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    Innocence – Chapter 2

    Chapter 2.

    “Alice, that idea is crazy.” Shane says leaning forward from her chair at the planet. 

    “I think this can really help Tina, we can take control.”

    “There is no controlling anything, Alice. We aren’t the law. You just want us to break the law.”

    “It’s not like you haven’t done it before.”

    “This is different, this is basically tampering with a police file.”

    “Tasha is good. We won’t get caught.”

    “So you think Tasha is going to be on board with this? She just started this job like 2 months ago, Alice.”

    “What else are we suppose to do, Shane?”

    “Not get ourselves in trouble.”

    “Did you drink your coffee this morning because you’re acting like a real crab.”

    “What’s up ladies?” Helena says appearing from the crowd.

    “Hey Helena, would you like to get Shane some coffee because I caution you, she is real crabby this morning.”

    “I’m not crabby, Alice. Your idea is insane.”

    “Wow.” Helena cuts in. “The tension is real high right now. What idea?” She asks taking a seat beside Shane.

    “Alice wants to get Tasha to monitor Jenny’s case file.”


    “Are you listening to yourselves?” Shane says rubbing her palms over her face.

    “Tina needs our help and if someone is trying to frame her, we need to find out.” Alice crosses her arms over her chest.

    “I know she does. And listen- I want to help but this is risky.” Shane sits herself up in the chair.

    “Did you mention this to Tina, Alice? Because I agree it is risky.”

    “I never got a straight answer. I went over there last night.”

    “Tina has a lot on her plate right now.” Helena cuts in.

    “I really feel like this is the best shot, guys.”

    Tina’s hand clinches the sheets, feeling Bette speeding up her pace with every stroke.

    Her back arches as she starts to feel her body ready to climax and release.

    “Right there. I’m close.” Her breathing gets heavier and her moans fill the room.

    Her hands push Bette’s face tightly between her legs as her climax reaches its goal.

    Her body then looses all energy and her body crashes back into the bed.

    Bette carries her kisses to Tina’s lips.

    “That was great.” Tina says between kisses.

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    1. Hey Tori,

      Good to read a new chapter!

      I really don’t think Tasha should do it, when she will be caught she and Tina will be in deep shit.

      Alice is a great friend but this is not her smartest plan.

      Kelly is one ugly snake and i really hope she will be run over by a bus!!!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Glad to see an update but … it was way too short ;-)

      This plan is so risky, if Tasha get could both Tina and her will be sent to prison …

      But, wait and see because I think Nikki Stevens will chiken out and she will talk to Shane (maybe).

      I know this Kelly wentworth was bad news, she’s a real b…

      Post soon please !

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