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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Having been startled into confusion, Ayola glanced at her companion with a frown. ”What do you mean?”

    ”I mean you just gave me the key to your house, to your personal belongings. I’m, like, a total stranger, and on top of that an ex-con.”

    The frown fell smoothly from Ayola’s face to be replaced by an amused smile. ”Why, you think I shouldn’t trust you with my belongings?” she said with the same teasing quality in her voice as was in her smile.

    ”Absolutely not! Who gives strangers a key to their home?” Bette spoke with sudden ardor.

    Ayola shrugged, her lazy nonchalance driving Bette’s mind crazy. ”I have no problem trusting people. There’s no point in doubting everyone and everything on the planet. It doesn’t give you a chance to enjoy life,” the woman explained. ”Besides, you seem sweet.”

    With her mouth slightly ajar in bewilderment, Bette let out an incredulous laugh. ”Sweet?” she then laughed even harder at the absurdity of it all. ”Oh my God, nobody has ever described me like that.”

    Ayola joined Bette in her laughter, the laughter that was so light and pure. ”I dunno, I’ve always been good in reading people. There’s just something about you that feels authentic,” she added.

    Bette shook her head, still smiling in amusement. ”I should give you credit for your ethics. I’d never trust anybody so freely.”

    ”So, you don’t trust me then?” Ayola teased.

    ”Of course not.”

    ”Why not?!” Ayola played along, mocking offense. ”I’m so nice and pretty, how can you possibly not trust me?”

    ”THAT is exactly why I don’t trust you,” Bette smirked.

    Ayola glanced at the brunette, their eyes met, both women obviously enjoying the banter on the same level.

    When Ayola pulled over near the parole office building, Bette took a soft breath and opened the door.

    ”Good luck, Bette. See you later?” Ayola gave her the warmest smile.

    Bette turned her head over her shoulder and looked at Ayola for a moment. It seemed her new friend knew just what exactly she was going through. The support Ayola was giving felt new to Bette, having been bereft of any support and encouragement for many years. And how good it felt to be supported again, to have someone who wanted her to succeed.


    1. Thank you for the another chapter!

      Ok, we still don’t know anything about how Tina lives with her life, does she she even remember Bette?
      And maybe, just maybe she even helped with Bette’s parole? Well, or maybe i just want to think that she did.
      And i like Bette and Ayola friendship but i hope it will not create sexual or romantic feelings between them ( i still like only B&T relationship)

    2. Hi Valerie:

      Wonderful chapter; a little sad Ms. Caroll passed, she was like a mother for Bette.

      Who has Bette’s apartment now? It looks like someone who wants to keep it as Bette left it; maybe, maybe not.

      I would like to know about Tina’s life, but perhaps you will fill us on it when she reappears in Bette’s life.

      Very nice Bette’s new friend, Ayola, very compassionate; I hope they remain to be friends,

      Thank you very much for this chapter, this story is excellent, I’ll be waiting eagerly for your update (and for the other story too).


    3. Great chapter! Sad that Mrs. Caroll has passed away. Ayola is very nice and what Bette needs to get reacquainted with the outside world. Hopefully, they will remain friends. However, I want Tina to resurface and she and Bette get reintroduced and get to know each other again. Great update!

    4. Hi Valerie,
      Can only say ‘Ditto’ to my fellow reader’s Comments.
      Great Update.
      Look forward to another as soon as possible please.
      Need Tina back in the Story and in a positive ‘Tibbette’ way please!
      Thanks again

    5. Hi Valerie,

      Great chapter as always!

      I love that Bette found a great friend in Ayola, that is so important when you are all alone and trying to build a new life. Like i already thought Mrs. Caroll passed away, that is so sad. I hope Ayola will stay a wonderfull friend for Bette and i think she is the link to Tina.

      I had to laugh that you named the parole officer Franklin Philips 😁

      Just like proteonomics, i am wondering about Bette’s old apartment,

      I hope you can update soon and that your computer saves your chapter the next time.

    6. Geez.. it’s just all so sad…i had a feeling her friend and mother had past but the rest is sad as well. She needs love and a since of belonging, fitting in to her own life. Her new friend is helping with that but like others have said friend is were it needs to stay…and I do hope Tina has kept an eye on her all along from afar.fingers crossed thank you.

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