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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Bette admired the beautiful scenery before her as she sat on a bench at the small park in Auckland. The bench stood under a large oak tree and was facing the lake. The look in Bette’s eyes grew introspective as she began to notice how everything seemed to be different to her now. Although it had been quite some time since she had enjoyed herself like this at any park, she realized that her surroundings appeared brighter now. She found herself savoring the tranquility of the afternoon and marveling at the many things that she realized she had never paid attention to in the past, having been too troubled by her endless problems to just lose herself in the beauty of nature. The scent of green in the air coupled with the sounds of chirping birds made Bette long for peace she had never had, although was just beginning to experience it. Nowadays, her life had settled into a more stable pattern than at any time during the last fifteen years. Now, with day-to-day rhythms established, she had become more accepting of the value of therapy in helping her cope and stay well. She finally had time, energy and resources to move on to the next stage of her life.

    Bette had arrived at the park half an hour earlier than Tina had specified. The blonde had texted her in the morning, saying when and where she could meet her to talk. Bette was thankful that Tina hadn’t delayed this conversation any longer. She concluded that Tina also wanted this to be done with and needed some things to be clarified once and for all. Bette knew she owned Tina an explanation, and this time she would be open to talk about anything Tina was willing to talk.

    Out of the corner of her eye Bette caught the movement. She turned her head and saw Tina approaching at an unhurried pace. She was wearing sunglasses again, although it wasn’t sunny.

    ”Hi,” Tina said.

    Bette watched her as she greeted back, ”Hi.”

    Taking a seat on the bench beside Bette, but not too close to her, Tina let out a soft sigh. For a few seconds they stared elsewhere in silence. Bette then glanced at Tina, her gaze gentle and considering. There was a pause after she turned away to look ahead again before Tina glanced at her too and studied her profile for a moment. She turned away then.

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    1. I do like this story. Bette has assumed responsibility for her behavior. She has apologized with no expectation of forgiveness. She is behaving as though it is truly over between her and Tina. If it is not truly over, the first move will come from Tina. It is still several months away before Tina is scheduled to leave for the US. A lot can happen in that period of time. Bette is beginning to create a new life. Could Tina truly be happy with this new and improved
      Bette? Has she truly forgiven Bette or just gone through the motions? Love is a strange bedfellow. It causes you to do things you may not otherwise consider. And now that Bette is working through her problems with a therapist and working to toward creating a profession and life, the only thing she lacks will be a love interest and the reconnection with her family – Kit, Sonny, Shane and Molly.

      Glad to this story back….look forward to more when you can.

    2. It’s like meeting an old friend again after far too long apart! Thank you for bringing this story back.

      I look forward to your next post continuing the journey of these two damaged souls back together again. I certainly hope that is the destination you have in mind for us.

      Like Bette and Tina I cried a little and smiled a little, enjoyed it !

      Stay safe and well and post again soon please

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      Well, I’m slightly disappointed because I thought that Bette lied Tina about cheating, but I see she didn’t.
      But I notice another thing and now I wonder if Tina lied to Bette about the reason why she still in NZ. Is that plant project exist? I guesswe find out about that and what future you prepared for them.

    4. Not sure how this story will or should end. Always assumed Bette and Tina would find their way back but now I am not so sure. Seems they have both done therapy to learn to exist apart. Bette is moving on with her life and Tina is going back to the US. Wonder if Kate is going with her. Tina and Kate seem to be a little more than friends? Feel bad that everyone has excluded Bette from their lives but understand. Hopefully she and Shane can work it out. Bittersweet chapter.

    5. Hmm, i’m not sure how Bette could get away from any criminal activity, especially when her past buddy fellow Pappi now would be her partner. Because c’mon her even jail didn’t change. Yeah I’m sure she blames Helena for that, bit in reality Bette wanted it. She could choose another path – with Tasha help go to federals, but she choose more easily way for her – became murder and drugdilear again. So no, i’m not convinced that when her life situation may be difficult again, she wouldn’t choose this path again.

    6. Damn Val! This was is well written. I loved it.

      The amount of emotion you put into their first conversation was so real you could touch it. Thank you..

      I knew Tina’s still had a part of her deep deep down where she had covered and put a heavy door and pad lock on. That only a well put together beautiful Bette has the key and the shovel that can take one scoop at a time to bring Tina back to life.

      Tina is in that to good to be true thought’s. Holding herself back.. But its OK. I like the slow burn that seems to never go completely out for these two.

      So thank you for those first glances. The looks. The eyes behind the glasses that Tina is so desperately trying to hide because she knows they would revile to much to soon.

    7. Hi Valerie.

      Great chapter, I see that Bette and Tina are about to start the road back together.

      I believe the therapy has help them both, perhaps now they can see the change and the love in each other.

      I’m happy that Bette decides to rebuild her life and go back to college.

      I hope, she makes a new life and redeems herself.

      Look forward to your next chapter.

      Thank you again for this gift and pps.


    8. I can’t get enough of this story! I hope more is on the way soon. I hope Tina and Bette find their way back to each other. They have been through a lot but true love preserves!

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