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    Pieces of Time – Chapter XX

    [ Chapter 20 ]

    I head into the room with her and push my body against hers as my leg closes the door shut.

    I lift my arms and she pulls my tank top over my head.

    I continue to roam her body with my hands.

    She then pulls me close by my pants and unbuttons my shorts, pulling them down and tossing them to the side.

    I then begin to remove her clothing with her help.

    I push her onto the bed when we finish removing our clothing.

    I open her legs and place my body between them as I kiss her lips and caress her body with my hands.

    She moans through the kiss when I cup her breast in my hand and rub her nipple gently.

    I begin to take my control of her body as I move my kisses down to her neck and then to her breast as her nipple enters my mouth.

    “Fuck me Bette.”

    Her words always take me to a new level. She lays back relaxed as I kiss her stomach and reach her mound. I take my hand that is caressing her breast and slide it between her mound, the heat generating from her makes my body tighten. I slide my finger in and feel her body flinch.

    I continue to make my small movements inside her, loving every sound that escapes her mouth and body.

    I speed up the pace every second and then slip another finger inside her until I feel her body beginning to shake.

    I feel my body aching for her touch as she turns me on with every pleasurable gesture.
    I feel her hand guiding my head between her and I place her into my mouth.

    Her moans start to escape louder and I continue until she reaches her climax.

    “Bette-Bette, don’t stop-” The words escape her mouth with continuous moans.

    I feel her legs tighten around my head and then pull me up towards her.

    “Your turn.” She says as I feel her tongue travel its way around my body.


    “That was amazing.” I say as I pull my tank top over my head while sitting at the edge of the bed as she lay there fully naked. “I’ve got to get back.”

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    1. Didn’t expect that this was the last chapter 🙁

      But i understand why you decided to end it here. It was quite the journey and we got the end we wanted, B&T together!!!!

      I would like it very much if you will come back with another Tibette story. I like the way you tell a story!!!

      Thank you so much for this story!!!

      Hope to read a new story soon, no pressure 😁😉

    2. Oh thank you for coming back and finishing this one.. I liked it from the start and waited patiently for you to come back and finish it. And im glad they all remained friends well except for Danielle.. but in a way she did them all a favor. Lol.. thank you again.

    3. Had a re-read of this great story and enjoyed again your talent for writing.

      Please consider returning to writing another Tibette story. Perhaps an Epilogue of this story could be a starting point?

      Happy New Year, hope to be notified of a new post from you soon :-)

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