to clear her foggy vision and take a look around the place. Having not achieved the desired result, the brunette simply closed her eyes. She felt the moment when the pain medication kicked in and flooded through her system, for nothing hurt anymore. Her mind plunged into another realm entirely as she zoned out of her physical surroundings altogether.

    She was about to dive headfirst into the floor when strong hands caught her shoulders and kept her from falling.

    ”Hey,” Tasha called for Bette’s attention, eyeing her with concern. ”Marcus said you needed help getting dressed.”

    Bette looked up at her partner with heavy eyes and mumbled the permission. Tasha took the clothes out of the bag and proceeded to dress the groggy brunette.

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    1. Hi Valerie:

      OH, MY GOD, you are killing me; please don’t let them fall apart, do not separate them, they belong together. Now, Tina knows Helena is a snitch and Bette will be caught soon. Bette has been a criminal, but she was also a victim, she was set up to be there; there should be a way for her to come clean or to escape to that nightmare, and Tina, she loves Bette; don’t let their love die. Thanks for the excellent story and hoping something good will come. I’ll be waiting eagerly for your update.


    2. Oh oh, that was a very disturbing end to the chapter.

      Like proteonomics already mentioned, they belong together. Please don’t let them break up, my poor 💔 will break.

      Have i mentioned before that i didn’t like Helena at all from chapter one, she is a fucking dirty bitch. Is she really a dirty cop and want to warn Tina or are there other motives.

      Poor Bette, allthough she is a crimal due to circumstances, she is a good woman and deserves a way out, to come clean and live a happy life with Tina. Tina knew about Bette and choose to stay with her and i understand she questions and is insecure about the future but please don’t let her break up with Bette.

      Amazing update, thank you and please update asap!

    3. My God Valerie, I’m going to have a heart attack!
      I’m feeling all this suffering from BETTE!
      A very stifling chapter, the pain of Bette, this revelation of Helena, and what
      Bette wanted to say, can you arrest me after I talk to my girlfriend?
      Tina does not doubt Bette’s love.
      Please, a new chapter, by God!
      All universe

    4. I’ve read this story in one day and I am totally hooked. I’ve noticed you don’t post too frequently but I’m begging you to post soon. I gotta know what’s going to happen. At this point I think it would be best for Bette to serve her time and be free from the criminal life although I don’t know if the boss would let her live. Marcus and Shane need to get out too. Please post soon!!

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