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    Innocence – Chapter 1

    Chapter 1.

    “Baby, can you pick Angie up on your way home? I’m at the planet now waiting on a coffee before I head out.” Tina says speaking into the phone while mixing her coffee with some creamers.

    “Of course, T.”

    “How is your day going?” Tina asks while smiling through the phone.

    “It’ll be better once I’m in your arms tonight.”

    “Bette, you soft fool.”

    “I’ll talk to you later T.”

    “I love you.”

    “And I love you.”

    Tina places her coffee cup on the counter as she unzips her purse to toss her phone in.

    “Ms. Tina Kennard?”

    Tina looks up from her purse to see a tall man dressed in a suit standing over her.


    “I’m detective Lucas Scott.” The detective pulls out with badge flashing it for a quick second.

    “What brings you here?” Tina asks in confusion.

    “Tina, is everything ok?” Kit says approaching.

    “Do you mind coming down to the station to answer some questions?”

    “Questions? About what?”

    “About Ms. Jenny Schector.”

    “Can’t we talk here?”

    “I would much prefer if you join me down at the station.”

    “Ms. Kennard, have a seat, please.” The interrogator pointed towards the chair on the other side of the table.

    Tina took a seat and folded her arms across her chest looking at the interrogator.

    “Would you like something? A glass of water.”

    “Yes, please.”

    He gestured his hand to the reflective mirror at the back of the wall.

    In stepped a young burette woman. “Yes sir?”

    “Christina, would you please bring a jug of water and one glass.”

    “I was already questioned the night of Jenny’s death. What am I doing here? Whatever it is you guys think I did, I didn’t.”

    “What exactly do you think we think you did, Ms. Kennard?”

    “Murder Jenny.”

    Christina returned with a jug and a glass laying it on the table in front of them.

    “Thank you, Christina.”

    She smiled at him, turned and left the room.

    “We had some interesting things mentioned to us about your relationship with Ms. Schector.”

    “Me and Jenny had a very complicated friendship at the end but I would never do anything to harm her.”

    “What exactly was your guys feud about?” The interrogator asks sitting back in his chair and crossing his legs.

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      • Thanks for your feedback! I really hope they don’t have that as a backstory for Tina in the new Gen Q. This was totally made up in my head for another story! Thought it would be an interesting fanfic!

    1. Hi Tory,

      It comes in my thoughts you are writing this with the new show on your mind or is it a coinsedence?

      Is this still a desperate move from Kelly to get Bette as her lover? She is a worthless piece of shit to try to blame the dead of Jenny on Tina!!! I hate and despise her!!!

      Nikki should confess or come clean about what she heard or saw and not fall in the trap Kelly is setting up for Tina.

      It is a bad idea of Alice to let Tasha snoop around in the files, it could backfire for Tasha ( fired and jail time) and possible for Tina.
      I appreciate that Alice want to help, but she doesn’t think straight most of the times and what can happen if the plan back fired.

      I am intrigued how this story will move a long.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • Thank you for your feedback! I actually had no intentions on making this about the new The L Word: Gen Q. This was just something that I came up with it! I guess it was coincidence? I haven’t done any researching on Gen Q. I really hope they don’t tell us that Tina went to jail in Gen Q, I would be very very upset because I really wanted the l word to come back as an original. It upsets me that Laurel didn’t want to come back ): Bette belongs with Tina, end of story!

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