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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Next few weeks passed by in a blur of activity.


    They dutifully attended individual therapy and couples therapy once a week. Bette worked and studied a lot. The interior renovations were almost completed at her law firm. Bette held a few more staff meetings where issues were fully addressed. Each employee was given an opportunity to ask whatever question so that it was loud and clear for everyone how the firm would function under Bette’s CEO leadership and Eva’s legal practice management.


    Meanwhile, Tina continued to garden with Kate and searched the Internet for job opportunities. It turned out to be difficult for her to find a decent accounting position, because according to her new identity she had zero experience as an accountant. Under the name of Julia Pierce, she was an advertising specialist, which was a good option as well, but not as good as a prospect of coming back to accounting. On top of that, Tina didn’t know a thing about advertising.


    ”Another rejection,” Tina heaved a frustrated sigh at her laptop. She sat back and slumped in the chair, raising her weary gaze at Bette who had come home at a surprisingly earlier time than usual.


    ”What was the job?” Bette wondered nonchalantly, looking inside the refrigerator and examining the contents.


    ”Part-time assistant accountant at a packaging company,” Tina answered.


    Popping a couple of olives in her mouth, Bette took out ham and cheese from the refrigerator. ”Why do you need that?” she asked, chewing the olives vigorously.


    Tina lifted her eyebrows. ”Why do I need what?”


    ”A part-time job,” Bette replied lightly as she walked to a cupboard where she pulled out a loaf of bread.


    ”A part-time job is better than no job, don’t you think?”


    Bette shrugged in an absent-minded way that annoyed Tina. ”As an assistant accountant? You deserve better.”


    Tina frowned. ”Hey, I don’t expect to become head of an accounting department anytime soon. Frankly, I don’t even want to be in charge anymore. I’m fine being an assistant.”


    ”At a packaging company?” Bette asked then, her tone slightly belittling.


    Tina glared at her dark-haired girlfriend who appeared in a rather happy mood despite the fact that Tina was obviously upset. ”What’s wrong with a packaging company?”

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    1. So, first – i’m not sure it was a good idea for Bette and Tina working together. And not only together, but Bette being Tina’s boss. I understand Tina’s concerns about it when she talked with Dan. Let’s see how it will go. And second – as i understand they want to keep their relationship in secret on work? Not sure how they manage to do it also.
      Third – i like how Bette asked forgiveness for her behavior when she even could take a call from Tina. I hope this situation wouldn’t repeat in the future.

      So, thank you for the chapter again and waiting for the next!

    2. Great to see you not forget this story!

      Like Tina, i also hope when Bette would be dealing with her competition on the work she will be smart and doesn’t try to remember her past.


    3. Hi, Valerie

      Great chapter, so much love and listening, still, both girls (now women) are growing.

      I like that Tina talked with Dan about her fears. And Dan is correct, it depends on the maturity of the couple that working together could be an obstacle or great support in their relationship.

      But, what worries me is that all the publicity about the new firm may bring curiously and perhaps Interpol will dig on who is who and many could be caught.

      Another fear I have is that Bette would go back to her old ways if her competitors keep pressing her.

      Anyway, I hope things would keep going well and even better for them.

      Thank you for the wonderful story.


    4. Very nice I loved it, and I love that Tina will be working for her. I think in the long run it will give Tina peace of mind being in the loop a little more.
      Thank you for finding time in your busy life to honor us with another chapter
      Ps the sex, and looks were great too;)

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