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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    ”So what happened in LA anyway?”

    Bette tensed at Tina’s question and was thankful that the blonde didn’t see her reaction. Tina had her eyes closed while she basked in the glorious sunshine. Bette wondered why Tina would want to ruin their pleasant mood to talk about the much unpleasant past.

    They were spending the day together, swaying and rocking peacefully in their rented rowboat in the middle of a lake. Bette looked at the oars dangling idly from the oarlocks, which created a steady, somewhat relaxing rumbling sound. She kneaded the back of her neck with unspoken discomfort Tina’s question evoked as she contemplated her response.

    Tina shifted her head against the pillow slightly, but didn’t open her eyes yet as she lay on the boat’s wooden floor. ”You don’t have to answer. Sorry.”

    ”No, no, it’s…” Bette hurried to dissolve Tina’s worries, although wishing she could just agree and not answer. She felt bad rejecting Tina’s curiosity. ”…It’s fine.”

    ”I mean… I’m asking because I remember you promised to tell me once you came to New Zealand about what happened in LA. But it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me anymore. I understand,” Tina proceeded to explain in a nonchalant manner.

    ”Yes, I remember my promise, so I’ll tell you,” Bette reaffirmed gently, yet a bit half-heartedly.

    There was a moment of silence.

    ”Okay,” Tina said then, her tone indifferent as if she was no longer interested but forced to listen.

    ”Well…” Bette began with a sigh. ”That night when I was supposed to come home to you from Ayola’s place, I was captured by someone. Remember I told you that I felt like someone was following me around town? I thought I was just paranoid, but it turned out to be true. It turned out to be Helena.”

    Tina opened her eyes and stared at the brunette.

    ”She wanted me to work for her,” Bette added.

    Tina was frowning. ”Work for her? I thought she worked for the DEA?”

    ”She was a double agent. She was serving as a DEA undercover agent and at the same time was working for a major criminal organization.”

    Shaking her head, Tina looked away with disdain.

    ”That night she threatened me to harm you and put me back to prison if I didn’t agree to work for her,” Bette continued. ”I needed to make sure you were out of her reach, so I decided to send you away to New Zealand.”

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    1. Hi!

      Seems for me that Bette’s new obsession with her new work still unhealthy as all her previous attempts in life. Interesting if she still see her therapist? And still don’t like her partner – her pal and ex felony.
      As for the Tina – tricky situation – she wants more of Bette’s time but can’t demand because she not her girlfriend anymore.
      I’ll waiting how they resolve this situation, but knowing this two characters in this story – it wouldn’t be easy.

      Thank you and waiting for more!

    2. I missed this story! Bette is working herself into the ground and Tina sees it. She can’t demand too much of her time because Bette’s not her girlfriend. I love the way their relationship is blossoming.

    3. Can anyone tell me what the relationship between Tina and Kate is supposed to be? Seems much more than friends. Are they a couple? Tina could not seem to make a decision about going out without Kate’s approval. They communicated with their eyes? Are they supposedly in love? Tina said I Love You. Then stayed at Bette’s. So confused about Kate and Tina. Anyone?

        • I thought that until the eye contact and communicating without speaking and if you leave I will leave and then I love you. She didn’t say I love you to Shane or Molly. It’s weird!

          • Tina and Kate are close friends. Before Bette arrived, Kate got Tina involved in landscaping and they would go out socially once in a while. When Bette arrived in Auckland and was so depressed and absolutely horrid to Tina, Kate offered her a place to stay in her home as a refuge. They work together as landscapers and are friends. Kate is basically Tina backup and cheerleader friend. With the exception of Bette accusing them of being lovers, there has been no indication of them being lovers. I see Kate and Tina more as a sister type relationship particularly since they share the same house and have been for many months now.

    4. Wonderful to read a new chapter!

      I missed this story! And i miss them happy and in love ???? They both went through so much and desever a happy ending, just like the readers as SassyGran already mentioned, they deserve a break.

      Glad that Bette has found goals for her future but she is working to much and has to take some time of for herself. But i think knowing that the love of your life will leave for good in a short while, this is to keep her mind of it. My ???? at that, for both Tina, Bette and us readers.

      Tina seems to thawe a little bit, will she decide to stay and give Bette and herself the love and happiness she knows they can have?!

      Bette is so much improving, she is relaxter and softer and most of all in peace. You can’t undo the past but you can move on to a better life. She is so in love with Tina but understand that she hurt and broke Tina’s trust and that is why she accept that Tina only want a friendship and nothing more. She was and is honest to Tina, about her feelings, what happened and what she regrets. She has a clear insight about her own actions about her past and that she isn’t a victim but choose her own path that led to her criminal acts. And now she is moving on to be a better and happier person. I just wish that Tina will be a part in her life, much more than just a friend.

