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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    ”Have you already decided when you’re leaving?” sounding slightly breathless, Molly wondered as she jogged beside Tina.

    Tina glanced at the woman before turning her gaze to the jogging path ahead. Squinting against the bright sun rays, she replied, ”Not really.”

    ”Would be cool if you stayed a bit longer after the wedding and decided to spend Christmas with us,” Molly pointed out. ”Though I totally understand if you want to spend it with your family instead.”

    After a moment of contemplation, Tina said, ”I really have no idea, Molls. It’s possible that I’ll stay a bit longer, but I don’t know.”

    ”How are things with Bette going?”

    Tina shrugged. ”Nothing special. I mean, she either works or studies, so I don’t see her much.”

    ”Shane told me that Bette told her that you spend nights at her house.”

    Smiling to herself, Tina suddenly realized how strongly Molly sometimes resembled Alice. It made Tina feel both irritated and warm inside.

    ”Yeah, I do. When she’s unoccupied. Which is not often,” the blonde clarified.

    ”Are you two having sex?”

    ”Molly!” Tina laughed out loud.

    ”What? It’s a normal question when you spend nights with your ex.”

    ”Well, I’ve told you that Bette and I are just friends. We sleep in separate bedrooms.”

    Molly smirked. ”But friends don’t kiss friends on dance floors.”

    ”I can’t believe you!” Tina retorted incredulously.

    Wagging her finger at Tina, Molly teased, ”That’s right. I saw you and Bette making out like two horny teenagers. Each of us saw, actually, but it seems like I’m the only one who’s calling you out on this.”

    ”But it happened several weeks ago and you’re calling me out just now?” Tina teased back.

    ”Better late than never!”

    ”Fine. We discussed it, Bette and I, and we concluded that it was a drunken mistake and never did it again.”

    Following Tina’s explanation, Molly fell silent and Tina thought that her friend was convinced. They kept jogging.

    ”Do you want to have sex with her?”

    ”Jeez, Molly!” Tina snapped.

    ”What?! It’s a normal question!”

    Rolling her eyes, the blonde said, ”You’re full of normal questions, I see.”

    ”Oh come on… If you want her in a sexual way, then why not act on it?”

    ”Because we are FRIENDS!”

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    1. Hate that Tina leave, but it’s right decision for her. Bette obviously not planning to die in old age, so in that case Tina need to think about herself first. She already gave this Bette too much of herself, it’s enough because this Bette never change.

      • Respectfully, I believe you are missing the point of the story and most definitely its title. If you are correct in your assertion then this hurried exit was essentially the final chapter and the story is over with both characters left shattered. And no recourse to ever do anything about it.

          • If that is the case I do wonder what the point of this story has been. To quote Shawshank Redemption: “There’s not a day goes by I don’t feel regret.” Where are any of us in this life without regret and without hope and without the possibility of redemption? Where there is love there is always hope.

    2. Tina… Tina…, this is the Bette you fell in love with from day one. The Protector, the Provider and the one who would do anything you asked. Bette screwed up her life before she got involved with you and she had no exit…. and finally when she gets the exit, she manages to allow all of her demons to come forth and consume her. Bette’s rescuing the woman and her child was not about the relationship – it was about Bette seeing a wrong and righting it. Would it have been better to sit there and watch the woman and child be shot instead? Tina, at the very least owed Bette a conversation about the incident. Yes, Bette’s actions were risky. And yes Bette could have been harmed. But it was the right thing to do.

      To me, seeing Bette put herself in harm’s way to protect innocent people was a vast step in the right direction rather than to put herself at risk for illegal purposes. I know Tina was scared and she did not like the feeling of fear which it caused. But the answer to push her exit to the earliest possible moment simply makes no sense. It is an act to punish Bette for all of her past grievances in a hasty and not well thought out moment. Once Tina leaves, she can never return for it will disclose to Bette and Shane’s enemies where they are. Once Tina is on that plane, there will be no more Bette nor any of the others in her life. Is that what she really wants? She will be miserable for the rest of her life and will always wonder “What if I just had waited a few more days and talked to Bette”. . She can always leave if things are not to her liking, but leaving with unresolved issues is downright stupid and pigheaded.

      Thank you for writing this chapter…. please write again when you can.

    3. Martha’s post is super duper spot on excellent. I agree with every word. Not much more to say. Except I hope this is not the end. At first I actually thought this was the end of the story. If Tina gets on that airplane then it is the end as Martha is right – she can never come back, so is this how they end? How this amazing story ends? With nothing? If so the title no longer makes sense. Because Tina most definitely did let Bette fall.

