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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Sitting in her leather executive chair in her office, Bette looked fixedly at the clasp-knife that she was twisting in her hands. She opened and closed the knife over and over again, her mind so obsessed by it that she didn’t notice abrasion forming on her fingers from the constant pressure and friction against hard steel.

    She just got a call from her boss, Doctor Arnodelo, who ordered her not to take revenge on Marcus’s attacker that was yet to be found. That was not worth it, Arnodelo told her on the phone, reasoning that the revenge might damage the reputation of their whole mob.

    Fuck the reputation, Bette thought. Marcus was not just her business partner, he was not just some pawn in Arnodelo’s hands. He was her closest friend. He would do the same for her if she was in his shoes.

    Fuck Arnodelo and his orders, Bette thought. She didn’t care about consequences, as long as she got what she wanted. And all she wanted was revenge.

    ”Bette?” a muffled voice called out from somewhere behind her back.

    But Bette was too distracted and consumed with her thoughts to react. By then her fingers were laced with tiny cuts and were bleeding slightly.


    The outcry caused the brunette to snap out of her trance. She swiveled around in the chair to face her gang. Multiple pairs of confused, expectant eyes were gazing at her from the conference table.

    ”So?” Billie Blaikie asked, his impatience showing. ”What did the big boss say?”

    Bette leaned forward with her elbows placed on the desk and stared at her partners blankly, not responding.

    ”What’re we supposed to do now?” another one of Bette’s subordinates, Francesca Wolff, wondered.

    Bette tilted her head a little to a side. With one brow crooked in an annoyed lift she spoke to the woman, ”What are you supposed to do?” She then stood up and began moving slowly toward the conference table, never averting her glower from Francesca. ”Looking for the shooter is what you are supposed to do now and that’s that.”

    Francesca smirked, chewing lazily on her bubble gum. ”But that’s not our job. I mean, revenging some asshole, who bore a hole in your little friend? Absolutely necessary, extremely important, yeah,” she said, sarcasm dripping from her words. ”That’s not our job, alright?”

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    1. Bibi28 says

      Oh god Valerie, i am so happy that you updated again.

      The plot thickens, Marcus dead, Bette knowing that Helena is a cop, Melvin at the scene who bailed Bette out of jail, Tina who left Bette but still loves Bette and Bette visiting Tina in the middle of the night and scaring her.

      So many things are happening and Bette spiralling out of control due to all of that.

      I understand Tina leaving Bette but she is the one that was able to Hold Bette back and now that Bette lost her she doesn’t give a shit what will happen with herself.

      I still have faith that somehow everything will end well and held hope out from the story title ” I Will Not Let You Fall ”

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story!

    2. proteonomics says

      Wow Valerie:

      What a chapter, poor Bette, poor Tina, they love each other, but it will be hard to stay together if things don’t change; I hope Bette change her life, now that Marcus is dead. But the question is who killed Marcus, I don’t think is the police, maybe he was killed in a mafias’ war, or perhaps is her own boss Dr. Arnodelo, who wanted to intimidate her or to remove Marcus from protecting Bette, at the end the same Arnodelo made her kill Dominic, his own family, why not to kill Marcus and then Bette and blame on them all the crime he has done. Bette has to do the first move and change sides, she needs a deal with the police and to give them Arnodelo in exchange for protection for her and Shane. Melvin is too late, he could help Bette before she reached this point, now it’s too late; and now he also blames everything on her, as if he hadn’t pushed her in the hell that she is now.
      Helena, of course, is a bitch, but what else could she do, she is an undercover cop. I hope Tina would realize, of what she has awakened in Bette and decide to go back to her.
      That was a wonderful chapter Valerie, I hope you may post an update soon, this is a great story. Thanks


    3. mscully says

      This story is wonderful, it left me with a heart in my hands, when I read each chapter. And more anxious to have no idea how the end of this story will be,
      without having to separate our couple, the more we know that every action has its consequences, and in one way or another bette will have to answer for their crimes.
      Unfortunately another blow in bette’s life, the loss of his friend Marcus, is sure to make him want revenge.
      All universe

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