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    Innocence – Chapter 3

    Chapter 3.

    “I believe we can do this.” Alice begs.

    “This isn’t your decision. Right now, this is mine and Tina’s.” Tasha says.

    “Look, I get you wanted to help me, Alice. I do. But I don’t feel comfortable doing this. It’s too risky.”

    “Tina, my plan could so work.”

    “Alice, if she doesn’t want to do this, then I’m out also.” Tasha responds.

    “Thanks so much, Yvonne.” Bette says handing the young babysitter money.

    “No problem.” She nods her head with a smile before shutting the door.

    “You really sure about saying no to Alice’s plan?” Bette says locking the door.

    “Yes, I am. It’s just too risky. I know Alice is just trying to help but I don’t have a good feeling about it.”

    “Alice’s mind is very big, she sometimes doesn’t make out the best plans but we do have a free access to those files.”

    “Are you saying I shouldn’t have said no?” Tina says tossing her shoes to the side while sitting on the sofa.

    “I’m not saying you shouldn’t have said no. I just want you to really think about this. I know it is super risky and I know you’re scared but Tasha is one of the best I’ve seen. She’s spent most of her years in the military and no one would suspect her.”

    “She was questioned the same night we all had to go down to the station. They keep a file of that stuff.”

    “They aren’t going to suspect an ex military solider of doing something like that.”

    “This is all “what ifs?” We have no clarity that she won’t get taught. That messes with her career and my life.”

    “I’m not going to pressure you to do anything ok?” Bette says sitting next to Tina, taking her hands into hers. “To make any decision you don’t want to do. I just want you to really think about this.”

    “Even if I’m ok with his, this is all up to Tasha. You seen what she was like. Her voice was in total denial.”

    “If we talk to her maybe she would change her mind. I know this is all up to her but I’m lost because I’m scared too.”

    Tina sighs before throwing her body back into the sofa.

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    1. Hi Tory,

      Great chapter!

      I am glad that they are asking and thinking about other options to help Tina.

      Nicky and Kelly are bitches first class, but i don’t think that Papi would be succesfull to get Nicky talking. She only trust Kelly it seems.

      Looking forward to see the next chapter!

    2. I think Papi and Peggy are excellent options. If I were advising the group, I would do both. What could it hurt? If Papi fails to get any useful information, well at least they tried. Peggy will come up with something. Peggy may also decide to have a private investigator have a look at Nikki and what she is up to lately. Her association with Kelly is sure to pop up on the radar. Kelly is in legal jeopardy for aiding a criminal after the fact avoid justice – this is obstruction of justice. Tasha can keep her ears open as to the talk going on at the police department and may get some information in that manner without actually accessing the files themselves. Of course, once there is a charge, the prosecution has to turn all their information over to Tina’s lawyer and they will know what they are up against. Innocence is hard to prove. It would be easier to prove someone else guilty. And now that Nikki has confessed to Kelly, Kelly will be the key. Poor Tina!

      Great story….I have always wanted someone to see a story on the death of Jenny and how that played out. It makes perfect sense to me that Nikki did it. The hint was that she hid in the bushes until the police found her. Unless she did it, why was she in the bushes? Her reason for being at Jenny or Bette & Tina’s home was sort of lame – as she explained in the final episode. I found the final season for the most part a complete disaster – too many resolved issues when it was over. Bette and Tina are the only ones who have their future headed on a positive track, but still have an issue with Kelly. Alice still has unresolved issues with Tasha. Helena and Dylan still love each other but can’t seem to get a break in resolving their past. Shane is now faced with a dead lover who has been in reality abusing her emotionally. Jenny is dead with a “who done it” ending which is completely unknown. This story helps resolves some of that mess. And I do appreciate it.

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