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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Four months had passed since Bette’s arrest. During the whole time she had been held in a county jail while Melvin Porter and his team of qualified criminal defense attorneys worked with her closely, getting case ready for trial.

    On October 21, Bette had pled guilty of drug distribution, pandering, illegal possession of a weapon, assault against law enforcement officer and second-degree murder for the killing of Dominic Shaw.

    Melvin had succeeded to convince the Court that Bette had acted under the pressure of blackmail, intimidation and threats coming first from Dominic Shaw and then Mr. Geralt Moriarty known as Doctor Arnodelo, the boss of Westwood Irish Mob. Various evidence had been presented, testifiers had been involved. Although the effort had helped a great deal to ease the penalties, still the outcome had turned devastating.

    Eventually, Bette had been convicted and sentenced to serve nineteen years in prison, and ordered to pay a fine of $590.000 within two years to avoid being incarcerated for additional seven years.

    When the Judge had slammed his gavel to signify the end of the trial, Melvin had stoically collected the papers into his briefcase and had left the courtroom without saying a word or making eye contact with his daughter. Right afterwards Bette had gotten to her feet numbly and had let the bailiffs walk her away, understanding that it was the last time she would see her farther.

    On November 2, Bette was to be transferred to Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, where she would spend the next two decades of her life.


    Drawing in a deep quivering breath, Tina turned the knob and pushed the door gently. Just several months ago she had been willingly crossing the threshold of this apartment, her stomach turning with pleasant anticipation of seeing the only person her heart desired. The apartment where she had always felt safe before now was giving Tina a strange creeping feeling, sort of apprehension tinted with a bit of fear.

    Swallowing the lump in her throat, Tina pushed the door wider and peered around. As she moved further into the apartment her mouth fell open, agape in shock of what she was seeing.

    The place was completely trashed. Everything was out of place, and in the weirdest of places. Chairs, armchairs and couches were overturned, the cushions slashed, the undersides cut. The wooden floor was burst open in some places, and underneath was a concrete slab. Papers and books littered the floor. The door to the balcony was wide open, the vertical blinds and curtains moving carelessly in the cool November air. Various things and utensils had been jerked from the drawers and cupboards. Clothes and footwear were strewn all over the apartment. The bed mattress lay at a cockeyed angle on the floor, the bed itself looked as if a tornado had blown across it, with the sheets and pillows ripped apart.

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    1. Welcome back!
      I must say – i don’t like your Tina in this story – she’s too weak, too dependent from another’s opinions. Yes, she’s young, but still. And Bette is right – Tina left her too often to believe in her love. So T has a lot a work to do, if she wants to fix it.
      And you will bring back B from jail earlier than 19 years, right?

    2. Hi Valerie:

      Amazing update; I’m very sorry for Bette, I understand her bitterness, and I think she still loves Tina, and probably she loves her so much that she would like for Tina to be happy, a happiness she doubts it would be with her, so she is pushing Tina away; she also feels resentment because of Tina’s behavior when she left her a few months ago, and Bette can’t understand that Tina’s situation with her parents made her take some distance with Bette’s trial.

      But I think Bette knows very well she lied to Tina about her criminal activities and she has some responsibility in their separation.

      Now, everything depends on Tina’s next step, would she be willing to wait for Bette? Will Bette recover some hopes about her future?

      The answers are in your quill Valerie, but one thing I know is that Bette is empty and she needs Tina to get hopes in her future, and Tina needs Bette to survive.

      Thank you for this great chapter, but now you leave us heartbroken, and with lots of questions.

      Please, Valerie, post soon (seriously), I’ll be anxiously waiting.


    3. This is heartbreaking Valerie!

      Nineteen years in prison, i feel so sad for Bette. Is she gonna survive it, she is broken, her spirit died, especially after Tina left her more than once and after Marcus died.

      Tina is young and i really believe she loves Bette, but she listen to much to other people and runs away when she promised Bette that she would stay with her.

      I feel so sad for both of them, my heart is breaking. Is this really goodbye? Nineteen years is a long time and i hope there is a way for Bette to get out sooner, but i do understand that a relationship is very hard to remain and that Bette doesn’t want Tina to put a hold on her life waiting for her and why she said goodbye.

      Valerie, i truly enjoy this story and while my heart is breaking, i still believe that you will give us a happy ending. Your story title,” I will not let you fall” give me the hope that you will bring them back together.

      One request, i hate Helena, please don’t let her and Tina get romantically involved.

    4. I truly love this story and anxiously await each update. Nineteen years….of course she did plead guilty, so it’s not surprising the number of years. I can’t say that I like this Tina. I need her borrow someone’s backbone if she can’t find her own.

      There has to be a silver lining in this and the two of them will be back together and in love. I’m sure Bette is purposefully pushing Tina away.

      Post soon!

    5. Thanks for this great post! Hope we won’t have to wait for 19 years :) Can’t find in my heart any hatred for Bette-the-criminal and can’t find any sympathy there for Tina-the-good-girl. What a paradox! You’ve created a very intense and charismatic image of Bette.

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