      Valerie, please tell us that there will be a happy Tibette ending!!!!

      And Billy, i wonder too about Kate and Tina, are they involved, in a relationship, but i think they are just good friends. Kate did help Tina when she was so low and hurt. If they were in a relationship she would have not been happy that Tina stayed over at Bette’s home at night.

      A wonderful chapter! I hope you will be able to update soon!

      Stay save and healthy ????????????

      • Yeah I am worried that Tina will end up with Kate. Seems headed that way. Despite the kiss and the way the chapter ended. I do not see Bette calming down. She gets so ramped up. Very hyper personality. Tina does not like it. I don’t blame her. I just cannot see her going down that path again. I thought Bette was going to change. And her business partner remains bad news.

    5. Two things –

      First i like that Bette take full responsibility for her action in the past and stopped blame everyone expect herself. She’s not victim, but willing participation.

      And second – i’m very interesting what Bette and Tina were doing for sex. How many time left from Bette’s arriving in NZ – half year? And both they didn’t slept with no one all this time? Hard to believe. And for Tina even worse – she waited Bette almost a full year in NZ and didn’t have sex all this time? Or she occasionally sleep with Kate?

      And Tina still jealousy about Bette and other women – i guess it’s good. But is it enough to move on from Bette’s betrayal and trust her again – i doubt about that.

      And December already close – interesting is Bette’s obsession with new business it’s just a remedy to try not think about Tina departure?

    6. When Bette is with Tina, she seems so calm and demur. Yet she is now trying to get her business off the ground and get a law degree as well she is occupied daylight until dark. That does not leave a lot of personal time to socialize and rest. Bette appears to me to be occupying every waking moment so she does not think about Tina. But Tina still seeps into Bette’s thoughts. They are both accepting of the fact that in late December, Tina will return to the US. Tina is under no obligation to return to the US if she does not want to. Molly, Kate, and Shane are begging her to stay. Bette wants her to stay but will not say that to anyone.

      Bette and Tina are getting closer. Bette would love nothing more than Tina to move back into her house even if they were to just remain as friends sleeping in separate bedrooms. But deep in their hearts, you can see that they want more.

      I think that these two are close to having a break-through moment. Bette has never lied to Tina. No matter what the past has been, Bette has confessed and revealed the major bad things in her life. She has accepted responsibility for them. But has she heeled enough from her depression enough to be a responsible, caring partner? Can Tina forgive her for her past misdeeds? Hopefully we will see in upcoming chapter/chapters.

      Thank you for this…. please post when you can.

      • Great post. I had forgotten a lot of the little details. I can see that Bette is diving into school and work because Tina is leaving. And can see that Kate and Tina are probably close friends. Hope it works out for Bette and Tina. Do you think Tina can forgive Bette having sex with her sister? Do you think they will have to discuss it?

        • Do I think Tina can forgive Bette for having sex with her sister? Yes, I do….Bette told Tina about it in order to hurt Tina. She did the deed to hurt Tina. There is nothing else Bette can do to hurt Tina anymore than what she is already done. They have discussed the event, but I do not think Bette has truly asked for forgiveness. Bette knows that is one reason they are not together now. I think it will take time. But in time, she will forgive her. I think it will be one of the biggest regrets of Bette’s life. I do not think she will ever truly regret killing Helena, but sleeping with sister? Oh absolutely. The fact that they are talking and seeing one another from time to time. These are signs of forgiveness. Its a long journey…but yes it will happen. Of course it will not happen if Tina goes back to the US.

    7. Damn another great chapter.. I knew Tina wouldnt be able to resist Bettes deep brown eyes for every.

      And there is no way in hell Tina has feeling for Kate I feel their relationship is like sisters.

      I love how Bette is giving Tina room. She letting Tina come to terms with everything but she knows if she stays in touch that she will be in Tina thoughts. And it’s working Tina has walls she has let fall. And seems to be falling back into Bette warm arms.

      Glad Bette and Shane has made up. Also glad to see Bette is getting stronger and happy shes being seen in new light by everyone. The person she would have been if she had not fell in path she had in the past.

      Late start to be the true self but a lot of us find our true selfs late in life.

      Thank you for this beautiful chapter. Please post again soon.

    8. Omg this was great! I’m so happy there is finally another chapter I love this story and can’t wait for the next chapter. You got my hopes up I thought Bette and Tina were going to finally give into their desires

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