    4. I so agree with Martha. After all that has happened when you have a chance to resolve very painful issues in the relationship you run? Fear is a powerful emotion, we all experience it from time to time. But we cannot let it rule our lives. Personally, I do not see Tina following through and getting on that plane. She loves Bette…if she gets on the plane there is no coming back! Her heart will win out over fear!

      • Hope Tina’s heart wins out quickly. That plane is leaving. Is the image of a broken Bette the last one Tina wants of her Bette? What did Tina want to say to Bette? She called her name three times. Bette tried to create a distraction by talking to Tina about what she has to do when she returns to the US. Ultimately the facade did not work and Bette could not even enter the airport. Can this story really end with two broken hearts?

    5. I don’t think Tina is gonna actually go through with it. I really don’t. I am gonna hold out for a happy ending. They deserve it. They still have a long way to go, but together they will make it. I love this story so so much, it’s always such a joy to see an update. Thank you.

    6. I think Tina will have a epiphany and not get on the plane. Boarding the plane will immediately end ANY chance at reconciliation. Seems like a knee jerk response from Tina and selfish in some respects. She is safer in New Zealand than America. We all have regrets some more than others. No human is perfect. We are imperfect miracles.

    7. Thank you for the chapter and i hope it’s not the end.
      Two opposite thought – first, if it wasn’t Tibette story – i would say they can’t be together and it’s a good for them that pne of them leaving. But from other side – it’s our favourite couple and i always want them together in every situation.
      So, it’s not easy choice – but i think Tibetter in me stronger than common sense, and i hope that Tina don’t leave too. And i hope they still would have their last chance.

    8. Oh god, i am so sad now, i am crying so hard now! , this can’t be the end!

      I agree with Martha’s comment, right to the point.

      Valerie, i always said that i have faith in the title of this story but for now my tender heart broke for Bette.

      Please update asap!

    9. I agree completely with Martha and Billy and Bibi.

      Tina cannot leave ! It must not be the end of this great story!

      I have had faith right from the beginning that you would not let our couple ‘fall’ Please do not break my heart and please, please post again soon.


    10. Ms Valerie,
      I just finished a lengthy private message to you, but lost it all somehow before I could get it sent. Therefore, I will post a much shorter comment. Basically, I agree with all the above, EXCEPT ZHENYA! Tina has got to stop running away, thinking physical distance from Bette will solve her issues. All she accomplishes is heartache and misery for herself, Bette, and the rest of the family. As Deanna says, maybe Tina will have an epiphany and not get on that plane, instead go running back to BETTE’S arms, have make up sex, then sit down together, alone, and really talk things over until “the cows come home”. Tina must actually face her fears, and with help from a professional and support from Bette and the “framily”, she can overcome them. I have more I’d like to write,but it is late and I am wearing out. So, maybe another time. I must say THANKS TO YOU and other TIBETTE authors for your wonderful, entertaining stories!! Keep up the good work. Love ❤️❤️ to you all!! Dr. A

    11. I thought this chapter was more poignant than previous ones. Bette has grown. She truly put someone else ahead of herself when she helped the woman and her child. It was a selfless act. Bette showed she is a protector, a provider. She did something good. I wonder what exactly Tina wanted to say to Bette when she called her name three times. I truly think she will stay. The moment at the airport is reminiscent of Bette on her knees the day she was arrested. It’s time for Tina to face her own demons and fears.

    12. Living with “what ifs” is ALWAYS a bad idea !!!

      Tina will regret it for the rest of her life. What’s there for her in LA anyway ??? her sister, her father why not Brenda while we’re at it … come on !

    13. Sorry I’m late reading and this is my favorite story still. Fish they are both hurting so bad each for their own reasons. I don’t think she will go but if she does she will be back she has to her heart is there.
      Tina had already stood by Bette while she was in prison so the issue is not her past it was how she pushed Tina away after returning from prison then again after showing up in New Zealand. It’s a repeated pattern. But I think Tina has even got past that. She Loves Bette flaws and all. Sometimes we hold on to thing way to long then don’t know how to get back out.
      If she leave Bette will tail spin not so sure she will survive this.. life of crime yes, prison so sure but Tina leaving her. She will die of a broken heart. And Tina will not be happy any where Bette’s not. So I see only one thing she can do….STAY
      Thank you and I will wait passionately for your next chapter.
      I love the emotion you through into this story. You are a very passionate person. But it’s so gut wrenching sometimes.. lol fuck your killing me but in a good way lol

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