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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    ”Bette, I’m really starting to get annoyed at you and your phone.”

    Pulling her own phone out of her pocket, Bette realized that it was discharged. ”Shit. I forgot to charge my phone.”

    ”You always forget to charge your phone. Your phone is always dead or you just don’t answer it. How long is it going to last?”

    ”I know, I know. I’m bad,” Bette said, catching a sight of Ayola rolling her eyes. ”I promise to give more heed to my phone.”

    Tina sighed. ”Are you staying over at Ayola’s tonight?”

    ”No, I’ll be home soon.”

    ”It’s late, baby. Maybe you should sleep over at Ayola’s place. I don’t want you wandering around at night.”

    Bette watched Ayola whispering things into Zoey’s ear and Zoey giggling and caressing Ayola’s back. ”I said I’m coming home,” the brunette stated with determination.

    ”Alright. I’m waiting then.”

    ”See you in a bit, Tee,” Bette hung up and rose to her feet.

    ”I hope an earful from Tina would finally make you use your phone properly,” Ayola teased, also getting to her feet.

    ”Ugh, leave me alone already,” Bette groaned.

    ”Do you need a ride?”

    ”No, I’ll catch a cab.”

    ”Let me drive you, c’mon.”

    ”No,” Bette said in stubborn refusal. ”I don’t want to take you away from Zoey for so long,” she grinned and winked at the pretty redhead standing behind Ayola, who giggled and blushed.

    ”Hey,” Ayola called. She stepped closer and hugged Bette. ”Everything is going to be fine.”

    Wrapping her arms around her friend in return, Bette smiled. ”I know. Thank you.”

    Inching back, Ayola regarded her. ”I’m going back to Jackson next week to spend Christmas with my family. I hope to see you before I leave.”

    ”Of course. I’m unemployed now, so I’ll be available every day,” Bette grinned.

    ”Uh-huh,” Ayola smirked and waved at her. ”Bye. Take care.”

    Bette waved at Zoey and Ayola. ”Bye.”

    Stepping onto the sidewalk, Bette closed the gate behind her and ambled down the street, humming a tune. She thought it was nice, being this free. She felt free and a bit lightheaded, pleasantly so. Ayola had helped a great deal to take the edge off, with an insight so deep that had been able to calm Bette’s troubled mind. Ayola was this certain someone who was such an understanding and supportive friend and who actually had a chance to take Marcus’s place in Bette’s heart. And maybe Shane’s, too.

    But all with time. Time worked wonders.

    In the dim streetlight of the dark street Bette noticed, with an odd intensity of interest, that her shoelace had come undone. She stooped and began to do them up.

    The sound of an approaching car filled the night and Bette hoped it was a cab. She cast a glance, but through the gleam of the headlights she couldn’t yet make out whether it was a cab or not. Proceeding to tie her shoelace, Bette listened as the sound of the engine came closer. She looked up again and at that moment almost went blind by the higher intensity upper beam of the headlights.

    ”What the fuck,” the brunette muttered with annoyance and quickly lowered her gaze back to her shoes to protect her eyes from the brightness.

    When the car stopped in front of her, Bette froze. She raised her gaze, but was unable to see anything. Squinting her eyes hard, she slowly straightened up. She heard doors open and approaching footsteps. She heard the engine. She knew the sound of that engine, the sound she had been hearing in her nightmares for a while already.

    Her breathing came in sharp and rapid.

    She managed to make a half-turn before the blow to her head rendered her unconscious.


    1. Bibi28 says

      Yes, a new chapter so soon!!!

      But oh god, what a clif hanger!!! You authors like to keep us hanging!

      Poor Bette, that must have been the hardest weeks for her, i applaud her strenght and ability to remain calm!

      What is it with all those woman to try to seduce Bette at the same day? Nicole is a utter bitch to try to manipulate Bette with choosing her and the job or be fired.

      Brenda is a sad woman, time for her to move on.

      Franklin, what is he up to?

      I hope you will update asap again, really want to know who took Bette out, someone of the past? and her phone is flat 😱 please, please update asap!

