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    Innocence – Preview

    Chapter 1.

    “Ms. Kennard, have a seat, please.” The interrogator pointed towards the chair on the other side of the table.

    Tina took a seat and folded her arms across her chest looking at the interrogator.

    “Would you like something? A glass of water.”

    “Yes, please.”

    He gestured his hand to the reflective mirror at the back of the wall.

    In stepped a young burette woman. “Yes sir?”

    “Christina, would you please bring a jug of water and one glass.”

    “I was already questioned the night of Jenny’s death. What am I doing here? Whatever it is you guys think I did, I didn’t.”

    “What exactly do you think we think you did, Ms. Kennard?”

    “Murder Jenny.”

    Christina returned with a jug and a glass laying it on the table in front of them.

    “Thank you, Christina.”

    She smiled at him, turned and left the room.

    “We had some interesting things mentioned to us about your relationship with Ms. Schector.”

    “Me and Jenny had a very complicated friendship at the end but I would never do anything to harm her.”

    “What exactly was your guys feud about?” The interrogator asks sitting back in his chair and crossing his legs.

    “I worked with Jenny for a while before she got fired, after she had gotten fired our negative to Les Girls had gotten stolen. She had tried to frame me for stealing the negative. I knew she took it but she would never confess.”

    “Did this upset you?”

    “Of course it upset me. We spent a lot of money on that film and it was suppose to be released a week before she stole it.”

    “So how did you find out she stole it?”

    “The night of her death, at our going away party, I was brought up to her attic by Shane. We found the negative amongst other things.”

    “Did you go and speak with Ms. Schector?” He asks looking into Tina’s eyes.

    “I tried but I couldn’t find her.”

    “We got reports that Ms. Schector had a recording on her phone the night of her death. It was a tape of Ms. Wentworth and Ms. Porter supposedly initiating in sexual intercourse. When did you become aware of this video?”

    “I never became aware until after this happened.”

    “Are you sure? I have a report that you were seen looking at the video when on your search for Ms. Schector.”

    “Who the fuck told you that?” Tina says with aggression in her voice.

    “A Ms. Niki Stevens was seen outside trying to jump the fence to see Ms. Schector that night. She reported that she saw you from the window.”

    “If she seen me from the window, she would clearly see I am innocent.”

    “She claims she never seen what happened to Ms. Schector, she had just seen you before she decided to jump the fence again to leave, returning later when she heard and seen the sirens at your residence.”

    “That still doesn’t prove that I did anything wrong here.”

    “I can sense you had a lot of anger towards Ms. Schector that night and I believe you had all intentions to go through with her death.”

    “I want my lawyer.”

    “And so you can. Thank you for speaking to us Ms. Kennard. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of me and this department.” He closes his folder and stands to his feet.

    “Tina, what the hell is going on?” Bette asks racing towards Tina as she exists the room.

    “They think I killed Jenny, Bette.” Tina says as her voice cracks and becomes shaky. “I feel like someone is trying to frame me.”

    “Who??” Bette asks with confusion.

    “Niki Stevens.”

    “I can’t stand this waiting game.” Niki says pacing back and forth.

    “This isn’t going to happen in a day.” Kelly says looking at Niki.

    “I cannot go to prison.” Niki’s voice becomes bitter.

    “I’ll help you by you helping me.”


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