    2. Zhenya says

      So, i’m ready –

      First – Tina, Tina – your father is lawyer and i thought you’ll be more smart in situation like this. Of course you shouldn’t allowed this scum Franklin search your place without order. And you know why – because you don’t have crimanal past, you you are not suspected in anything – no one judge will give order to police. So Tina – Xanax it’s not serious, get good lawyer and smush this jerk Franklin down.

      Bette – maybe it’s only me but i have a feeling she getting annoyed with Tina and i don’t understand why. But i like how she handled situatioun with Brenda and Nicole.
      And of course – this cliffi – who got Bette now. Maybe it’s people her ex-boss who now in jail?
      This time i think she needs Tina help.

      Thanks again for the new update so soon and waiting for the next!

      • Valerie says

        Hey, Zhenya! Thank you for your comment, but just a small correction here – Tina’s father is a retired banker. It’s Bette’s father who was a lawyer. Anyway, I think Tina was so lost and frightened that she didn’t know what else to do other than just let a member of law enforcement search her house. ;)

    3. Angel1981 says

      I think there is two ways to handle situation with Franclin.
      First – Tina needs suit him and police – because i think they don’t have a right to get something from her place without order.
      And second- now he knows Bette has money, maybe he wants them and then he can be go to jail for wanting for bribe?
      And now when Bette abducted how Tina handling this situation? Maybe Tasha can help her? And who got Bette? I hope we soon find out.

      Thank you for this chapter!

    4. proteonomics says

      Excellent chapter, exciting and stressful.

      I was scared when Franklin came to Tina’s house with two other police officers, and then when they found Xanax, perhaps it sounds innocent, but if it is not prescribed by authorized medical personnel, it may cost your freedom in the USA. I think Tina should call her lawyer before letting those morons to search her house, she could even ask her lawyer to come and be present during the search but is done, and she was very stressed.

      I was fearful when Brenda entered the Planet and started provoking Tina and Bette, I thought Bette was going to react badly and; fortunately she behaves her best.
      I was startled when the lawyer of Bette’s father went to her PO to give her the news about the death of her father and her millionaire heritage; I thought then why Franklin didn’t ask questions to Bette, why he didn’t even test Bette for drug and alcohol. I think Franklin has a plan to destroy Bette.

      I was alarmed when Vanessa and later Nicole tried to seduce Bette and the worse when the last one, her boss fire her for not having sex with her.

      But what really terrified me is your cliffhanger (I know all writers like to leave cliffhangers) but that car that stopped may be the SUV that was following her, they could be the remains of the cartel she was working for, or they can be some associates of Franklin perhaps they want Bette’s money , it may be anybody like Brenda paying some thugs to bother Bette, or Helena, who knows.

      Anyway, it is hard to guess at this point. But you really caught all my interest as usual.
      Thanks for the wonderful chapter and pps.


      • Silentreader says

        I agree with all you said,
        Bette had an ass boss, thinking she could pressured Bette to have sex with her over her need to keep her job.
        I regretted Bette decision to let the lawyer talked about her father will in front of her asshole parole. Now he might blackmailed Bette for her freedom.
        The familiar sound at the end, I hope it wasn’t a gun sound.
        You made us wondering at the end of the story Please post soon, Valerie.

    5. SassyGran says

      So delighted to see a new Chapter ! What a corker too!

      Please do not leave us hanging here too long!

      I absolutely love this story and looking forward to seeing where you are taking us!

      Great storytelling, great writing!


    6. DumplinT says

      Thx for sure for this new post!! Been an interesting saga!
      1. I think Brenda is responsible for sending A-hole Frank to Tina’s home knowing they would find the Xanex, so at the very least Tina could be in trouble.

      2. How stupid does one have to be to a will be read in front of a PoS paroll officer like Frankin???? He will definitely try blackmail or the like.

      How does Bette NOT tell Tina about that type of news???

      3. Somebody knew to follow her to Ayola’s and she’s up a creek without a paddle. Phone is dead, so its worthless even as a tracking device.

      4. Bette’s now former boss, Nicole, will certainly lie to Franklin about why Bette is no longer gainfully employed now that Bette rejected her unwanted advances.

      Even in her past life bette had “street smarts”!!! What happen to that learned talent?

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